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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Your Health. . . . Your Attitude

Your Health. . . . Your Attitude

Did you know that your attitude is very important regarding your health? You will encounter problems and stressful situations throughout your life, but how will you respond to them?

Stress management

Problems can be looked at as a learning experience or they can be looked at as stressful or possibly a conviction of doom with no relief in site. How do you view problems?

Overload or Overflow

What best describes you? Are you overloaded with doing all that you can do or being all that you can be? Or are you overflowing with God's word? Are you renewing your mind daily with God's word so that you are fueled up so much so that you have to tell somebody, because you cannot keep it to yourself? 

I was surprised when I recently attended a church service. This particular church merged with another church. Although I had fellowship with this church before, this day was different. As I approached the church there were signs along the way indicating where it was located. I was already encourage to come early, because of a prediction of crowding. When I arrived, the main section was already full. I was directed to park about a block away at another church's lot that was closed at the time. Security did drive me from there to my destination. When I arrived at the church I was seated in another building attached to the church called the OVERFLOW room. I had never heard of this. I thought to myself, “Yeah right.” Even though the main section was full I discovered I still received that word and fellowship that was displayed on a big screen. The ushers showed an attitude of encouragement saying, “ “We are so glad you are here today.” Those that were in the OVERFLOW with me were fellowshipping with each other and still receiving the word. Afterward I was escorted to the security car and taken to my car about a block and a half away. That helped me to see that when I get full of God's word daily, I should be overflowing and give it to others. That is an attitude I strive for.

Attitude is Important

How is your attitude? Is is always negative? Or possibly it is very positive even during the time of a storm? I recall when my daughter told me she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. There were some that were crying. I did not cry, but told her, “With God we will make it through this.” As she went through the chemotherapy I observed her determination, even though she sometimes was very tired and did not feel well at all. I also observed her attitude of selflessness. Her main concern was always for the well-being of her husband and her children. She was always determined to continue on. She share with me she was determine to make it because of her 3 children which were quite young at the time. I learned so much from her during that time about the importance of attitude.

Abusive Relationship

I also recall when I was in an abusive relationship my spirit was broken. How many of you know that a broken spirit is just as bad as a broken leg or arm, because the scars and pain are still there, but may not be visible to others with the naked eye? During this time my pastor and God's word were a great strength for me. In fact, I did write a letter to my pastor and 7 other people that were of great help to me even though they may have not been aware of how they impacted my life. My children's attitude was overwhelming for me. They were very supportive and they always had a "can do attitude"with me to direct me to  a healthier life.  I did not realize at the time with my broken spirit I was physically sick often, because I was not happy and no peace or joy. I am so glad that I left that toxic relationship. I am so glad I chose to not have the attitude of a victim. I chose to become a survivor. I am happy now and my attitude does reflect that. I came to believe and know that only God can give true peace and joy.


What are the triggers that cause you to get upset or angry? Learn what or who those triggers are. Know that sometimes those triggers may be those that are closes to you. How will you handle it? What will be your attitude? I like adventure movies and comedies. I discovered even when watching the adventure movies I can become absorbed in it, so I need to be careful of how it can affect me. When You encounter a negative people, what is your attitude towards them?

Bombarded With Problems

As long as you live you will have problems, but how will you deal with them? Sometimes we may get several problems at once which we may feel is too much to deal with at the time. How do you deal with all of those situations at one time? Possibly you may need to sit back and assess your situation. Possibly you need to get some sleep and then tackle your problems.

Your Health

According to the Mayo Clinic, Going the Distance  Your Attitude Affects Your Reality, Edward T. Reagan, M.D. “Some people see setbacks as absolute devastation, whereas others view them as opportunities.” Steve Harvey has said, “ A setback is a set up for a great comeback.” My favorite is Proverbs 18:21 Life and Death are in the Power of the tongue and those who love it will eat the fruit thereof. I choose life. What do you choose?

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  1. Oh yes, attitude is so very important. A negative attitude can have a terrible effect on our health. Such great reminders here!

    Thanks for sharing (and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop).

    Wishing you a lovely day.

  2. Our positive or negative attitude can certainly make or break a situation. Thanks so much for sharing these tips at Waiting On...Wednesday!

    1. You are right Jennifer attitudes make a situation.