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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How To Encourage your Kindergartner to Read

1. Posters in the bedroom

You can get posters from the Dollar Store for $1.00. Alphabet posters with the alphabets from A-Z. Or posters with the names of items such as apples, umbrellas, etc.

2. Magazines or Comic Books

Magazines can be colorful and exciting for kindergartners. Magazines such as Fun For Kidz Magaines, Highlights, or Kids National Geographics are just great. I was amazed to find some kindergartners that love comic books.

3. Children’s Bible

Possibly encourage your child to read a Children’s Bible. Do not forget to encourage your child to read scriptures. If you have been teaching your child about the love of God, this would be a good time for him/her to start reading about God.


Sight Words (Flash Kids Flash Cards)

Sight words can be used to help your kindergartner increase his/her vocabulary as well as learning to read.

5. Computer

When your toddler is on the computer playing a game, why not have your kindergartner read the instructions aloud.


Wooden word puzzles are another fun way to encourage your kindergartners reading. I love how colorful the wooden puzzles are.

7. Online Reading sites

There are online reading sites that help to make reading fun for your http://pbskids.org you will find many reading games for kindergartners such as Power Words, Comic Strip Capers, Word Play, Story Time, and many more.

8. Car Games

When riding in the car, ask your kindergartens to think of words that they already know and spell them. Ask them to be observant of signs that you pass. Encourage your kindergartner to read them. Also, this would be a good time to discuss and explain what the various signs might mean.

9. Television

When watching television, have your kindergartner read some of the program names that you are watching. Remember to have fun. Do not be so serious.

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