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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Does your toddler Like Preschool Puzzles?

1. Melissa & Doug Wooden USA Map Sound Puzzle

This Wooden Map of the United States not only shows you the all of the states it announces the state and capital city. Your toddler can have fun while at the same time learning the names of the states.

2. Wooden Large Farm Jumbo Puzzle

This can be found at Target, G-3515 Miller Road, Flint, Michigan

This is a large wooden colorful puzzle that sells for only $19.99. This puzzle will include several of your farm animals such as cows, horses, and many more.


3. 3D Sneaky Puzzle Lightning Bugs All Around 46-Piece Puzzle for only $11.99 will be found at Meijer, 4333 W. Pierson Road, Flint, Michigan 48504.

This colorful puzzle is amazing. When you put on the 3D glasses that come with it, you will see lightening bugs flying all around you. That is not all. There are hidden numbers and alphabets in this puzzle. How magnificent is that? There is not only 3D movies, but now 3D colorful puzzles. For ages 3 years & up.

4.BioKido Eco-friendly Wooden Double-Sided Alphabet Puzzle

You will find this at Walgreens Store , 502 S. Ballenger Highway, Flint, Michigan

This puzzle sells for only $19.99. Can you believe that the box is made of recycled materials? It is printed with soy-bean ink. Pieces can be stored in the box that comes with this puzzle. The wooden pieces are double-sided too.

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