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Monday, June 30, 2014

Sloan Museum (Omg)

Have you been to the Sloan Museum? Here you will see many colorful displays ranging from space pictures, classic cars, and play areas for your children.


The Sloan Museum located on 1221 E. Kearsley St., Flint, Michigan, 48503, will give you and your children endless hours of interesting and educational things to see.

Compact Car

Something that really caught might eye was the compact car that the astronauts used to move around on the moon. I love the fact that there are exhibits that allow you to build your own compact car. It gives children the choice of the type of car and colony they want to build. They decide where they want their restaurant and/or gas station located in their colonies.

Space Journey

There is an entire exhibit regarding space journey. Here there is endless hands on experience for your children. This is great for the child that wants to touch everything.

Sleeping Quarters

Can you imagine what the sleeping quarters of an astronaut looks like on the moon? As you can see from the pictures, they are very tiny quarters. Not a lot of room for moving around.

First Camcorder

There is an exhibit of the first camcorder that was used when the astronauts journeyed out into space.

Play area

There is something at the Sloan Museum for all ages including your little ones. The play area has it's on children's play grocery store. Children will love to pretend shopping.

Reading area

Parents do you want to take a load off of your feet? You can sit for a while and read to your toddlers. There is a variety of books from which to choose.

Back in time

Do any of these appliances below look familiar for back in the day? I remember my grandmother had that type of washing machine on the back porch. This was where she did her washing and ringing the clothes out. She then hung them out on a line in the backyard. Dryers were not even thought of at that time. What about the toaster and the mixer to the right of the washing machine? Look familiar?

If you have not been to the Sloan Museum, you are missing a treat. Your children will love it.

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