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Will You Be Kind to Someone Today?

Kindness is free. It is something that we as human beings desire.  There is a desire to be connected.   Kindness may come in different forms.

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Several acts of kindness that I can think of are as follows: babysitting a day for free, paying a bill for someone, or taking someone to the grocery store.

1. Smile

A smile can do wonders for others. You never know what others are going through. Usually a smile is contagious. If you smile at someone, they usually will smile back at you. I have observed that babies and even toddlers will smile at me and even say hi. They have that friendly nature that you cannot help but to smile back at them.

2. Good Deed

When you rake and mow your lawn, what about doing the same for your neighbor. An elderly neighbor would just love this. I recall a young boy that was using the snow blower to clear the sidewalk. The next thing I knew he had done the same for me and several other neighbors. I am sure he was just being kind, but his father was very upset. I could hear him telling him, “I told you to do our house, not everyone’s house in the neighborhood.” But I thought that was very generous of this young boy that thought he was doing a good deed. Indeed he did do good.\

3. Traveling

I recall a Field Trip to Chicago as a child in Kindergarten. We all needed to line up for the bathroom. One little boy could not wait. He had an accident in his pants. I recall feeling so sorry for him, but I did not know what I could do or say. He looked so sad. We were far away from home too. The teachers did not seem too sympathetic either. That was the bad part about it. He did not have a change of clothing. Although I did nothing then, as an adult I now think of things I could have said to console him at the time such as “everything will be okay” or you will be alright.”

4. Play Date

I recall while on a playmate with my grand’s. A little boy was about to hit one of the little girls playing with my grand’s. She ran behind me for protection. He then told me, “She called me fat.” I then at that time used this as a teachable moment. I told the little girl whose mother had stepped away for a moment, “We do not call people out of their names.” “Tell him that you are sorry.” I knew her mother, so I knew her mother would have done the same. Sometimes children as well as adults may not realize at the time how unkind their words can be.

5. Giving

A sense of performing an act of kindness can result in a sense of connection and satisfaction. Humans crave connection to others.  I believe in giving a little extra for a tip when I receive good service. That is something that I will do, especially when I receive exceptional service.  Long John Silver’s Restaurant has a large bell in it. They ask you to ring the bell as you leave if you received good service. I like that concept, because everyone that assists you may not be friendly or even kind.

6. Random Acts of Kindness

This is something that is not new. People have been helping others without expecting anything in return for ages. Someone said recently that they were changing the world with one act of random kindness at a time. I had never thought of it in that way, but I realize acts of kindness is contagious.

7. Prepaid Card

What about donating a prepaid card to a women’s shelter? Women shelters are usually in need of many things including clothing. Sometimes having the prepaid card can be very essential for ladies in a woman’s shelter. Remember people in shelters may come from all walks of life and although they may not have asked to be in this predicament, they find that they are.

8. Free Gas

What about taping free money and a card to the gas tank. The good thing about this is that no one is expecting this. You never know that person getting gas may have used their last funds to buy gas to make it to work.

I recall a company that I worked for was giving out free gas cards for just taking a survey. People really liked that. I believe I gave out more than 50 gas cards to people that were willing to take the survey. I enjoyed doing this and the weather was great. People sometimes find it unbelievable when you say FREE.

9. Care Package

Giving out small care packages to the needy is another free act. Sometimes there are those that need toothpaste, toothbrushes, bottled water, and much more. These are little things that we may take for granted. I recall watching as some shared they were living in their cars. They would go to gas or rest stations to wash up. Again water is something that we might take for granted. When Flint, Michigan's water was poisoned by lead, that was something that made me aware how much I had taken water for granted. Now it has almost became a norm to live on bottled water, because it may take several years to completely correct this problem. No one still does not know all the future effects the poisoning will have on the babies and younger children.

10. Veterans

Do you just wait until Veterans Day to honor a vet? I recall my husband and I going into the store. Before he could grab the door a nice lady took the door and said, “No you go in first and thanks for protecting our country.” My husband had on his veteran's cap. This was how she knew he was a veteran.

I also recall one day my husband and I was at an event out of town. This man approached my husband and said, “Welcome home here is $100.00. Take you and your wife out to dinner.” I thought that was so sweet and very unexpected.

So I ask again, will you be kind to someone today in some form or fashion?

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  5. I had a random act of kindness happen to me yesterday. It is a pretty awesome feeling and I look forward to paying it forward today.