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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Cool Gadgets for your Children

Baby Monitor for IPhone camera

There are many cool gadgets for your children. Children seemingly adapt and learn how to use gadgets very quickly. I have found a few gadgets that you and your children will like.

Baby Monitor

This baby monitor is different from a regular baby monitor. This awesome gadget will allow you to not only hear your baby, but to see your baby on your iPhone. This free app is for iPhones or for iPads. With the device you can monitor and even talk to your baby from anywhere. I like this. Yes it shows your baby in real time. This app is at Itunes.apple.com

Cute Fun Solar Salt Water Hybrid Power Toy Car Gadget Toy for Kids Child

Your children will love this solar powered toy car. You will love that it takes no batteries. No more days of buying a toy and having to buy batteries to accommodate it. All you need is direct sunlight and it only sells for $7.22. This item is at betterdealz.com

Compose Music

Do you have children that are forever composing music? Possibly they are always creating new lyrics? They would just love this. They just sing into the pen which serves as a mic, when finished insert it into the music score which converts it into music notes that will appear on the board.

LED Fluorescent Message Board Digital Alarm Clock with 4 Port USB Hub Calendar

World of Building Set Bugs

Although this set costs $59.95, this set helps Kindergarteners creative thinking. It has colorful LED lights. They are actual laser pegs that children can put together similar to Lego blocks, except these are quite colorful with the bright lights.

NorPro Ice Cream Sandwich Maker


What about a turbospoke for your childrens bike riding? It sounds like a hot rod. You know those sounds your children make with their mouth as if they are riding a hot rod, well no need for that with turbospoke. It sells for $23.00 at Schylling.com.

Hi-Tech Furniture with Built-In TV and Computer

Both you and your children can watch TV,read,or even use the computer at the same time. How neat is this? A Brazilian Designer has designed this for the Tech-Savvy teenager.







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