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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Are Your Children Future Mechanics?

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Have you ever thought about your children as auto mechanics of the future? Whether your child is a boy or a girl, that child may have the makings for a great mechanic. Let us face it, vehicles break down all the time. A good qualified trained mechanic is great to find.

Audra Ford has teamed up with the Long Island Museum and they are exhibiting, “Broken; Fix it.” The goal is to develop children so that they can tackle repair jobs. I believe this is a great idea. This is inspiration for future children to become great mechanics and to own their own businesses. How often have people thought of car mechanics as only one gender, the male gender? It is so refreshing to hear and know of women mechanics also.

Future Drivers of America "Auto Know" Careers with Cars is Cool!

I recall watching the ABC’s program Lookout. They showed how many crooked mechanics take advantage of ladies. It was again refreshing to see the woman mechanic that showed clearly there was nothing major that was wrong with the vehicle before going to the repair shop.

Many of the mechanics replaced good parts with new parts even though the good parts were working perfectly. They even returned old parts to the owner that was not even from the original cars. Audra Fordin of Womenautoknow.com empowers women to know certain things about their vehicle before taking it into the shop such as when the next oil change is due and tire rotation. Just knowing that can save on the wear and tear of your vehicle. In addition, changing air filters in your vehicle can be as simple as putting it in and making sure clamps are intact. You need to know the air filter number.

These are simple things that your children can watch you do so that they will have a good idea about the vehicles they will be purchasing as adults. In addition, you never know which one of your children may be become a great mechanic. Not every child will go to college and become a lawyer or doctor. Also, note there are men that do not know some of these simple things to do.

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