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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Is Your Relative Challenged with Alzheimer’s Disease?

Chances are that you may know someone that has Alzheimer disease. Possibly a relative or a friend has it. Did you know that there are not a lot of nursing homes for Alzheimer patients? Unfortunately, it is sad to see this occur. Did you know there are different stages of Alzheimer?

living with alzheimer disease

The first time that I really learned about Alzheimer's disease was when my mother-in-law was diagnosed with it. She was in the beginning stages of it. My mother-in-law was kind and yet and outspoken woman. I remember during her beginning stages she would just keep us laughing.

1. What It Is?

The Mayo Clinic defines Alzheimer's disease as a progressive disease that destroys memory and other important mental functions. They further add that with the progression the brain cells degenerate and die.


* * *Incident* * *

I recall one incident when one of the caregivers was returning from the store with my mother-in-law. We laugh about the incident now, although we were not laughing at the time. The caregiver called my daughter and explained that my mother-in-law forgot who she was and was saying, “This White woman is kidnapping me.” My mother-in-law knew the caregiver, but in a matter of minutes forgot who she was. The caregiver called my daughter. My daughter then talked to my mother-in-law over the phone and told her, “That lady is helping you, you need to stay in the car, she is bringing you home. Thank goodness my mother-in-law listened to my daughter and obeyed her.

Because of the memory loss is it utmost important that an Alzheimer patient be watched if there is the possibility of the patient walking away. I hate to hear over the news of elderly patient's walking off and going unnoticed. I also recall another incident my daughter and I were talking. A bell was always kept on the door, so if my mother-in-law attempted to walk off unnoticed we could hear the bell. As my daughter and I talked all of a sudden we heard the bell. My mother-in-law was out and walking very fast. We literally had to run to catch her. I had not idea an elderly Alzheimer person could walk that fast. That was definitely a learning experience for me. As her stages progressed my daughter was able to find an alzheimer nursing home for her. 

2. Stages of Alzheimer's Disease

Did you know there are several stages of Alzheimer’s Disease. The 7 stages of Alzheimer's Disease are normal Outward behavior, very mild changes, mild decline, moderate decline, moderately sever decline, severe decline, and very severe decline according to Web,M.D.

3. Communication With Alzheimer's Patient

My daughter, who had training with Alzheimer patient's, told me one day as I was talking to my mother-in-law, “Mama you can't talk to her like that.” “That can agitate her.” I was not aware of that at the time. According to the Alzheimer's Association.Orgs., they emphasize not to make assumptions about the patient’s ability to communicate.

4. Symptoms of Alzheimer's

If you have a relative or friend that exhibits some of the following symptoms, you might want to take them to the doctor for a diagnosis: frequently forgets conversations, can no longer manage checkbook or problem solving, cannot remember how to get home, or experience rapid mood swings. These are just a few of the possible symptoms according to

5. Can Alzheimer’s disease be Prevented?

According to, researchers have found you may be able to prevent or delay Alzheimer’s by following 6 pillars in your daily life. They are as follows: regular exercise, social engagement, healthy diet, mental stimulation, quality sleep, and stress management. To me it sounds like your lifestyle plays a very important role.

You may be able to reduce the Risk of Alzheimer's Disease by 70 to 80% according to Dr. Neal Barnard in an Abcnews article. He emphasizes the importance of vegetables, legumes, fruits, and whole grains as part of your diet. He further suggests cooking with stainless steel or cast iron cookware. I love my whole grains and my cast iron skillets. I can honestly say I even fill the difference in my body when I eat whole grain. So although there is no guarantee of prevention of Alzheimer's there are a few things you can do and I call these things (preventative maintenance).

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  1. My mother had Alzheimer's so unfortunately I am familiar with it. :( It is one of my fears that I will get it. I try to follow most of the 6 pillars but I can't make myself get a good night's sleep even though I try, so that worries me. I have to leave it all in the hands of God. Whether I get Alzheimer's or not, I will still be his cherished daughter. Thanks for shedding light on this debilitating disease. Maybe one day there will be a cure and no one will have to suffer through it again.

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