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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Pinterest for Kids

Are you aware that there are so many Pinterest ideas? I get a lot of my inspiration from Pinterest? A few of my Pinterest boards I have discovered are my favorites.

I want to share with you 2 of my favorite Pinterests boards that include tips for organizing your kids and fun toys.

I just love this Pinterest board. Here you will find information about how to talk to your family about cleaning. Becky from your Modern family talks about “How to Have the Cleaning Talk with Your Family.” When you include the entire family, there can be simple things that even the little ones can do. She gives great insight about talking and including your family with the cleaning. I like that she shares how after dinner everyone pitches in to clean house. She tells them 7:30 is bedtime and if they finish cleaning before then they have time to watch TV. That does seem like a motivational push to get the job done. Possibly you might tell your kids if they finish before bedtime they can do something else that they like to do such as play on their tablet or iPad.

Sock Tips

Also on this board I like the tip by Stacy at Have you come up with missing mismatched socks? I know that I have. That can be frustrating too. Stacy's tip is to buy everyone in the family a lingerie mesh wash bag. She bought a drip dry hook and labeled each kid's initial on it and hung it on their door. Each kid can put their dirty socks in them at the end of the day. When she washes them in the zip mesh bags, there is not need to worry about losing one. Once they are washed and dryed, she just gives each kid their bag back with their clean socks to put away in their drawers. This is a great idea.

Repurposing has a pin on my "let's get organized" board that is quite creative. She talks about using a dish strainer for a coloring book organizer. See it below.  This is an awesome idea.

Air Hog Atmosphere is a toy that my grandson received for his birthday. This is nice for 8-year-olds and older, but should be used with supervision. It really does hoover over objects and can be controlled with the palm of your hands. He had endless hours of play with this toy. It presently is selling at ranging from $7.25 to $19.99. 

Spark Reader- This spark reader reads to your child in your own voice. I like that. There may be times that you are not able to read to your child, in that case your child can use this spark reader. It s selling at for $59.99 and also at for the same price. 

Now if you are not on Pinterest, you might want to check it out. You can just browse for ideas whether it be for a birthday party or looking for a birthday gift to get your child.

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Prevent Staining in Your Children’s Teeth

Boy Face by Xenia, Morguefile

Adults are not the only ones that get stained teeth; some children’s teeth tend to stain. There are alternatives to this staining. I noticed a lady’s child that had teeth stains. I wondered does she make sure her child brushes her teeth. Then one day as we sat and casually talked, she shared with me that the dentist discovered her child was not brushing properly or long enough. In addition, she further stated that changing the brushing technique to more of a circular movement and changing the length of time, made all the difference.

Did you know that tomato sauce, cranberry juice, or beets can cause teeth stains? These are foods that are good for us, yet the negative side is the staining on some children’s teeth. Even with that said there are foods such as apples, carrots, celery, and cauliflower that can prevent teeth staining.

Broccoli can afford you teeth staining protection because of the minerals in it that form a film on the teeth to protect it. In addition, brushing your teeth once a day may not be enough. You may want to brush your teeth twice a day. Above all change your children’s toothbrush every 3 to 4 months or earlier if there is evidence that the bristles are fraying.

I like popsicles and slushes. I am sure that most children like them too. Have you ever noticed how your tongue turns the color of the Popsicle or slush that you are drinking? Well it will also stain your children’s teeth as well. You may want to rinse with water afterwards or try eating one of the foods mentioned above in this article such as an apple to prevent teeth staining.

Too much of anything is bad for you. Did you know that an abundant consumption of fluoride in tap water causes brown spots or white streaking in children’s teeth? So just beware if your child is experiencing staining of the teeth, alternatives are available.


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Thursday, August 7, 2014

3 Signs You or Your Children May be Addicted to Food

Do you enjoy food? Possibly you or your children use food to help you feel good. Is there that possibility that you may be addicted to food?

By mensatic

Photo credit: mensatic from

Of course we need food and water for survival, but have you taken it a step further than that? I am the first to admit there are numerous food advertisements and many posts about favorite foods. Sometimes you are bombarded with talk or pictures about food. Do you know some of the signs of food addiction? Have you asked yourself, “Am I addicted to food?” A few of them are listed below:

1. Food Tolerance

According to WebMD. Those that have a food addiction may develop food tolerance, thus eating more and more, but getting satisfied less and less. They further add, that some may eat even when they are not hungry or to the point that they become ill. I can personally say that I have observed that. I recall when I was pregnant I ate often and a lot. I observed that my sister-in-law who was living with us was eating every time I ate. We joked about it, because she admitted she did not really need it or want it, but ate anyway. When you think about it food can be just as addictive as a drug. I have heard the expression “What is your choice of drugs?” I cannot imagine someone asking, “What is your choice of additions?”

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2.  Social Symptoms

Do you know what social symptoms are? Social symptoms of food addition may include eating behind closed doors to hide how much you are eating, stealing food from others, or possibly even obsessing over food, according to

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3. Symptoms of Food Addictions

Other symptoms of food addiction may include constant obsession with what to eat, binging and then purging, or associating food with rewards. These are mentioned at They further add that just like other addictions food addictions are treated the same by managing behavior and the physical cravings of the brain with possibly psychotherapy and nutritional therapy,

Possible Solutions suggest using the “3 M's” which are “Mind, Mouth, and Muscle.” I like this. They entail strengthening the mind to reduce urges, tricking the mouth by replacing unhealthy foods with healthy ones, and moving your muscles by working out to stave off cravings.


Food Addiction


Food Addiction

Looking For a Hunger Fix by JuJu Chang and Melia Patriavia Nightline

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Friday, August 1, 2014

My Favorite Linky Parties

Have you heard of linky parties? They are becoming more and more popular for promoting your blog. Linky parties are available online 7 days a week. I like that these parties are for nearly any and everything.

I originally only started with about one or two parties. Presently I have about 5 linky parties that are my favorite. I know there are those that do blog linky parties 7 days of the week, but for now I have chosen only 3 days of the week.

Linky Parties

Photo credit: pippalou from

What is a linky party? A linky party is an online site that allows you to post your blog posts on there. The great thing about it is that you receive a wider audience of exposure for your blog. Each linky party has their own guidelines and rules, so you must be vigilant to adhere to them. My favorite parties are listed below:


I like this linky site because unlike the other parties you pin your blog through Pinterest. I love to pin on Pinterest. There are 4 hosts; Paula, Becky, Gabby, and Kristi. I always find interesting blogs to pin to my Pinterest online pinboard.

Disney Frozen Back to School Backpacks

There pin it party is on Saturdays. I like the fact that even though many of us are super busy, they allow you several days to post before closing it. So if you happen to not make it there Saturday, you still have several days to do so. Each week there is a different subject to read about and they do offer nice freebie giveaways. I have had nothing but positive experiences since I have been posting to their linky parties.

Microfiber Duffle Gym Cheer Bag

Lifeoffaithblog: Mommy moments

This is a faith based blog that has posts dealing with Christ,marriage, motherhood and much more. The linky parties here are on Mondays and are listed under Mommy Moments. There is 1 hosts and 3 co-host; Faith, Sarah, Alli, and Heather.
also has a guest bloggers too. You may also, find other linky parties on this blog as well.

Essential Things Devotion

Here you will sometimes find over 100 blogposts to read and/or post. encourages Christian bloggers. This blog is by Mel Caldicott. She is a full-time mom and both her and her husband have 3 children and a dog. Here you will find daily devotions regarding real life.

A Little R&R

is a Wednesday linky party by Rosilind Jukic. Again, the great things about linky parties is that they give you several days that you can post your blogs. You are not bound specifically to that day. Many have busy schedules to keep. Remember that all of the linky parties I have listed have their own guidelines and rules. Be sure to adhere to them, should you decide to join their linky party. Salt&Light. This blog encourages you to be the light of the world. This Linky Party may include health, mothering, faith in Jesus, and much more. I have found many fascinating posts at this party. Each week there is something different.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Parenting: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Before your children are born you possibly have unrealistic ideas of what it means to be a parent. You are possibly envisioning theses beautiful children that can do no wrong.

After your children are born and the reality of parenting sets in. You may be open to all the parenting advice that you can get, because there is the reality that even though you love your children, you had no idea that it would be like this.


May I take you back just a little? Do you remember when your first baby was born? That moment in the hospital after giving birth can be a joyous occasion. Possibly even after you bring the baby home, your baby just takes a bottle and then goes right back to sleep. After a couple of months you are probably thinking, “I can hardly wait until my baby starts talking.”

Parenting Advice

It is good when you have family such as mother and mother-in-law to give you their expertise help from their own experiences of being a mother.

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Now this is not really bad unless you perceive it as that. I like to think of it stages of the baby growing up. You may have never considered that your baby will be cranky during teething time. You may have never considered you nor your husband would get very little sleep when your baby is colicky. You may have never known that two-year-olds would throw temper tantrums. Possibly you assumed your toddler would do everything that you asked. It never occurred to you that this little person has a mind of (his/her) own. Previously when your baby was born, you could not wait for your baby to talk, now you possibly feel guilty because you are thinking,” I do not want to hear the word “mama” or “mommy” any time soon because my ears need a rest.

You may feel bad when you have fed your baby, changed your baby's diaper, and to no avail your baby is continually crying for too long a period of time. After taking your baby to the doctor you discover the crying was for a reason, because the baby has an ear infection. Your baby could not talk, but instead cried as loud as (he or she could) to let you know something was not right. Do not beat yourself up about this, because you did make it to the doctor in time.  Remember parenting is trial and error whether you like it or not.

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Although this is not ugly at the time it may feel quite uncomfortable when you need to apply tough love as your child get's older. If you have been an enabler and you have not allowed your child to develop to become a productive part of society, you may feel guilty or sad about the outcome. Tough love is a choice. A question I have often asked myself is, “If this were not my child, would I allow this type of behavior?” Sometimes, we need to detach ourselves from the situation.

As I watched the TV program Supernanny, I was amazed at how this woman goes around and helps families where the children are basically taking over the house and running the lives of not one parent, but both parents. Basically you do not have to be mean to get your point across to your toddlers, children, or teens. You do however, need to be persistant. You do, however, need to be on the same page with your husband regarding your children. No you and your husband may not agree, but there needs to be a common ground.

I recall my one daughter was born sucking her finger on the delivery table. The doctor looked at me and told me, "She has probably been doing that while you carried her in the womb."  When we went home, my husband was adamant about pulling her finger out of her mouth. He did not want her sucking her thumb, he was afraid she would eventually have buck teeth. I, however, disagreed and I knew very little about babies, but I know everyone has some type of habit, this just happened to be hers. Needless to say, he allowed the thumb sucking. She grew up with beautiful straight, white teeth. When she was about 6 or 7 years old, she came home from school and told me the children were teasing her and she wanted me to put hot sauce on her thumb to help her stop sucking her finger. I did so. Needless to say she was determine to stop and she did.

Parenting is a stage in life. There will be some good days and some bad days, but inevitably you still love your children, hopefully, unconditionally.

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Friday, July 25, 2014

6 Things You Should Know about The CrossRoads Village

Have you been to the Crossroads Village? There is countless number of fun activities there to see. Parents and children will see several exhibits and much more.

The Crossroads Village is located at 6140 Bray Road, Flint, Michigan. This is one of the many tourists attractions.

1. Barber Shop

One of the greatest attractions that I liked was the Barbershop which dates back in time. The attendant that was telling the story about this barbershop pointed out some important points. There was a time that women were not allowed in the barbershops, because men would come in there and take baths as well as get their hair cut. In there you would see the tub sitting out in the open and a stove in the near center of the room. For those that love to play checkers, there is a checker set on the table. So you can have a game going while waiting to get your hair cut.

Disney Frozen Back to School Set

2. T.N.North & Son Bank

As you enter this bank you will see a se of U.S. 19th Century coins. Whereas the banks now have some glass teller windows, the teller windows then had a  set of bars in the front of them similar to the bars on a jail cell.

3. Black Smith Shop

You definitely do not want to miss the Black Smith Shop. Here you will see the blacksmith making mini-horse shoes that they actually sell for $3.00 a piece.

4. Stanley School

This school is named Stanley School and apparently there were various age groups in one school room. Just imagine, one building for Kindergarteners through 12th grade.

5. Llamas

These were the most beautiful, colorful Llamas that you can see.

6. Ferris Wheel

Children love the Ferris Wheel, a Carousel Merry-go-round, and a Village train as well. These are just some of the great things that you will see at the Cross Road Village. There is never a dull moment there.

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Signs You are a Good Parent

Are you aware that first time parenting is trial and error? You may make mistakes parenting, but hopefully you will be a responsible parent.

Being responsible for this new baby that is coming to your family is a responsibility that you do not want to take likely. You can never received too many parenting tips.

I recall that several of the high schools have included as part of their student curriculum to care for a doll.  This doll is monitored to cry just like a real baby when it is in need or distress. Although this is not the real deal, it gives the students a glimpse of the responsibility of caring for a newborn. As I watched a television program there were 15-year-old children on the program giving their reasons for wanting to have a baby. Some stated they wanted a baby so it would love them. When they made this statement, they had no clue about the reality of taking care of a baby. In fact, they are babes themselves.

Those that are already parents, have probably figure this out at this point whether you are a teenage parent or older. A few things that may be signs that you are a good parent are as follows:


According to you cannot spoil a child with love. I agree. Genuine love is not all the material things, but giving your children the feeling and knowing that they are truly loved. How many times have you heard a child say, “He does not love me.” Those are the feelings of that child. Or have you heard a child say, “I really feel loved.” I know words of affirmation, “I love you, I enjoy our time together, you are so special, and hugs and kisses will go along way to help a child feel loved.

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Don't Fix It

Do you try and fix all of your children's problem's? Sometimes give your children time to find their own solutions according to I would even take it a step further and use this time to discuss possible solutions. Maybe ask James or Sue, “How could they fix this or what other things could you do?” You would be surprised at the amazing solutions that children will come up with. I recall a principal making a statement to a group of second graders. She said, “Employers want people that can find solutions to their problems.” I thought this is so true. Start early with your children encourage them to find solutions to their own problems.

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Role Play

I have mentioned this before. Role Playing will give you a good idea of what your child's perception is. I recall role playing with my children as they grew up. They portrayed one of my children as doing whatever she wanted and showed me as responding say, “That is okay.” I had to take a look at the fact that they made it clear I was favoring one child even when this child was in the wrong. Sometimes it may be an awakening for a parent to have to see and admit that they have not been getting it right, but that does happen.

These are just a few tips to help you be a responsible parent. Help your child feel loved and wanted.

Image Credits:  Canva designs


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