Monday, March 21, 2011

Bipolar Disorder

Darlene Sabella has written numerous articles about Bipolar. She will be sharing one of those articles today with you. I am so very proud of her for sharing her knowledge and experiences with others.

What Do You Know About Bipolar Disorder?

Many people think of bipolar disorder as a dangerous illness, it is very dangerous; however it is mostly a danger for the person who has it. And, yes it is difficult on friends and family living or being close to a bipolar person, their moods change so swiftly that it’s tricky to follow them, that is, If you try to follow them. My sister and daughter both have a serious case of bipolar, sometimes a mood can last for months or days, and moreover this depends on many factors.

It is difficult to keep a bipolar person on their medications, the first rationale is it will cause a weight gain of a hundred pounds or more and this can occur within a year. Then various people that are Bipolar are also very creative people. Many famous people are Bipolar. Van Gogh was Bipolar, and I am sure, he had a psychotic break when he cut off his ear. The problems associated with the medication are lack of joy and creativity. You feel dull, like nothingness, it stops you from feeling.

Your psychiatrist must permanently be aware of mood changes to adjust your medications to what is happening in your life at any given moment. What is the stressor that will kick off a manic episode? It is different for each person with this disorder, and what level of this illness you have.

In addition, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome many times can be attached to this disorder; these two disorders do encompass very similar symptoms or they co-exist side by side. A bipolar person can stay up for days, working on an oil painting, writing, or just implementing any one of their exciting projects. They must get their sleep, or it will trigger an episode which will be manic, they get so happy, busy and excited that they will move to a new town, get a divorce, quit a great job, and make so many changes just out of a manic episode. Just understand, what goes up must come down, Newton’s Law. Nevertheless, the higher you go up the lower you fall; you can fall into the deepest pit, just like going to hell.

I have tried to reach out to help people with this disorder, why don’t you try, just reaching out….maybe you can take their hand and help heave them up and bring them to the light. God Bless

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