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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How Kids Can Be Helpful In Your House (Omg)

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Children can be helpful around the house. Kids want to feel that they have a contribution to the family. Parents just keep in mind that they may not do it perfectly, but they need to be given the chance to try.

Making the bed

Kids need to be allowed to try and make their beds. Will it be perfect and look like you made it? No, but in time they will improve on doing that.

Kitchen Table

Although kids may or may not wipe the entire table, after they eat illicit them to wipe the table or their kitchen mat on the table. No it will not be perfect, but in time it will improve.


Before children go to bed at night, ask them when they take their dirty clothes off to put them in the clothes hamper or basket in their room or near their bedroom door.


Kindergartners can be shown how to fold their clothes when they come out of the dryer. They really seem to catch on quickly with folding bath towels. This will be a learning process for them.

Yes, you probably would say, it is much quicker and easier if you do it yourself. If kids are allowed to do these things, this will be a learning process for both of you. Depending on your house makeup, you can probably just look around and see several things that your kids could probably help you with around the house.


Dusting was something that I loved to do as a child. You can have your kids dust the furniture with you. I love the knew lemon dust sprays that are available for only $1.00 at the dollar stores. You will be surprised at how much kids will remember after only showing them once how to do something.


Kids should be held accountable for their actions. If They were playing with a game, it should be put away after they finish with it. If they are watching TV, it should be turned off when no longer watching. If they are playing house and have several toys out, when they are finished playing, toys should be put away. They are learning to clean up behind themselves and learning to be accountable at the same time. What ideas do you have for your kids helping around the house?

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