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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Signs You are a Good Parent

Are you aware that first time parenting is trial and error? You may make mistakes parenting, but hopefully you will be a responsible parent.

Being responsible for this new baby that is coming to your family is a responsibility that you do not want to take likely. You can never received too many parenting tips.

I recall that several of the high schools have included as part of their student curriculum to care for a doll.  This doll is monitored to cry just like a real baby when it is in need or distress. Although this is not the real deal, it gives the students a glimpse of the responsibility of caring for a newborn. As I watched a television program there were 15-year-old children on the program giving their reasons for wanting to have a baby. Some stated they wanted a baby so it would love them. When they made this statement, they had no clue about the reality of taking care of a baby. In fact, they are babes themselves.

Those that are already parents, have probably figure this out at this point whether you are a teenage parent or older. A few things that may be signs that you are a good parent are as follows:


According to you cannot spoil a child with love. I agree. Genuine love is not all the material things, but giving your children the feeling and knowing that they are truly loved. How many times have you heard a child say, “He does not love me.” Those are the feelings of that child. Or have you heard a child say, “I really feel loved.” I know words of affirmation, “I love you, I enjoy our time together, you are so special, and hugs and kisses will go along way to help a child feel loved.

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Don't Fix It

Do you try and fix all of your children's problem's? Sometimes give your children time to find their own solutions according to I would even take it a step further and use this time to discuss possible solutions. Maybe ask James or Sue, “How could they fix this or what other things could you do?” You would be surprised at the amazing solutions that children will come up with. I recall a principal making a statement to a group of second graders. She said, “Employers want people that can find solutions to their problems.” I thought this is so true. Start early with your children encourage them to find solutions to their own problems.

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Role Play

I have mentioned this before. Role Playing will give you a good idea of what your child's perception is. I recall role playing with my children as they grew up. They portrayed one of my children as doing whatever she wanted and showed me as responding say, “That is okay.” I had to take a look at the fact that they made it clear I was favoring one child even when this child was in the wrong. Sometimes it may be an awakening for a parent to have to see and admit that they have not been getting it right, but that does happen.

These are just a few tips to help you be a responsible parent. Help your child feel loved and wanted.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

How Serious Is Asthma?

Do you know of anyone that has asthma? Possibly you or your children are bothered with Asthma. There is help and treatment for asthma. Getting the right treatment is critical.

Doe you have any of the asthma symptoms that I have listed in this article? Do any of them them sound familiar? Then you might want to visit your doctor to be sure that you do not have Asthma.

Asthma Symptoms

Asthma is serious. According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Asthma is a chronic lung disease. You may experience periods of wheezing, chest tightness, shortness of breath, and coughing. They further add it affects people of all ages and may happen during the morning or during the night.

Asthma Triggers

Did you know that colds, flu, or sinus infection can trigger asthma flare-ups? Also, according to The American Lung Association animals, pests, mold, and exercise can trigger asthma. It is important to know what triggers your children's asthma. Knowing this can be a big key to managing asthma. This is great that it is manageable.

Obesity in Children

Obesity appears to reduce the effectiveness of inhaled steroids according to They further add that obesity makes the lungs' airways dysfunctional and reduces the ability for the lungs to stay open, but it should not be an excuse to avoid exercise because even Olympic athletes suffer from asthma. Again, I say a key importance is that Asthma can be managed.

Asthma Friendly Home

Have you ever heard of an Asthma Friendly Home? talks about keeping your home well-ventilated and dark oak flooring as opposed to carpet. I know many of us probably just love carptet, but they suggest that carpet may bring dust which could be dangerous for those that are asthmatic.


Did you know that a cup of Yogurt may alleviate the symptoms of Asthma? According to the current RDA (Recommended dietary allowance) for vitamin B12 can be found in a cup of yogurt.

Remember Asthma can be managed with the right care.


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Monday, June 30, 2014

Sloan Museum (Omg)

Have you been to the Sloan Museum? Here you will see many colorful displays ranging from space pictures, classic cars, and play areas for your children.


The Sloan Museum located on 1221 E. Kearsley St., Flint, Michigan, 48503, will give you and your children endless hours of interesting and educational things to see.

Compact Car

Something that really caught might eye was the compact car that the astronauts used to move around on the moon. I love the fact that there are exhibits that allow you to build your own compact car. It gives children the choice of the type of car and colony they want to build. They decide where they want their restaurant and/or gas station located in their colonies.

Space Journey

There is an entire exhibit regarding space journey. Here there is endless hands on experience for your children. This is great for the child that wants to touch everything.

Sleeping Quarters

Can you imagine what the sleeping quarters of an astronaut looks like on the moon? As you can see from the pictures, they are very tiny quarters. Not a lot of room for moving around.

First Camcorder

There is an exhibit of the first camcorder that was used when the astronauts journeyed out into space.

Play area

There is something at the Sloan Museum for all ages including your little ones. The play area has it's on children's play grocery store. Children will love to pretend shopping.

Reading area

Parents do you want to take a load off of your feet? You can sit for a while and read to your toddlers. There is a variety of books from which to choose.

Back in time

Do any of these appliances below look familiar for back in the day? I remember my grandmother had that type of washing machine on the back porch. This was where she did her washing and ringing the clothes out. She then hung them out on a line in the backyard. Dryers were not even thought of at that time. What about the toaster and the mixer to the right of the washing machine? Look familiar?

If you have not been to the Sloan Museum, you are missing a treat. Your children will love it.

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Friday, June 27, 2014

What Would You Do when Face-to-Face with a Gunman at School?

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By krosseel

There have been numerous school shootings in America. Have you ever asked yourself, what would you do if you came face to face with a gunman at school? That recently happened to a young lady and thankfully there were no fatalities that day.

There are times you might say you would know what to do if you came face to face with a gunman at school, but do you know what to do?

As I watched the live interview of Antoinette Tuff with Anderson Cooper, I was amazed as he talked with her. When faced with the gunman she made some tough decisions and her last name happens to be Tuff. Antoinette helped save hundreds of children that day. She even received a call from President Obama.

Antoinette shared that her pastor had trained her as to what to say to people that were hurting and to use her own experiences as an example. Anderson Cooper asked, "Would you like to meet that young man again?” She answered, "Yes, because I know that he was hurting and needed help. “ In addition, she made it clear that it was God using her and the Holy Spirit giving her the words to say. I thought to myself, “Antoinette is a very humble person.” I observed that she showed genuine concern for this young man that actually came into the school with a lot of ammunition along with a gun. It was awesome that she convinced the gunman to put his weapon down and submit to the police. Therefore, there were no fatalities that day at this school. You might think you know what you would have done in this same situation but do you really know what you would do?

Antoinette Tuff is a “true hero.” Words that she said to the gunman stayed in mind, “It’s going to be alright sweetie.” In addition, Antoinette has been with the Georgia schools for the past 8 years.

Many schools are increasing drills and training as to what to do in the situation if a gunman was to come to their school. Some schools are drilling several times a day.

The City of Houston just released a new video of what to do when faced with a shooter. They emphasize run, hide, or fight. They talk about running to safety, finding somewhere to hide; locking doors, turning off lights, and as a last resort improvise a weapon and fight. Antoinette did none of these; instead she stayed calm and talked the gunman into giving himself up. You may say what you think you would do, but until you are in that situation, do you really know what you would do?


Antoinette Tuff hailed as 'true hero' for handling Georgia school gunman

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Power of Touch

Did you know that touching can be a powerful tool? Touching is something that should not be taken for granted because it is vital for our emotional well-being. 


There are numerous benefits of touch. If this is something that you have not done with your children or even your spouse, it is not too late to start now. The benefits will out weigh anything that you can imagine. Just hugging your child and saying, “I love you,” will make a great difference with your child for the better.  I watched a movie recently where the child was highly intelligent and the mother allowed him to go to a special camp for the summer. The problem was that he became lonely and missed his mothers hugs and kisses. Another problem was that his teacher was very rigid and somewhat strict. Thank goodness it ended well because the young boy realized how much he needed his mother at this time. So the teacher, students, and the young boy's family all socialized together at his birthday party and I do believe the teacher realized what she had been missing all this time even though she was an excellent teacher. 

Physical Contact

According to a study done by psychologist Matthew Hertenstein,PhD, director of the Touch and Emotion Lab at DePauw University, most people need more human contact than what they are getting. He further added that it does not matter whether you are the toucher or the touchee, a warm embrace can lower the oxytocin levels in the brain and also lower blood pressure.


According to Dr. Sears research has found that human babies deprived of touched showed decreased growth hormone. In addition, it is found that newborns receiving extra touch displayed enhanced neurological development.

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Did you know that just as adults benefit from massage so do infants? According to Mayo Clinic, researchers suggest that massage can encourage interaction between you and your baby and reduce crying. They further add that it might promote growth for premature babies. talks about how a baby massage stimulates the baby's central nervous system. Tiffany Field, PHD, director of the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami School of Medicine further adds that it makes the baby's brain produce more serotonin, a feel-good chemical resulting in a lower heart rate, thus relaxing the baby. This does make sense because how often have we as adults felt so much better after having a massage?  I am sure you can relate.

I recall when I used to get neck cramps from sitting at the computer, I would line my children up to massage my neck. It just felt so good. Then one day for my children bought me an electric massager, they complained about the pain going into their fingers when they massaged my neck. I told them I was very appreciative, but it did not feel as good as when they actually did the massage. In fact, it was not nearly as good. There was just this big difference that was really noticeable.

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Breastfeeding is in itself a great way that mother and baby bond together. I recall when I breastfeed my babies, they would gaze up into my eyes. That mother baby connection is just priceless.

The Father

Mothers may bond and touch their newborns which is good, but did you know that the infant needs the fathers touch as well? According to that physical contact from the father promotes family bonding and makes the baby feel more secure and relaxed. I recall when my baby was born, I expected to hear her cry. She did not cry. My husband saw her first and held her and brought her to me. As he did so I could hear him talking to her and telling me, “She is so pretty.” When he brought her over as he talked she just gazed into his eyes quitely. She did not cry. She just looked as if to say, “I understand.”

Healing Powers

Did you know that when children lack physical touch, they may grow up feeling separated and disturbingly lonely? talks about this and further adds that You can put more touch in your lives by having your child sit on your lap when reading their bedtime story, or just hugging your children before they leave for school.

Because touch is so important to babies and children, make it a priority to do that for them. They will be healthier as a result of it.

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Friday, June 6, 2014

Father's Day. . . My Daddy

Do you have fond memories of your daddy? Is your daddy still living? Father's Day is a day that may bring up many emotional thoughts possibly good or bad. Possibly you are still making memories with your daddy. I can think of a few things that I remember about my father.

I have nothing but good memories about my daddy. Although, I know that he was not a saint, he was my daddy and I loved him. I also, knew that he love me.

My Daddy


I knew that my father was a Porter that worked at the train station in South Bend, Indiana. I recall as a young girl age 3 or 4 asking him why did he have to leave me and go to work. I never wanted him to leave. Also, I really cannot describe it, but the train station just had a distinct smell. My grandmother lived with him and would take care of me when he left for work. Also, we had a housekeeper name Cordelia and a roomer named John. Ardelia was very kind to me.


I can never remember my father raising his voice. I do, however, remember that he always meant what he said. Even though he stuttered, I observed this only occurred when he and my mother talked. Although he and my mother never married, he, my grandmother, and my aunt raised me. He always made sure that he took me to see my mother.

Stray Cat

I recall I always cared about animals. I found a black kitten. The kitten's eyes were all matted together. I asked my father could I keep it and nurse it back to help. I did just that. I recall always showing and instructing my father how to take care of the cat's eyes.


Although children today can go to the library or parent's will buy books for them to read, we did not have any books in our house, except the Bible. At age 3, I wanted so much to learn to read. I started reading the bible. I was not aware of any other books, until age 4 when I started school. I seemingly had a thirst for knowledge. I would ask my daddy what is this word and what did this word mean. He was patient and explained them to me.


My father always kept his hair cut short. He would allow me to brush his hair. When I wasen't doing that, I was trying to straighten my dolls hair with a real hot comb. I would put the hot comb on our stove, which was in the middle of our front room.


I recall my father always seemingly so calm. At age 3 or 4 I was watching TV with him, I bit him on the arm. I wanted to get a reaction from him to yell or something. I then told him I hated him. Even though I knew I did not. His response was, “Now Betty why did you bite me, you know that was not right.” “You know you do not hate me.” He never raised his voice, but kept talking to me, eventually I started crying and told him, “Daddy I am so sorry.” I thought to myself, I was just trying to get him to yell or something. For some reason the word “hate” was a strong word for me, because when my friend Valda and I would have misunderstandings, my first words were, “I hate her.”


I recall watching boxing on television with my father. He would sit and drink Pabts Blue Ribbon Beer and smoke a big fat cigar. Sometimes he smoked a pipe. The tobacco from the pipe would have a sweet aroma tobacco, but the cigar just stank.

These are great memories that I will always cherish about my father. I tell my children about the memories, so they can pass it down through the generations to come. Thank goodness memories can be cherished forever.What memories do you have of your father?

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Friday, May 30, 2014

How To Talk To Your Child About the Supernatural

I started trying to read at age 3. The only book in our house was the Bible. I do not know if it was because we were so poor or that my father never read other books. I would take the Bible and ask my father the different words in it. As I read the Bible, I found it fascinating.

Senior Woman Reading The Bible

1. Matthew. 8:28.

This scripture tells us of demons entering a herd of swines. Discuss this story with your toddler as an example of supernatural powers. Tell your toddler about the 2 men that were possessed by the evil spirits and the spirits begged Jesus to cast them into the herd of swines. Then the entire heard jumped into the sea and perished. It took supernatural powers to cast the evil spirits out.

2. Matthew 14:13. The feeding of the five thousand.

You know it is not humanly possible to take 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish and feed 5,000 people. Science cannot explain this occurrence. There was something other than human power occurring here.

Jesus Feeding 5,000

3. John 11:43. Raising of Lazarus from the dead.

Tell your toddler about Lazarus being dead for 4 days and that Jesus raised him from the dead. You know that is another occurrence that is not humanly possible. Certainly supernatural occurrences took place.

4. How does this apply to this century?

Miracles are happening everyday in this century. Possibly your toddler was a miracle baby. A baby that the doctors said would not live and that the odds were against it. Possibly the doctors had told you there was nothing more that they could do, but your toddler still lives. Share this with your toddler. Possible your doctor had given you only several years to live saying there was nothing more could be done, but you are still here as a living witness. Through the power of prayer which is a power scientists cannot explain, but the supernatural power of it does work. Share this with your toddler.

I started praying at a very young age because so many things seemed beyond my control and I did not understand. I was in a foster home at age 2. I remember praying for my father to come and get me. I do not know how long I stayed there, but it seemed like an eternity. I could talk very well at age 2. When he did come and get me I remember looking at my foster mother telling her, “My daddy’ s taking me home.” “I will not be back here anymore.” All I know is that my prayers were answered. Share prayer with your toddler. Allow your toddler to see you praying. Pray with your toddler. Let your toddler know when things seem impossible the supernatural powers of prayer can work and the word of God is alive!!!!

Young Man Praying

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