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Have You Been Hacked?

We are living in a computer generation and there are numerous cyber criminals lurking to devour whom they may. Do you know what to to do if you have been hacked? Have you taken measures to prevent getting hacked?


Although you may do everything right to prevent getting hacked there may come a time in your life that you come in contact with a phone hacker. You may discover that you have been hacked whether it be a social media account, cellphone, or possibly an email hack.


1. Unusual Behavior

According to a clear sign that you’ve been hacked is when something has changed such as not being able to access your Google or other email account, suspicious purchases charged to your bank or credit account. They further suggest if you have been hacked on one account to check all your accounts.

2. Secure Cellphones

Did you know that according to the Top 5 Most secure phones in the World are Bittium Tough Mobile 2C, K-iPhone, Solarin From Sirin Labs, Blackphone2, and BlackBerry DTEK50. They further add that these phones have added more security at next levels by having two operating systems, assurance that all phone calls are fully encrypted and much more.

3. Has Your Cellphone Been Hacked?

According to if your battery drains fast despite the fact that it has been charged your phone may have been hacked, because phone spyware is on all the time, so it uses a lot of power and drains your battery in the process. They further add that overall performance issues, spikes in data usage, sent texts or calls that you didn’t make, new apps appearing on your screen, and weak passwords are more signs that your cellphone may have been hacked. Also, I know personally that if you see duplicate email accounts that you did not create that is another sign.

4. More Signs That You Have Been Hacked

You may have been hacked if you have unwanted browser toolbars, your internet searches are redirected, your friends receive social media invitations from you that you didn’t send, your online password isn’t working, or your mouse moves between programs and makes selections. This is according to I do recall Facebook friends notifying me that they received a friend’s request that I did not send. Has this ever happened to you? Or possibly you received a Friend’s request from a friend that is already on your Friend’s list?

5. Your Password

According to instead of frequently changing your passwords make sure all of your passwords are strong and unique, use two-factor authentication, use a password manager, and if you think one of your accounts has been hacked, change your password immediately.

6. Passwords Not to Use

According to a few passwords you should never use are password, iloveyou, abc123, admin, lovely, princess, and dragon. In other words you want to use difficult and unusual passwords also possibly including numbers and symbols as well. Some apps will tell you if your password is strong or weak. You always want to use strong passwords.

7. Movie “Hacker”

If you have not seen the movie “Hacker,” you need to see it. It basically showed how a group of hackers ran sophisticated programs to hack peoples accounts just because they could. The sad part is they hacked one ladies account and made it appear she had several DUI’s and that she had previous drug related charges. The police broke into her house and arrested her while she denied all charges, the police responded that the computer said otherwise. I felt really sorry for the lady. As this happened the teen-age hackers laughed about it thinking that it was so funny. They actually destroyed this woman’s life .

Sometimes computers can be a good thing when used in the correct way, but in the hands of a cyber criminal it can be disastrous.

8. What Can You Do?

Do you use the same password for all of your accounts? That is a “no-no.” According to, don’t re-use passwords, download from authorized sources, log out of sites when finished, if you use a public or shared device make sure you log out afterwards never use real answers in security questions but makeup memorable ones, change passwords a couple of times a year, don’t accept friend requests from people you do not know, and put a sticker over any unused webcams because hackers could be watching you.  I had never considered that even though you may be posting often on Facebook, you should logout of it on your cellphone. That does make sense

9. Strong Password

How strong is your password? Have you given that much thought? Your password should combine partial unrelated words together, replace words with numbers and symbols randomly, and mix meaningless words, and be at least 15 character length. That is according to Sometimes maybe your password has only been 8 characters because that is what the site says is the minimum, but seemingly longer passwords are much better. Yes they may be harder to remember if you do not use a Password Manager, but may prove well worth it in the future.

10. More Information: Good and Strong passwords

According to a strong password should not contain personal information, it should be unique so get creative, play around with phrases, use emoticons, and finally don’t give your password out.

I pray that none of you have ever been hacked. If you have you have got to know that it is not a good feeling. So stay safe and be aware.

Have you ever been hacked?

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  1. Great tips! I have been hacked before and it is so essential to be vigilant!

    1. I Couldn't agree with you more Carrie about being vigilant. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I was hacked once, and the only way I knew that hackers had attacked is that my school district tech team let me know that my school Google account was sending out spam. It might have been just my Google account that was hacked, not my phone, but your tips for preventing hacking apply to many situations. Thanks for the helpful information!

    1. Lisa so sorry to hear about your getting hacked. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. It is scary how easy is for some people do harm their fellow beings. You're right about passwords, they should be changed often and be the weirdest possible.

    1. Yes Mihaela the internet opened up a vast world that even cyber attackers are taking advantage of. Thanks for stopping by.


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