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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Do You Know the Awesome Rewards of Hugging Your Children? Update (OMG)

Have you had your free hugs today? Are you a hugger? Some people will automatically hug those that they meet, while others may just shake hands or give a nod. Still there may be those that say it depends on the situation.

Hug Therapy

Did you know that there are free hugs? You can receive and give hugs freely. There are different types of hugs. Best of all hugs can make you feel really good.

How Many Hugs?

Dr. Mercola discusses hugging emphasizing we need 12 hugs a day for growth. Can any of you say that you receive 12 hugs a day or even one hug. He further adds that hugging makes you healthier by boosting your immune system and easing depression. I know after receiving a hug there is a great feeling that comes over me. It is almost a type of calmness.

Feeling Good

Besides balancing our nervous system, hugs can increase oxytocin levels that heal feelings of isolation and anger according to mindbodygreen.com.  I have observed that when someone is upset a hug can just calm them right down. Someone once said that because hugs are free you do not even need a receipt. Hugging can be a win/win situation for parent and child. Did you know that there may be times that you do not have the words to say, but a hug says it all? Hugging is a win/win situation because it not only benefits the person being hugged, but it benefits the giver of the hug. Do You agree? You may also like  The Power of Touch.

Why Hug Your Baby?

There have been studies done that people who have trouble handling stress as adults may have not been hugged enough as babies according to Cnn.Health.
They further add that babies development is controlled by nature and nurturing. I know personally that hugging your baby gives your baby a sense of comfort and reassurance. I also have observed that each child is unique and divine. Some children need more hugs than others. I have observed this with my grandchildren. I have one grandchild that may hug me several times a day and express so much gratitude, while my other grandchildren may hug me once that day. This also makes me aware that I need to give my husband, grandchildren, and my daughters hugs as well. It does not mean that I love them or they love me any less, but shows their needs are different. In addition, you don't want to forget about 5 positive Phrases to Uplift Your Child.

Good Behavior

It is never too late to hug your child. Have You hugged your child lately?

Do You Trust Me, Hug Me? Social Experiment- Free Hugs

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  1. Definitely need more hugs in the world....

  2. Hugs are awesome. They can turn the entire world around.

  3. I had no idea hugs were so healthy for us! Thanks for sharing at Love to Learn. Pinned.