Thursday, January 4, 2018

How to Be Aware of New Stranger Danger

As Technology increases so does the stranger danger. Tricky people are discovering new techniques to lure your children away from you.


Does your child know what at stranger is? Does your child know that a predator may not always be a stranger, but instead someone close to the family? A few of the latest stranger dangers are listed below:

1. Drones

There has been discussion of drones being used for pizza or retail products delivery by merchants, but now there is the possibility that drones are being used by possible predators lurking after your children.  Possibly you have seen drones or your children may have asked for a drone for Christmas or their birthday. Did you know that a drone has been seen near the Windemere's playground in Ohio according to foxnews. The problem with this is that it occurred not during the school time and it could lure children away from the school ground. Drones having talking capability and also picture taking capabilities. This can be an invasion of privacy.

2. Tricky People

Possibly you have had the conversation with your child about stranger danger. Maybe it is time to have the new conversation about tricky people. emphasizes that if a safe adult needs helps they will generally ask another safe adult as oppose to asking a child.

3. Empower Your Child talks about a few tips that could possibly save your child's life. I know that I have seen children in the store maybe having tantrums and the parent might be dragging them out of the store, but sometimes it might not be the parent. I like the tip they discuss about having the child scream “Who are you, you are not my mom, or help. They even suggest if in a store for your child to knock over items and cause a commotion.

4. Vocal

Let your children know that this is the time to get loud and scream “HELP” OR “FIRE,” if they are in trouble.

I recall the movie "Silence of the Lamb.” The man asked the lady to help him fit a couch into the van and she ended up being kidnapped by him. Children need to know if they are asked to help find a lost dog, that this could be a technique being used to kidnapped them. I also, remember watching a program where the woman said her child was outside playing and she briefly went into the house to get something she forgot. When she came back out, her child was gone, because she had been kidnapped just within a matter of seconds.

5. Are there registered sex offenders living near you?

This is just good information to know and be aware of. Sometimes you may even discover that there are multiple offenders in one specific area.

Check the FBI Register listed below to find out if sex offenders are living in your area, daycare, or school area:

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  1. Drones are such an interesting thing. I really do not think they are regulated properly.

  2. I am so worried about my little one with the amount of technology and crime continuously growing. Thanks for the tips!

  3. Thanks for all of your helpful tips! I’ve been thinking about these things a lot lately... Especially since there have been numerous reports of women approaching teens & children in order to lure/force them into human sex trafficking. Most recently, here in Kentucky, they have been targeting teenagers in shopping malls/stores. Scary stuff!

    1. Amanda there has been a lot of targeting at the malls.

  4. This is such an important message. We must not fall into complacency.

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  5. Thanks for sharing your tips! Drones! I hadn't even thought of that. Thank you for sharing with Party in Your PJs.

  6. My children are grown, but grandchildren are on their way. Such a scary world to think about. We have to very vigilant about the threats, but careful not to embrace 'a spirit of fear.' Thanks for this!