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Friday, July 15, 2011

How To Care For Toddlers With Allergies

Child being injected with an epipen

Basically there are a variety of things that toddlers can be allergic to. I am basically addressing the issues of toddlers that have been diagnosed by a doctor as to having allergies. Once toddlers have been diagnosed it is important to protect the toddlers as much as possible. Toddler allergies can be quite severe if they have an allergic reaction. An allergic reaction might be swelling of the face, eyes, and head, some impaired breathing, hives, and skin itching.

1. For the toddlers that have food allergies, it is important to read the labels of certain canned foods. Be careful about going out to eat. For example, a toddler with peanut allergies might suffer from eating Chinese food, because some of the Chinese food is cooked in peanut oil. If there is pollen, dust, and mold allergies it is vital that the toddler take the medicine that the doctor has prescribed or suggested. During pollen season it is hard to avoid not breathing the pollen. If the medication tends to make the toddler drowsy, you might want to administer it at night, this will all depend on the severity of the allergy and doctor recommendations. It is definitely important to dust the house and vacuum often. Keep the floors clean. Keep the bedding clean.

Toddler sneezing

2. Talk to toddlers about the allergies. Do it with love. Let toddlers know why they are not allowed to eat certain foods. Especially if toddlers have had an allergic reaction in the past, explain why you do not want that to happen again. Toddlers can be very perceptive.

3. Keep a list of all the things that the toddler is allergic to and keep that list with any medication, and epipen in a container to accompany the toddler wherever the toddler may go, whether it is over a relative’s house, to church, or even to the store. The epipen is a small hypodermic needle with medication already in the instrument for emergency purposes.

4.Make sure that the Preschool or Headstart has a copy of the allergy list. Make sure that the toddler’s teacher is aware of the allergies, especially food allergies.

5. Finally, toddlers may have allergies, but they are not invalids. Let toddlers know you love and care for them, but do not feel sorry for toddlers and give them special privileges that you would not give your other toddlers. That will only enable your toddler.

Tips: Because the toddlers may tire easily, be sure that you and your toddlers gets enough rest.

Father and toddler fallen asleep on the sofa

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