Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fundraisers for Your Child’s School

Fundraising Strategies

Has it occurred to you that certain schools set goals and obtain those goals through multiple fundraisers? Below are listed a few fundraiser ideas for you.

Bottled water

Have you ever considered a bottled water fundraiser? This would definitely be a healthy fundraiser. We always need water. Why not try something different? We always hear of someone doing a fundraiser with candy, nuts, or meats, but how often do you hear about a bottled water fundraiser.

Karaoke fundraiser

A Karaoke fundraiser would be great to show case all the students talents at the school. Possibly even the teachers and principal would participate. Possibly you have a disc jockey available within your school and could have the event during school hours for several hours. The students could get pledges for the fundraiser. The day of the event the students that wanted to participate in the karaoke would be encouraged to do so. Possibly the school could sell popcorn and have drinks for all. Does it matter whether they can sing or not? No it should not matter. This is all in fun.

Bag garden fundraisers

Have you thought about flower bulbs as a fundraiser? This type of fundraiser is great. The flower bulbs can be sold inexpensively. This is a win/win situation. People that are in to gardening would just love this. Once the order has been sent in for these, the order is shipped within a matter of a few days.

CFL Bulbs

Now talking about a way to go green, this is it. Saving the environment. Nearly all of the bulbs in our house are CFL. I know that CFL Bulbs also last longer, I cannot remember when we have had to change a CFL bulb because one blew out. They are quite energy efficient. You can also get them in bright wattages such as 75 or 100 watts.


Avon offers fundraisers where people can purchase inexpensive items such as lotions, hand creams, bath & beauty products, and much more. Many Avon representatives do only fundraisers several times a years. This is a great way to get some good products and make money for your school at the same time. Naturally the Avon representative and you would decide how much of the money would go to the school. Generally the Avon representative would provide the supplies and necessary information such as flyers, presentations, etc. that you need.

Run-a-thon Fundraiser

The run-a-thon fundraiser is a great way for the children to participate in healthy activities such as running and walking. Parents and friends just pledge a certain amount of money to support the students. Students love to run. They can have fund while doing a healthy activity. The activity can be set for 45 minutes to an hour. You will be surprised at how quickly the time passes by.

Fruit fundraisers

I call these the healthy fundraisers. You can order oranges or grapefruits by the crate or carton. I remember ordering the pink grapefruits from a group. Those were the best grapefruits.







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