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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

3 Awesome Factors to Protect Your Kids in Cyberspace

Keeping children safe has taken on a new role. With the introduction of the Internet, it has given the meaning of keeping our children safe a much different approach.

With the new age of computers and technology, parents are looking for cyber safety for kids as well as adults. There are new safety guards that are created everyday. As parents you want to be as cyber savvy as possible, because there are so many threats and predators lurking in cyberspace waiting to steal any and all information that they can from you. 

Safe Kids

1.  Online Game Ratings

Yes you can block sites and use internet filters, but that is that enough to keep children safe on the internet? Do you know your Internet Game Rating? According to NBC news, it is important to only allow your children to play age-appropriate games online and offline as well. I also, take it a step further. Just because a game states that it is age appropriate for a certain age, there still may be questionable things about the game that conflict with your value. So I usually play the game also to see for myself if this is something children should play. Then I know for sure.

I recall watching an episode of CSI-Cybercrime. I was amazed to see how criminals hide behind some of the games online. The criminal would purposely pick high scoring players and befriend them. He then had them deliver a package which contained a gun, which he would use to kill various individuals. The sad part is that the children did not know or did not question the delivering of the packages. They actually thought it was part of a higher gaming plan.

2.  Safe Search

Although safe searches are not guaranteed 100%, it is important to find the safest searches for kids. With Google Safe Search you can avoid inappropriate content that might pop up with your child's search. Some explicit images should not be seen by children, but because there is very little control with engine searches, it might be unavoidable. Also, in the article 5 Online Safety Tips for Kids, http://anointedtoday.blogspot.com/2014/11/5-online-safety-tips-for-kids.html, I mention that a strange thing about the internet is that you may not know who you are talking too, even if someone sends you a picture, because there is no guarantee that this is a true picture of the other person.


3.  Ipad, Iphone,and Tablet

Let's take a look at the new generation. Besides the fact they may do their homework on a PC (Personal Desktop Computer or Laptop), they may also play games and talk to their friends on other computer devices. Rather than tie a credit card to my Ipad for in-app purchases I just purchase iTunes Cards. They can be purchased for $15, $25, and up. In addition, I added a pass-code, so that must be entered any time a purchase or download is made, even free purchases. Also, iTunes cards make great gifts to give children and teens that have computer devices. Recently, I had a friend that received a $50 iTunes gift card and had no clue what to do with it or how to use it. I explained instead of using your credit card, the iTunes card could be used to purchase songs, books, or even games. Most people enjoy some type of music.

According to Russ Warner at Huffingtonpost.com there are several restrictions with the Apple devices that can be used to help protect your child from inappropriate content. These restrictions may include disabling the camera, disable Siri, and disable iTunes Store for limited access. He further adds if you have young children there is an option to create 10 or 20 child-friendly websites and only give your children access to them. Remember as parents it is up to you to keep your children as safe as possible.  God gives them to us and He expects us to nurture, care for them, and love them as He has loved us.

Photo Caption: Commons, wikimedia.org, Tnvols2, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license


Google Safety Tools, Google.com

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Military Veterans (Thank You)

There are some survivors of the Vietnam War that have medals to show for it. There are those that have received Honorable Discharge. We want to always remember our veterans, because they gave their lives for their country.

Thank You to Military Veterans

Military veterans can be honored any time throughout the year. Saying thank you to a military veteran can mean so much to them. I am so proud to say that I am in a military family which include nieces, nephews, brother-in-laws, sister-in-law, my pastor, and most important of all my husband. My husband is a proud soldier. Although, my husband is a very private person, he perks right up when there is discussion about the military. He shared a few things that I am sharing with you.


I had never heard the term Points-man until now. A points-man in the army goes out ahead of his men to scout out any danger such as booby traps set by the enemy. My husband recalls leading a four-company battalion of about 500 soldiers. He noted that his company was the first of the battalion to go into battle that particular day. I can only imagine what it was like.

Tunnel Rat

This is pretty much like it sounds. Just like rats may have tunnels, there are human tunnels that the soldiers will crawl into and check for hidden weapons or hidden enemies. The tunnel rat will carry a 45 pistol and a flashlight while doing this.

DD-214 Form

The DD-214 Form is a form that contains all of your military history including all of the awards that you have received.

I applaud those women veterans that have left their families to join the military. I was amazed that during my previous employment, I was working with previous military employers from the military both men and women. It was an awesome experience. I could note the discipline, organization, and other great qualities that they possessed.

You will always see the American Flag raised at our home outdoors. They are always replaced when they become worn. In addition, I am proud to say that my husband has received all of the following medals:

Bronze Star Medal

This is one of the Honorable awards that any army soldier can receive. This award is for Meritorious Achievement in Grand Operations Against Hostile Forces.

National Defense Service Medal

This medal is for honorable active duty for soldiers during 1950-54, 1961-74, 1990-95,2001-TB.

US. Vietnam Service Medal

Soldiers that served in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia or Thailand between 1965-73 received this award.

Vietnam Campaign Medal

A soldier that served 6 months in the Republic of Vietnam between 1965-73, or was wounded, captured or killed in action during that time period receives that award.

Combat Infantry Badge

Soldiers that are expert riflemen in the army receive this award.

I recall one day going into a store. My husband wore his military cap with all of his badges. As he opened the door for myself and the lady behind me to walk through, this lady opened the opposite door and told him to go in first and she thanked him for the service to our county. These types of attitudes are really appreciated by war veterans. It definitely was a welcome surprise for me. In addition, I have observed those that will tell veterans "Welcome Home." I have even seen others say to veterans, "Thank you for all you have done for our country." In fact, a lady just recently did that. The most memorable time was when my husband and I were at an event. This man thanked my husband for his military service and gave him $100.00, then added, “You and your wife go out to dinner.” That was a time that we both were smiling. Our veterans need to be recognized and not forgotten. So just remember that the next time you see a military veteran.

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Monday, May 18, 2015

What You Should Know About Linky Parties

Some of the benefits of a Linky Party may include increased traffic to your blog, building new blog relationships, finding what works and what doesn't work, and exposure to a larger audience and also different audiences.

What is a Linky Party?

A Linky Party is a new creative way to link up your blog with other websites. Usually there is a host that will let you know the days of the Linky Party. I have seen Linky Parties that are available 7 days a week. This makes it more convenient for you to pick days that fit into your schedule. Each day and week there will be different topics available to choose from. You just need to find the right one for you and your niche. I have seen video Linky Parties and Linky Parties that you will just add your blog to the link.

blog linky party


Requirements may vary from each blog host. There are some hosts that require you to follow them on Pinterest and may suggest you post their button to your blogsite. I have seen some blogs that suggest you only pin 5 links per week in order to allow others to have chances of pinning. Then there are other parties that encourage you to pin and add links as much as you want.

How Many Linky Parties?

Now according to Crystal Van Tassel at "How to Grow Your Blog with Linky Parties & Learn to Blog," she suggests linking up with about 4 circles within your nitch.  So far I have found several that I link up with; Live it Up at the Healthy, Happy, Green &  Natural Blog Hop is one that I have linked with and I love their new Pin-it Pinterest Linky Parties. I just love pinning. Since I am somewhat of a health buff I like this blog hop. It encourages emotional health for families as well as physical health. I also get to interact with many other bloggers. You can also share to Facebook or even Tweet about it. The pin it Linky Parties are usually once a week.  I have found that there are a vast majority of pins that I find interesting and that I have pinned to on Pinterest. In fact, I found so many good pins it was difficult for me to stop pinning.

The Life of Faith Mommy Moments is another Linky Party that I like. Here you will see various categories to link to such as faith, food, social media, and much more. The Life of Faith Linky parties are very encouraging and uplifting links.

Downfalls of the Linky Party

Unfortunately, there will be those that do not follow the rules of the host. Some will only add their links and not repin any other links, which is a very selfish act. When there are requirements to add the button to your blog, there will be those that fail to do so. Then there is also the possibility that your blog pin may not get repinned, but instead one of your other boards may get repinned. Finally, when there are 7 and 8 hosts hosting a Linky Party the majority of their personal posts may get more attention than your one or 5 blog links. So all of this is important to consider when joining a Linky Party.

Pinterest Pin-It Linky Party

This Linky party is different in that you pin a pin from the Linky Party to your Pinterest site to link as oppose to adding your actual blog link. I really like this one so far much better, because I am a visual person and I also love Pinterest. Urban Naturale is also at Pinterest. So you can Pin as much as you like there also.

I am having fun with the Linky Parties. So remember to have fun and learn a few things along your journey. What Linky Parties are you going to?

Photo Credit:  Grafixar, Morguefile.com

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thank You

This is to let you know that I really do appreciate those of you that have supported me.  Without God and your support, I could not do this.  Be blessed going in and coming out.

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Monday, May 11, 2015

5 Awesome Parenting Tips

Although parenting does not come with a manual, sometimes as parents you may be fearful that your children will make the same mistake that you did.

Positive Parenting

You don't have to tell your children every detail. Maybe you feel that you do not have good parenting skill, but it may be a good idea to share some of your mistakes with your children.

1. Image

What type of image are you portraying? Are your children seeing a perfect mom who has never made any mistakes while growing up? If so, they may be thinking that you don't understand them. Unfortunately, they do not know that you have “been there and done that.”

2.  Vulnerability

Sharing your mistakes with your children shows your vulnerability and that you are human. It let's them know you are not perfect.

3.  Everyone Makes Mistakes

Let your children know that everyone makes mistake. Even with all of our perfection, expertise, and training, there is no perfect one but Jesus.

Organic 5-piece pregnancy gift set

4.  Positive Parents

According to Rebecca at Positive Strategies for better Behaved Kids, when our needs to be seen, heard, understood, loved, and connected are met, we all do better. She further talks about speaking their language with physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time, gifts and acts of service. Those that are are already doing this are well ahead in this scenario. For those that have not been doing this, it is not too late too start.

5.  Blaming Yourself

In the article "Parenting: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly," I emphasize the importance of not beating yourself up after you have changed your baby, fed your baby, and your baby is still crying; finally you take your baby to the doctor to find out the baby has an ear infection. If you are a first time parent, you would not have had an idea the baby had an ear infection, because parenting is trial and error. The good thing is that your baby received medical attention in time. I also recall another instance when a teacher was upset with herself because it was discovered her child had a learning disability. She felt as a teacher she should have saw this. I explained to her, “You are and excellent teacher, but sometimes we are to close to the problem that we have blinders on.” The important thing is that it was discovered and the issue addressed. Remember parenting is a learning experience.  So relax, learn, and have fun while doing it.


Positive Strategies for Better Behaved Kids, Rebecca

Photo Caption: encyclopedia, Bill Bransom photographer, Public Domain

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Monday, May 4, 2015

Mother's Day. . . . My Grandmother

Mothers are unique and should be honored throughout the year not just on Mother's Day. What does your mother mean to you? There are father's, grandmother's, and others that have been mothers for so many.

Mother's Love

I did not know my mother very well as I was raised by my father and grandmother. I called my mother mama. Probably because that was what I heard my father calling her, so she was mama to me also. There are a few things I remember about my grandmother.

I'm a Mom What's Your SuperPower


I have shared this before that my mother and father never married. At the age of two I was in Foster Care. I remember so well, because I did not want to be there. My father explained to me he had to go to court to get me. That was all I knew at the time. A boy about 6 or 7 years kept hitting me in the head and the Foster Care Lady did nothing. Although I do not remember a lot about my mother, I remember she visited me there and witnessed the little boy hitting me. After my mother yelled and hollered at the Foster Care mother, the little boy never hit me again. I was so thankful for my mother that day. Finally, my father came to get me. I told the Foster Care Mother, "I am going home and I will not be back." I lived with my father and grandmother and that was home for me. My father would still take me to visit my mother. I told him one day, “I do not have to see my mother, I have you.” His response to me in a quiet voice, “You are going to see your mother.” He made it clear that it was non-negotiable. I did not understand then, although I do understand now.


I remember my grandmother was a small petite woman. She always told me she was mixed with Indian. I believe it too.   I remember both my grandmother and my mother were outspoken women. Neither one of them would hold there tongues. Proverbs 18:21, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue.” I recall as a young child complaining to my father that he did not spend any time with me. There would be times he would go to Chicago to party. I would whine before he left stating over and over  that he did not spend any time with me. I was only about 3 years old, but I knew how to whine. I would almost have him staying home.  He would tell my grandmother, “Maybe I should stay home.” Then my grandmother would tell him, “No Steve, you go on and go, Betty will be alright.” I would be so mad at my grandmother.


I remember my grandmother had small moles on her face and on her body. I always said to myself that when I grew up I would not have any moles. As a child have you ever said that you would or would not be like your mother or father when you grew up?

Organic and Naturally Healthy Mother's Day Gift Basket


I remember we had our own strawberry patch in the backyard. I could go pick fresh strawberries, whenever I wanted. I thought that was a treat.


I remember my grandmother had no problems whooping me. I remember her and my neighbor's mother told me and my best friend Valda not to eat our neighbor's green apples. Well one day our neighbor was not home and her son that was about our age 5 or 6 years old told us to come get some green apples from the tree.  Well we thought we were in apple's heaven. When we got home my grandmother asked if we ate the green apples. We knew we did, but we lied and said no. Apparently, my best friend Valda's mother was watching from her window and knew we ate them. My grandmother politely said go out in the yard and bring me a switch. I naturally found the smallest switch I could find. My grandmother stated to me, “That is not a switch.” She then went out and picked out the largest limb she could find. Now she started whooping me. I was drama. I thought let me start hollering before she even hit me. I would fall out in the floor exclaiming, “You are hitting me in my head and my ear.” She only replied, “If you hold still you would not get hit there.” Those were days I will never forget.


I remember we had a housekeeper named Adelia. I did not know why, I just know that we did have one. I loved Adelia, she was very kind and very soft spoken unlike my grandmother. I remember Adelia would comb my hair. I was very tender headed and could not stand a lot of pulling on my hair.


I remember when I started school at age 4-years-old. I was so excited. I had already started reading at around age 3 because I was so hungry for knowledge. My school was Fredeick Douglass Elementary. It was a couple of blocks away. My grandmother would always walk me to school. I did not want her to walk me to school. I wanted to walk alone like a big kid. I told her one day, “You do not have to walk me to school, I am not a baby.” She replied, “I am walking you to school anyway.” I remember as I got older she allowed me to walk to and from school alone. This one particular day I stopped by the store. There was this particular candy I wanted. There were so many kids there it took me to long to get waited on. My grandmother said she was worried and it took me too long to come home. I will always remember that day, because, Yes, I got another whooping. I loved my grandmother and I know she did what she felt was best for me at the time. I will never forget her. 


Personal Experience

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Monday, April 27, 2015

Are You a Pinterest Mom Blogger?

Everyone is getting into the act of Pinning at Pinterest, including mom's. I have discovered a few Mom's Pinterest Boards that I have found to be quite creative as well as interesting. If you are a new mom blogger, you may like this.

20 Must Follow Moms

When you visit this social media site you will see “Stamp and Match Upper Case,” I found this to be different. You take play dough and upper and lower case stamps and stamp the dough. It is great hand stimulation for your little one.

Tips 4 Mom Bloggers

Jenny Melrose and Kim Vij talks about Why You Need to Get on Google +. She discusses several points such as expanding your audience by entering a keyword to find like minded people as yourself. I also discovered Crystal Van Tassel discussing How to Grow Your Blog Traffic With Linky Parties. She suggests linking to atleast 4 circles within your nitch. Of course you could do more or less depending which are best for you. She explains how her pageviews has grown to over 100,000 presently. They talk about “evergreen content” ( content that is always relevant no matter what). She talked about coupon blogs that are urgent and that are live and now.

How to Grow Your Blog With Linky Parties#Learn to Blog

10 Blog Titles that drive Massive Traffic

This pin also was listed under Tips 4 Mom Bloggers. There is topics on important titles such as “How to,” “Numbered list,” Case Study,” Reasons Why,” “Lessons Learned,” and much more.

Your First Month on Google, another great pin on Tips 4 Mom Bloggers

At this site Mervik Haums talks about topics to help you once you join Google +.
He talks about the importance of your profile and linking with people that you relate to. I agree with that, because then your linking can be more meaningful. He suggests when you join circles others may join you back. He further adds about being social, joining communities, and using hangouts.

Pinterest: Hit or Miss? Orange Juluis Smoothie Protein

I found this site to be interesting in that each month this bloggers takes an idea from Pinterest, try's it out, and then lets you know the results. This particular time she tried the Orange Julius Smoothie Protein and reported that it tastes delicious.

So these are just a few ideas from moms blogging and pinning on Pinterest. If you have a niche or something that you are good at share it on Pinterest.

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