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Sunday, January 1, 2017

You Must See McCarthy's Wildlife Sanctuary (OMG)

The McCarthy Wildlife Sanctuary  was an awesome experience.  It is a non-profit organization.  The tour was well organized.   There were about 15 on the tour.  There was ample parking space.  The gift shop was just awesome and it was emphasized the money for items purchased went toward the organization in providing sanctuary for these animals.

My fearless Viet Nam Veteran Husband easily volunteered to hold this large snake below.  This was a hands on experience.

Husband holding Boa Constrictor Snake

This Sanctuary is located 12943 61st St. North

West Palm Beach, Fl 33412

Phone (561)790-2116

The attendant that guided us through this sanctuary was quite knowledgeable.   I was happy too that there were  animals there that we could actually pet and hold.   That was very interesting.

This large tiger walked around as though he owned everything.   There was no shame in his game. Click on the video below to view.

Tall tiger

This tiger stood at least 6 feet tall.  Also, when he roared.  It sounded like many tigers not just one.

One of many alligators
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