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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Can You Hear Me Now?(Omg)

1. Reading

Has your toddler witnessed you reading the word of God aloud? It is one thing to read silently and meditate. It is another to read aloud and to hear God’s word? Have you considered what a great example that is.

2. Carrying the Word of God

Do you carry your Bible with you? Has your toddler seen you carrying your Bible other than to church? Does your toddler know that you carry a small Bible in your purse at all times? Have you explained to your toddler why you carry your Bible with you. Have there been occasions when you were in a discussion, and you were able to go to your bible and reference a scripture. I recall a heated family disagreement. One member said they did not know that a certain scripture was in the Bible. Ephesians 5:22 “ Wives submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.” So this was a great time to be able to reference and find the scripture in the Bible. This is a scripture that has been used by some men to take advantage of their wives too.

Toddlers watch how their mother and father react towards each other. Toddlers know whether it is in love or hatred. They are smarter than you think.

3. Light bulb

Your toddler may not understand everything there is about the word of God, but gradually a little light bulb will go off and your toddler may eventually say, “I see now.” Your toddler will eventually understand the phrase, “Can You Hear Me Now.” At first maybe he thought he was listening, but then he may come to the realization that he is hearing for the first time.

4. Why

It is not enough to read the word of God, write Bible scriptures, or even quote them. It is important to explain the why of it. I used to find Bible scriptures written in my father’s bible. I thought, “Why is he writing scriptures down?” It never occurred to me the importance at the time. I thought it was a waste of time at the time.

Your toddler may come to you with numerous questions regarding God and the Bible. That will be the best time for the two of you to talk about it. Has your toddler asked you questions about the Bible? How did you answer? Are you prepared to answer your toddler's questions about the Bible?

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