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Monday, October 31, 2011

How To Spend Quality Time With Toddlers

Toddler Feeding Her Father

1. It is not how much time you spend with toddlers, but the quality of time. Make sure that when you are together that you are there emotionally as well as physically. Give toddlers your undivided attention if you are doing an activity together. Some activities that do not cost money are reading to your toddlers, singing together, using flash cards, or watching your toddlers race. Some toddlers love to run. Walking with toddlers or taking them for a walk in the stroller is another activity.

Father Reading To Children

2. You can also, just have conversation with toddlers and tell them about when you were a child. Look at photos of the family with the toddlers telling them who different family members are. There are various educational toys and games for toddlers. Engage your toddlers in some of the games. Ask the toddlers how to play them, you will be amazed that they can explain some of them to you. You know toddlers like to feel needed too. Do not forget about painting with your toddler.

Mother and toddler painting

3. Sometimes parents just do not know what to do with toddlers. Sometimes just tickle the toddlers and laugh together. If you make a mistake acknowledge this to the toddlers. Toddlers need to know that parents can make mistakes too. For example, Maybe you forgot to give your toddler a spoon with the food and the toddler brings that to your attention. Confess up. Tell your toddler, “My mistake, I am sorry, I thought I gave you a spoon.”

Mother Tickling Toddler

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