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Saturday, May 7, 2016

What Is a Mother?

What Is a Mother?

A mother may mean different things to different people. Some may have had good experiences with their mothers while others may have had unpleasant experiences. What is a mother?

Mother's Day

A mother is not necessarily the biological mother. It could be an aunt, cousin, grandmother, foster parent or even an adoptive parent. I marveled as I watched 60 minutes the other night. There was a woman that was the mother to nearly 100 Tanzanian children, even though she had no biological children of her own. Some of the children had been abused, abandoned or lost both parents. It was amazing as she told her story. These children had their own schools and walked several miles to their school.


A mother is nurturing. Children need love and nurturing. She helps to care for and encourage her children. Nurturing will include a bond, relationship, and encouraging children with their talents. A mother is so crucial because her child may become the next President, chemist, doctor, lawyer, and the list of potential great people goes on and on.


A mother's love is selfless. She is willing to give of herself. I find this awesome. In 1 Kings 3:16-28 two women go before King Solomon claiming the baby boy was theirs. The King asked for a sword to divide the baby. The one woman was okay with this, but the other woman, the actual mother, agreed to give the baby to the other woman rather than have her son killed. The King gave the baby to the selfless woman that was willing to give her son to another.


A mother is a protector. She is willing to protect her child at all cost. I recall one time waiting at the bus stop with my daughter for my grandchildren to arrive from school. Only 2 children got off the bus. My daughter quickly questioned my 2 grandchildren as to where my other grandchild was. They said they did not know. I know my daughter ran cross country in school, but I saw her sprint that day. She ran and actually jumped in front of the bus flagging the bus to stop. My other grandchild was still on the bus unaware that the other 2 were already off.

I recall being in a Foster Care Home between the ages of 2 and 3 years old. I can remember it so vividly, because I did not want to be there. This young boy would always hit me in the head. The Foster Care Mother would not do anything about it. The young boy seemingly knew not to bother me when my father came to visit, but this one particular day that my mother came to visit he started hitting me in the head again. This was one day that I was so happy to see my mother. She was upset at what she saw and made it known to the Foster Mother. My mother was speaking in tongues (cursing). To make a long story short the young boy never hit me in the head again. My mother would never know how much I loved her that day.  Mothers protect their children in different ways.  How has your mother protected you?

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  1. Having lost my mother at an early age, the concept of mother is very special to me. I have found that many woman fill aspects of the role of mother in one's life. I am so delighted that you shared your healthy, green and delightful post with us at the Healthy Happy Green Natural Party! I’m Pinning and sharing this!

    1. I also lost my mother at a young age Deborah. Mother's are special.