Sunday, January 3, 2016

Does Your Toddler Have A Learning Disability?

The reality is that children many times will hide or attempt to compensate where they are lacking. Even though a child may have a slow learning disorder, that child still can be successful and productive in society. 

1. Famous People With Learning Disabilities

According to Increase Brainpower.Com Albert Einstein, Sylvester Stallone, John F. Kennedy, and Whoppi Goldberg had learning disabilities. They all overcame the disabilities and became productive people in society. Yes, productive famous people. These are just a few that I have named.

learning disabilities
Learning Disability

2. Learning

Just because a child has some type of disability, does not mean that child cannot learn. It just means that that child may learn differently than others or possibly might be somewhat slower. But the reality is that they can and do learn.

Helping Children with Nonverbal Learning Disabilities to Flourish: A Guide for Parents and Professionals

3. Not Right

When a parent feels something is not quite right with their child, they are probably right. When a learning disorder is involved, the child could be quite bright and quite creative, but still they are not learning as is expected.

4. Observation

Sometimes parents are just busy with life and their day to day tasks. The child with the learning problem, may just go unnoticed. Usually that child may be quite creative and will excel in other things to compensate where they are lacking. So parents just need to be as observant as possible, when possible. Learning disabilities in children can range from dyslexia, to speech delay, speech problems, ADHD, and much more.

5. Seek Professional Help

When you are concerned it does not hurt to seek professional help early for your child. A professional can take a look at the situation possibly from an unbiased approach.

6.Speech Problems

Sometimes parents may get concerned when their babies are not talking as soon as they think they should. Sometimes babies do not care to talk early and can have speech delay. Speech is not that important to them, but that is just for that particular child.

With speech problems these sometimes can be caught early in school, but parents need to be watchful. As children are learning to talk, children may not be hearing and sounding out the correct phonics and ultimately saying words incorrectly. If not caught early, it becomes a habit. So parents need to work with their children as soon as they start talking. Be sure that your toddler is enunciating properly. There may just be certain words and/or certain letter combinations that are giving your child trouble. For example, instead of saying think your children may be saying “tink” because that is what they think they hear. So they need to hear and see how the mouth sounds the word out. That is just one example. I once heard a child trying to tell the dog to “sit.” But it was not coming out of her mouth like that. I thought she was cursing at first, but that is the way it was coming out of her mouth.

What type of disabilities have you encountered with your child? Would you be willing to share this article with someone else?

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