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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Can Your Child Receive Too Much Praise?

How much is too much? Because of the negativity that is in the world, it is very enlightening to give your child lots of praise. It is not enough to praise your children once a week, they need daily reminders.



Do you edity and build up your children or do you tear them down. I recall talking to a mother and praising her child. Her response to me was to bring up the negative things about her child, rather than saying, “Thank You.” She could have just agreed with me and possibly added a few more positive phrases.

Talk to Self

Many times children as well as adults may see and tell themselves negative things as oppose to the positive things. They need to be reminded of encouraging things about themselves. You want your children to repeat positive things to themselves.

What Praise Does

Did you know that praise will edifty (build up) your children and also help your children to feel good about themselves. According to Gwen Dewar,Ph.D. at Parentingscience.com it is important to be   sincere when praising kids, because they may feel that you are feeling sorry for them. Possibly you have not been praising your children, because you never received praise as a child. Well you know what? It is never too late to start doing so. Praise from a parent to a child is so important, because your child really wants your approval. That parent child bond can be so important.

Practice Makes Perfect

If you have not been dong so, you can start now my praising your child for the littlest thing such as possibly you could not find your keys and your child finds them for you. Your response might be, “ Thank you so much, that was an awesome job, you are so helpful, or you saved me so much time.”

Powerful Praise Phrases and words

Know that your words are powerful: Proverbs 18:21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.

1. Awesome
2. Very good
3. good catch
4. you are so helpful
5. I enjoy our time together
6. you are very good at that
7, keep up the good work
8. that is great
9. you are wonderful
10.way to go

Now these are just a few phrases that come to my mind. What others can you think of?

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The effects of Praise, Gwen Dewar,Ph.D.

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  1. Praise is really important for motivation :-) Thanks for this post and it is nice to meet you.


  2. You're so very right Betty, words are so powerful. Our children need to hear sincere words of love and praise... meaningful exchanges that make them feel valued and build them up!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Wishing you a lovely evening.

  3. Yes, words are powerful. My children are all grown now, but they still need praise at times. Now I have grandchildren so I can praise them, too! Children are such sensitive creatures and we need to be careful how we speak to them. Thanks for this great post! I'm visiting from Family, Friendship and Faith!

  4. Words are SO very powerful! Thank you for the sharing this reminder over at Coffee and Conversation!!
    I think it's important to remember also that we shouldn't give shallow praise to our kids, either. I read somewhere to focus on praising them for their efforts and not necessarily the results, and also to praise them for things they can change, rather then how they are (for example, don't keep saying "You're so pretty!", but rather "You did such a good job putting that outfit together!" or "Looks like you worked really hard on that hairstyle this morning - good for you!"
    We want to build them up, but not inflate their egos!!

  5. I agree Pat. We should not give our children shallow praise. Stop for stopping by Anointedtoday.blogspot.com