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Friday, December 9, 2011

How To Teach Your Toddler About Emergencies

You may need to go to the hospital

There may be a day and time when an emergency may occur. You might become ill and there is no one else around but you and your toddler. This parenting advice will prepare your toddler and instruct your toddler what to do in the event of an emergency.

1. Make a list of emergency names and numbers, such as doctor, hospital, police dept. (911), fire department, your mother and father, daughter, or close relative, friend, toddler’s school, and other important numbers. Keep this list on your refrigerator or visible on a counter.

Keep emergency numbers available

2. Teach your toddler how to call on your cell phone or landline phone in the event of an emergency. Let your toddler know that the number is to be called only in an emergency. You might want to put the emergency number of the police (911) and a relative on speed dial on your phone. In that way your toddler would just have to push one number.

Toddler on cell phone

3.Let your toddler practice pushing the speed dial for your mother, father, or contact person so that he/she will understand about using the phone. Discuss this with your toddler every so often. Toddlers are very smart. Explain to your toddler if you become ill and you were unable to get help, he/she needs to dial the emergency number and tell them you need help your mommy or daddy is sick. Make sure your toddler knows your house address.

4. Make sure that your toddler knows where your purse or wallet is, so if an ambulance is needed and you are not conscious, they will be able to get your medical cards. Empowering your toddler with this information could save you and your toddlers life.

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