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Sunday, August 21, 2016

What Is All the Hype About Linky Parties?

Did you know that linky parties have become quite popular? This is a way to get more exposure to your blog or your website whether they are videos, podcasts or written articles regarding your passions.

What is a Linky Party?

In my article WhatYou Should Know About Linky Parties,  I explain what a linky party is and some of the pros and cons of a linky party. You will need to decide what parties and how many parties are best for you.

1. Missing Parties

Although you may not want to miss a linky party, sometimes that does happen. There is no need to fret, because you can then post in the following week's linky party. Now the down side of this is that some parties only allow 1 post per week, but still no need to fret because there are many parties that will allow as many posts as you wish to post.

2. Traffic

You will need to observe how much traffic you are getting from the linky parties. Some parties will provide you much more traffic than others. Ultimately, you may favor that linky party over another. A few new sites that I have discovered and really like are listed below:

 Although this site has several linky parties, I found that I like this one the best. There are generally an average of 200 -300 posts here. I like that are so many posts to choose from and I always find posts here that are of interest to me. This site also has contests and ongoing giveaways.

This is a relatively new linky party that has posted about 30 linky parties. The linkup is on Friday and lasts for about 4 days. This is another good thing about linky parties; Some last only 2 days while others may last up to 6 or 7 days. So if you miss one day posting you still have several other days left. I recall before this linky party was started, Jed had talked to me explaining he wanted to start a linky party. I told him to go for it. It sounded like a really good idea. Now this linky party is what I call “fresh.” It is quite transparent showing his wife and children on the front page. How awesome. I have seen the growth in this blog and it is not done yet.

This is a linky party that I just started recently. I really like it. These parenting and homeschooling mom's really have it going on. You can post up to 3 posts and must visit 2 as part of the requirements. You will also find many parenting tips here too. What do you like most about linky parties?

5. Pros and Cons

Although Linky Parties may increase your traffic, you may find some sites appear a little junky. For someone that is really detailed and organized that may be a hindrance. Most linky parties require you to follow the hosts. If there are only 2 or 3 hosts that is okay, but if there are 20 hosts, you may or may not want to follow all 20. You will need to consider will following all 20 give you the exposure you need or will you be just adding more to their statistics. You will need to find what is best for you and your niche. It is important that you not only post at the linky party, but to visit and comment on other blogs that are at the linky party.

A few blog party directories are listed below:

Would you care to share some of your favorite linky party sites? I would love to hear from you.

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  1. Dear Betty,

    Thank you for sharing your fabulous articles about linky parties with us! I'm so glad that you count Inspire Me Monday at Create With Joy among your favorites! One of my favorite parts of my week is visiting everyone and selecting a few bloggers to feature. It's also one of my most challenging tasks! :-)

    Jed and Jen's Coffee Conversations is a favorite of mine also (I am not familiar with the other party you listed). They are awesome hosts!

    I hope you have a fabulous weekend and I look forward to seeing you this week at Inspire Me Monday! :-)

    1. Thank you create with joy. Thanks for stopping by anointedtoday.blogspot.com

  2. This is a good explainer post on linkups and link parties. I remember being a newbie blogger and not knowing what in the world to do or anything. Now, I visit a few each day of the week and if I miss one or two, I just shrug and try again another time. :)

  3. This post made the most clicked on the Blogger's Pit Stop. Be looking for a feature on Friday. Well done. (Even though we did not get a mention LOL)
    Blogger's Pit Stop

  4. good list of link parties, I have to explore tham more. Thanks for joining The Bloggers Pit Stop