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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Are Your Children Victims of Name Calling?

Did you know that name calling may affect others?  Is name calling a form of verbal abuse? When you call someone other than their name, it may affect them.

Is Name Calling Bullying?

Name Calling

Have you ever been called a different name other than your real name? Possibly the name calling was done in fun as a joke. According to bullyingstastictics.org, that name calling when taken to far can become a type of bullying. They further add that this can occur in the classroom, playground, after school, online, or at the workplace. Hopefully, your children have not had to experience this. I know that many of the schools are emphasizing that if you stand around and observe this type of behavior, you are as much to blame as the name callers. Some schools are encouraging children to speak out against this behavior and to befriend the person that is at the blunt end of the name calling. I am so proud when I hear of a student that has spoken up to befriend someone that is being bullied.

Spotting a Bully

The type of child that may become a bully has higher levels of anger, are unhappy at school, are impulsive, or accept aggression as justifiable and satisfactory according to aboutourkids.org. These are just a few of the symptoms that are listed.

I remember while exercising at the spa, the teacher was teaching kick-boxing. She went through a few steps with each of us individually. When she came to me she said, “Come on miss prissy, it is your turn.” Now I could have or probably should have responded by telling her I do have a name and it is not miss prissy. I chose to say nothing. Sometimes saying nothing gives the other person that more power and they may continue to keep up the name calling behavior.

I recall not too long ago when I was at a function. This young man said to me jokingly, “Are you going to let this white boy help you?” The other young man responded, “I am not a white boy.” I responded, “I am a new creation.” My response was referring to my belief that the only person that names me is my creator, which is God. I thought to myself, “I am what God says I am.”


You can start helping your children, by making them aware that name calling is not an acceptable behavior. Explain to them about using empathy. Ask them how would they feel if someone called them a name.

Adult assistance

According to adl.org, when a student is in immediate danger or a situation of name calling cannot be resolved, then the student should seek the assistance of an adult such as a teacher, nurse, counselor or parent. I do know that in some of the schools they are enforcing no bullying and encouraging students to become involved by letting a teacher know if bullying is occurring.

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  1. Excellent post, I was called names at school and it was hurtful and scarring, I really appreciate your points in this. Thanks for sharing at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings

  2. So sorry Terri. Children can sometimes be so cruel. Your welcome Terri.