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Saturday, October 24, 2009

How To Help Your Child Deal With Failures

Think of alternatives

Everyone can learn from their failures. The best parenting advice I could give to you would be that no one succeeds at everything they attempt to do. So you can start by changing your way of thinking. Part of your parenting will be to be positive and let your child see this in you. Show that obstacles can be overcome.

1. Alternatives.

Regardless to how hard or difficult a problem might appear to be. Let your child know there are alternatives. Both you and your toddler can think of new ideas. Have your child ask, “What can I learn from this?” What could I do differently in the future?”

2. Not Alone.

Let your child know that he/she is not alone. That this possibly has happened to others. Also, share an experience of your own. Then your child can see that you have learned from your so called failures. Show your child how you overcame that.

Father talking to toddler

3. Strengths.

Emphasize and point out your child’s strengths. He or she will get enough negatives from others out in the world. Let him/her know that even though this endeavor did not work out, he or she has so many other things that are working.

Toddler flexing muscles

4. Empathy.

Put yourself in your child’s place. Let your child know that he or she has every right to feel bad, but that is only temporary. Encourage your child and let him or know things are going to get better.

Father encouraging his son

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Tips: Remember your child may be angry about the failure so do not take it

Remember when you were younger and had problems and failures

Remember as long as you live there will be problems that need to be solved.

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