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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Can You Dance for Better Health?

Are you a dance or a non dancer? I grew up in a family that danced and partied. I just assumed as I grew up that everyone knew how to dance, until I met a boy that told me he did not know how to dance.

music for kids

Not everyone knows how to dance. There may be those that dance hip hop or others that do the holy dance in church. There are many benefits to dancing. I can say that I like dancing and it really makes me feel good. I can recall as a small child the parties at our house included children and adults dancing freely on the floor. At a recent family reunion I recall 2 little ones that danced all night every dance on the dance floor. They never sat down nor did they seem to get tired. They were happy just dancing by themselves at times.

Fairies Fairy Rollercoaster

Ball Room Dancing

According to Ken Richards, spokesman for USA Dance ballroom dancing gives the thighs and buttock muscles a workout. He further adds that dancing can challenge your mind just as your muscles are challenged. I agree.

Let's Move

I am so glad that Michelle Obama started the Let's Move movement. I have observed many schools have dance in their school or Zumba before the start of classes. They get their students pumped up. I think this is a great idea. Kudos to Michelle Obama.

Michelle Obama Dancing at DC Schools

Get In Shape

One of the best ways to get in shape is dancing according to fitness expert Tracey Mallett. Huffington Post.com adds that dancing can target cardiovascular endurance and body composition. I know that I have watched dancing with the stars and they really do get a good workout. Although I know it is not that easy, they make it appear very easy.

Magic Fishbowl


Dancing is fun. Recently at my Pastor's Anniversary Banquet the members danced and I observed that there was a lot of laughter in the room. One little girl actually started dancing soon as she heard music playing. She had no problem getting on the dance floor by herself. This was a beautiful site to see. Young and old was up on the dance floor dancing. So besides the obvious health benefits, dancing is fun. Try it some time.

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Dancing Your Way to Better Health by Miranda Hitti

Dancing With The Stars: 8 Great Health Benefits of Dancing, by Laura Schocker

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