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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Eye-Opening Breast Cancer Tips

Thank goodness for Breast Cancer research, because there are new discoveries made everyday. Did you know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

We have come along way, but still have a long way to go. While Cancer may be frightening to some, there is hope in the new discoveries that are occurring daily.

Taxol or Taxotere vs Abraxane

According to WebMd., Taxol when administered during chemotherapy does not dissolve in water, therefore needs to be put in solvents when administering to cancer patients which can cause several side effects. Also, patients require several medications including steroids and antihistamines before starting chemotherapy. This is something that I have witnessed when sitting with cancer patients talking with them during chemotherapy. The further add that Abraxane can be added dissolved in water thus no more medication needed before therapy, no side effects, and shorter infusion time. In fact they state the time changes from 3 hours to about half an hour of Chemotherapy. Now for someone that has not had chemotherapy or been around someone that has had it, you may not see the significance. But I know personally from sitting with chemotherapy patients it can be time consuming.

Denise Dador at abc7 news talks about how memory loss is not uncommon after chemotherapy. She talked to Dr. Patricia A. Ganz, who shared information about a pilot study.  The patients participated in a 5 two-hour session learning strategies to retrain their brain.  Dr. Ganz has been studying and doing research on this for several years.

If you have a relative or friend that is going through chemo treatments, Just sitting with them during the treatment, can give them great support. Sometimes the chemo treatments may be just about 20 minutes during a session, while at other times, it may be up to 3 hours or more. Every patient’s timing and situation may vary. If you have never gone through this, you can learn a lot just sitting and talking with others that are going through this.

As I talked with a patient that had chemotherapy, he mentioned that he had trouble traveling to places that he may have been to numerous times before. Because of the chemo fog, he just cannot remember the directions. This was frustrating to him too. Unfortunately chemotherapy damages the good cells of the body as well as the cancer cells, which includes cells in the brain as well.


I have talked to several cancer patients that stated they went through their chemotherapy sessions alone. I was quite surprised. I always recommend if you have a friend or relative going through treatment, go with them to the chemotherapy sessions if possible. Chemotherapy can last several months and 2 to 3 hours at a time one or several days a week. I was totally ignorant of the time process involved. Now I realize how they can be so tired because the chemo not only kills the bad cancer cells it destroys the good cells in your body as well. I discovered cancer patients can bring their laptops, watch TV, or something that I did with them was to talk. I learned so much from just listening to different individuals. I was surprised to see men there with breast cancer. I learned breast Cancer can also occur in dogs. I recall a relative of mine that found a stray dog and took her in. This tiny dog had numerous medical problems which included breast cancer. My relative took the dog to the vet continually and cared for her with all vigilance.

No Side Effects

According to Kristin Bien at wsbt.com Cancer treatment will start human trials with no side effects. She further adds that John Kanzius uses nano-technology and radio waves to treat cancer by injecting nano articles directly into the cancer cell and are heated to destroy the cancer cell. This definitely beats not having side effects such as memory loss, low blood count, constipation, hair loss, nerve damage, and much more that results from chemotherapy and radiation. I can understand when someone tells me that they are a cancer survivor. They have actually had to survive much more than cancer.

Reduce Cancer Returns

According to breastcancer.org. they talk about the cancer possibly having estrogen receptors that receives signals from the estrogen to promote the cancer growth. The cancer feeds off it. So cancer treatment is treated more aggressively with young women that are still menstruating. I personally have heard an oncologist say this exact same thing. I personally know from talking with cancer patients that after chemo is complete they still continue on the Tamoxifen daily tablet once a day originally for 5 years. Now that has changed to 10 years daily. It is referred to as (oral Chemo).

Photo Caption: Commons wikimedia.org., Jason Meredith, Louisville, Ky, the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

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  2. Thank You Deborah. I enjoy sharing.