Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Has the Circus Changed?

Have you been to the circus lately? I like the circus, but it has changed somewhat from the time that I first saw the circus?

circus acts

When I first went to the circus, the circus acts were amazing. It was during school and was considered a field trip. The circus trip was free to all students. I looked forward to this field trip nearly every year until the one day that a student was left at the circus. He did not come back on the bus as planned. After that the schools no longer would take students to the circus, it was left up to the parents to take that responsibility.

Black Circus

If you have never seen a black circus, you need to see it. You will see much soul into the productions. I have never been to one, but watched one on television. This show was just awesome. When one comes to my town, I will make it a point to go see it too.

When I first took my grandson to the circus as I was holding him and we went past a clown he clutched me around my neck, squeezed me tight and said, “Granny save me, save me.” I then realized he was terrified of the clown. He could not figure out what that strange character was. 

First Circus

According to the first circus was in 1792 in Philadelphia. It was further added that President George Washington attended a Ricketts Circus and sold the company a horse. 

Tickets & Parking

Tickets for the circus today can range to about $12.50 per person or 2 children for $12.50. Many times various organizations including schools or even television stations will give out free tickets. This year as I observed the circus at Perani's Arena, parking last year was $5.00. This year it has increased to $10.00.

When I first went to the circus, I saw acrobatic acts, clowns, tightrope walkers, and jugglers, popcorn, and cotton candy, there is now much more to be seen.

Circus Acts

Recently at the Perani Circus I saw a new act that included Spiderman. Also, there were the trained pigs that performed. Children were seemingly very much in awe of this Spiderman that turned and swung into the air.

I was amazed at the number of various vendors and the cost as well. It is understandable everyone wants to make a living, but nearly everything cost you. There was nothing free not even the programs or the coloring books. A few of the things you will now see at the circus are as follows:

Face Painting

There is face painting during intermission. I saw many cute faces of the children that chose to get their faces painted.

Bouncy House

Many places will have the Bouncy House free, but there was a charge of $7.00 for this Bouncy House.

Snake Picture

You could get your picture taken for a price with a live snake.


Now besides paying for a ride on the elephant or pony, you can now ride on a camel, or a small train.

Now you did see those going around selling popcorn, snow cones, and cotton candy which is my favorite. The toy swords ranged from $5.00-$15.00 a piece for children. Everything seemingly came with a price, but the children seem to love it.

So yes, the circus has changed. I believe it is much more costly now, but yet in still the children seem to love it and I like it too.



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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Do Your Kids Hate Church?

Should children have a choice as to whether they go to church? Are children going to church because their parents are forcing them to go? What is the reasoning behind why children do not want to go to church? Are there many children in your church?

children church

Possibly when you and your family joined church and your children were younger, they accepted going to church. Your children going to church was a norm at one time. Then as your children got older into the adolescent and teen years, they started questioning going to church possibly saying that it was not for them.

Boys Checkered Hoodie

According to Christian, as children get older they start wanting to find expressions of faith that they can call their own. They further add that as parents they have made it clear to their children that church is not an option that they are committed to their church and that is non-negotiable.

This Church

Possibly your children feel that they do not fit in at this particular church. Could there be a disconnect with with pastor, leaders, or other children at the church? According to this might just be what is happening. Possibly they have visited other churches and in comparison they feel this church is less than. My Pastor emphasizes he wants you to be Saved and that you do not have to stay at our church, but feel free to go to another church.

New Balance Boys Jacket


Are Your children saying that church is boring? I recall one of my children stating, “Church is so boring, I do not understand what that man is talking about?” According to a survey from the Barna Group at 31% of teens stated that church was boring. They further added that 24% felt church was irrelevant to their careers.  So when teenagers and young adults start working, does church take a back seat for them?   Do they arrive at church halfway through the program on purpose, because they just do not want to be there?


Do your children feel as though they belong in your church? Sometimes children may feel as though they are not apart of the church even though they attend it, according to When you think about it, everyone wants to feel as though they are apart of something, including children.


Children love their peer group. Have your children ever invited a friend to church? Sometimes just having their friend there can make all the difference. Now if their friends go with them to sporting events, skating, or the arcades, why not invite a friend to church?


How involved are your children in the church service? According to reformed, Some of the 15 churches they talked to had children participating in church at least once a month, some had children's choirs, some children would play instruments, others would offer prayers, and others would read literature.

So do your kids hate church? Are they actively involved in your church? Do they even want to be there?

Photo Caption:, by Billy Hathorn, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.


I hate Church, by Jim Burns

Should You Force Your Kids to Go to Church, by Natasha Crain

6 Reasons Young Christians Leave Church

3 Reasons Why Some Churched Kids Hate Church

Kids in Worship: Fifteen Church report what they're doing

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Staycations for You and Your Children

I have a few staycation ideas that you might like if you are unable to travel out of state for vacation. Sometimes the very things we need and like are right in front of us in our own hometown.

Staycation idea

Home Depo Workshop,5300 Pierson Road, Flushing, Michigan 48433

Home Depo Store in Michigan offers various workshops not only for adults, but for children as well. I just happened to be at Home Depo with my grandchildren and they were having a workshop one day. I thought this was nice and it was free.  The firemen were there.   Children were able to take a tour of the Firetruck, make a craft, and they received a Home Depo Apron.

Movie Night

Have you considered having special movie nights at home, when you are not able to go on a vacation? Cable on Demand has many free movies that are available to you as well as Pay Per View. With Pay per View you just pick the movie you would like to see and it is then billed to your account. Just prepare your popcorn, gather the family, and you are ready to watch your favorite movie.

Zehnder's Splash Village, 1365 South Main Street, Frankenmuth, Michigan 48734

Zehnders Splash Village is a great family outing for those that like the water. Whether you are in the Splash Park or the Atrium Park, you can have hours of fun. Here you will see water geysers, story tube slides, dumping baskets and much more. This indoor facility is fully staffed with lifeguards. You will need to call to confirm pricing for a 2-day get away, but packaging includes Chicken Dinner at Zehnder's Restaurant, 1 Large Pizza, breadsticks, 4 sodas and breakfast each morning at the Elf Hollow Cafe. I have had the Chicken Dinner at Zehnder's and it is delicious. Their stollen bread which is like a fruit cake is pleasure to your palate.

Bronner's, 25 Christmas Lane, Frankenmuth, Michigan 48734

Now if you are looking for unusual ornaments, this is the place that you want to go to. There are at least 10 sections of nothing but various types of ornaments. Here you will see fishing, hunting, angels, alphabet ornaments and much more. They even have an engraving area where you can have your special ornament engraved. Some ornaments can be as low as $3.00 or $4.00. During Christmas time just driving to Bronner's and Zehenders is a beautiful sight to see. There are so many bright Christmas lights outside, it makes you feel as though you are in a Fairy Tale. It is just beautiful.  Below is a fishing ornament that my granddaughter gave to her grandfather.

Mackinaw Island, Upper Peninsular, 312 South Huron Avenue, Mackinaw City, Michigan 49701

Although I have never been to the Mackinaw Island, I have always wanted to go. Maybe, I will put that on my bucket list. Now I almost went there, when me and my deceased husband were on our way to Kentucky. This was the first time that we both had driven long distance. We discovered before getting to the Mackinaw bridge that we were going Route 75, but going the wrong way. That was a learning lesson I will never forget. From then on we made sure to check our maps. Thank goodness though now for the GPS. I wonder what will be next. According to Michigan you will see horse drawn carriages, bicycle riding, a Butterfly house and much more at Mackinaw Island.

Splash Pad, Creasey Bicentennial Park, 1505 Grand Blanc Road, Grand Blanc, Michigan

The Splash Pad in Grand Blanc, Michigan is a place that is very inexpensive to visit. Children just love this. It is an outdoor area that you may want to consider during the summer months, especially on those really hot days. There is an area where parents can sit and observe. Children will love the water spouts and the fact that they can control when the water comes outs to splash them. Prices are reasonable with $2.00 for residents and $3.00 for non-residence.


Spring Break Staycation: 7 Places to Go to Be Active in Michigan

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Friday, January 2, 2015

Blue Eyed, Brown-Eyed Review

This experiment was used as a basis to help the children understand about prejudices and how they exist. Several years later the same group of children were brought together as adults to discuss the experiment that was done. They discussed how it affected them and how it gave them perspectives as adults.

define prejudice

This same experiment was done in a prison with adults. It was amazing to see that there were only a few prisoners that actually stood up and said, “That is a brunch of crap.” Then there were those that were actually believing and agreeing that blue-eyed people were better and more smarter than brown-eyed people by offering excuses to support their statements.

Baby Boys Suit

That is why it is so important not to pass your prejudices down to your children. Children are not born being prejudice. It is something that they learn. It is ultimately important to embrace your culture. So many times there have been those blacks that had tried to pass for Caucasian, because of the discrimination that existed. Discrimination does still exist, but in different forms. Blacks discriminate against blacks as well as Caucasians that discriminate against blacks. Because blacks come in a rainbow of colors, there were some blacks that where high yellow and would consider themselves better than a very dark black person. Which was and is still wrong.

 Girls Printed leggings

I remember a young lady planning to go off to college. She had talked over the phone to several other young ladies. They were to share an apartment together. When they actually met to make the deposit the other young ladies changed their minds when they discovered she was a different nationality than they were. The young lady was stunned and very hurt as she had never experience this outright blatant prejudice. The apartment manager saw this and told the other young ladies he would not hold the apartment for them either, because they now had to come up with the balance of the deposit. Although this was a hard lesson in prejudice. I told the young lady, this might have been a blessing. Had she gotten the apartment with the other 3 young ladies, they possibly could have attempted to make her life miserable with their prejudices.

I remember hearing several in a discussion stating they would not want their child to marry someone of a different race. I don’t know why, but I was surprised and alarmed that they felt that way.

What are your feelings on this?

Photo Caption: Wikicommons, by Auge Bohringer, 
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Austria license.
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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Is Your Child Disrespectful?

Is your child or teen disrespectful to you or others? Possibly you have observed other children being disrespectful? What do you do about your disrespectful child? 

No one wants a disrespectful child. When you became a parent there was no manual for you to tell you what to do. Many of the problems that you encounter will be solved by trial and error. You want to be educated to have the tools that will work for you and your family. When disrespect has started at an early age such as 3 or 4, it is important to start correcting then, because it may become much harder to correct later. It is important that your child know that if they are not respectful to you and just happen to end up in juvenile detention, they will show respect there or suffer the dire consequences.

Nautica Boys Tri-Blend Vest


According to you should give a warning about the consequences of what will happen if the disrespectful behavior doesn't change. They give an example of children interrupting you while you are on the telephone. They further suggest letting children know they will be sent to their room if they persist. You may want to give a different consequence, because now some children's rooms are so nicely equipped with television and the internet, they really do not mind. When I recall an incident at a Pizza Restaurant, there clearly were no consequences for this particular child. As my 4 children and I sat down waiting for our pizza another couple came in with their son of about 4 or 5-years-old. They sat down and ordered. The next thing I knew the young boy jumped up on the table. I could not hear what he was saying but he was shaking his finger at his mother and father. I could tell the parents were embarrassed. They eventually got up and ordered the pizza to take out. My children looked at me and said, “Mom aren't you glad we do not act like that?” I responded, “You will not act like that.” This was so sad to see that child acting so disrespectful.

Right Consequences

Right consequences are important because when your child is disrespectful and you follow through on the consequences, it is of no avail if their consequence is no television that day, because your child may not even care to watch television. Although, I do not know what child does not want to watch television. But the point is that it needs to be a consequence of something that is meaningful to your child.

Pink Platinum Girls Outer Wear Jacket


Children need to be held accountable for their actions which include no name calling, cursing, or blaming others. Everyone gets frustrated so they need to learn how to handle those frustrations. They need to know that if they are going to try you, then you are going to follow through on the consequences. They need to be told when their behavior is not acceptable. Now I know that old saying is true when a parent might say, “It hurts me more than it hurts you.” Because as parents you want the best for your children and hate to chastise them, but sometimes it is just necessary. It is important to deal with this when they are children, because when they become adults it gets worse.

Disrespectful Adults

I have seen other adults disrespectful to their parents. I have seen adults that expect their parents to babysit because they live together. That is a no-no and parents should not tolerate it. I have seen adult children that go into their parents rooms without asking. I have even seen adults that were belligerent to their parents in public by cursing them or talking down to them. Again, parents this should not be tolerated. Parents should remove themselves form these types of situations as soon as possible or either have the adult move. These are unacceptable behaviors and need to me made known to that adult child. Parents you would not tolerate this from another adult then by all means do not tolerate it from your adult child.

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Personal Experience

5 Ways to Handle Disrespectful Behavior from Children or Teens

Frowning Face
Credit: Commons,, Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication, by Granny Enchanted, 6.10.2013
Copyright: Commons,, Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication, by Granny Enchanted, 6.10.2013

Canva -   designing

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

How To Survive a Power Outage during Wintertime

Photo credit: AcrylicArtist from

First Person Experience

Whether your power outage is a day or a week or more, it is not pleasant. It is a reminder of how you you should be thankful.  When you have a power outage, report it immediately to your energy provider.


Since children like to play out in the snow,  it would be wise to not allow them to do so at this time. If there are any power lines down in your area, it could be deadly for your children. According to Consumers Energy, you should keep at least 25 feet away from a down power line, because even though you do not see sparks it can be live with electricity. Pets should be kept away as well.

We experienced the down lines during an ice storm. A tree limb broke the power line and our electrical meter as well. During this outage there were several counties affected including Genesee County with over 60,000 outages. It was horrific. I have survived a one or two day outage, but our power outage was for 9 days. This is not something that we expected. We did, however, get the refrigerator cleaned out earlier than scheduled. Although we always kept flashlights, candles, and canned goods in the event of an emergency, and outage in the winter time requires more. Also, the cable in our area went out right after the power did. So that eliminated TV watching for awhile.


This is a good time to call on relatives and friends to bring your extra food that you can salvage from your refrigerator and to charge your cellphones. Even though your landline may not be down, your cordless phones will not be accessible during the power outage. So be sure to have a phone that is not cordless that you can plug into your landline. Although cordless phones are convenient, it is wise to have a non-cordless phone for your landline. We have some friends affected by the power outage that opted to stay in motels during this terrible ordeal.


We were truly blessed to have a gracious friend with a generator, which we were able to borrow during our time of need. To my surprise this generator provided us heat and lights for about 80% of our house. I was definitely saying, “Thank you Jesus.” A new generator can cost $599.00 and up. We kept 3 gasoline cans and would fill the generator in the morning and the evening with each filling lasting about 6-8 hours. You will want to keep the generator in your garage and beware of the fumes that will accumulate, so be sure to keep a window open in the garage. Fumes can be quite deadly. Remove your vehicles from the garage too or you end of getting the smoke scent in your vehicles, which is not very pleasant.


This ice storm occurred on one of the coldest days. Temperatures were ranging about 7 degrees. We had plenty of blankets and an electric heater. We could not use the electric heater, because there was no power. We did have a small Butane Propane heater which was insufficient, because it was so cold.    
Propane Cooker:

During a power outage you can cook on a gas stove, but if you have an electric stove that is another story. Propane tanks can be purchased for as low as $12.94. We finally purchased a Propane 2-eye gas cooker. It was decent enough to cook on. It really made me feel like I was camping out. We basically used 16-oz cylinders of propane gas to run it.

Propane two-eye cooker

House Insurance

You will need to refer to your house policy as everyone's will not read the same. You may qualify for reimbursement for damages to your house. Do not hesitate to call your Homeowner's Insurance.

Credit Outage:

In Michigan Consumer Powers states those that if you have a power outage longer than 120 hours
(5 days), service interrupted for more than 16 hours during normal conditions, or service interrupted more than seven times in a 12-month period, may qualify for an outage credit.

So remember the best thing during a power outage is to be prepared and do not hesitate to call family and friends. 


Personal Experience

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Friday, December 12, 2014

Twisties for You and Your Children

Twisties have become more popular for children as well as adults. They seemingly are a lot easier than the traditional braiding. They are easy to do.

Hair Twist Styles

There are a variety of twistie styles available. Now since the creation of utube, there are numerous tutorials to show you how to hair twist. There is no longer the mystery of how to do it or even how to take care of it.

Sengalese Twists

Did you know that there are a variety of  twists that you may choose to do on you or your children's hair? Also, boys as well as girls are wearing twisties. The Sengalese Twists is a very fine type of twisting of the hair. As you will learn some twisties are quite large and thick known as Havana Twists. Latoya White at talks about the importance of purchasing the correct hair for your braid extensions. She emphasizes that the Marly or Havana Hair is kinkier and easier to braid and not so easy to unravel. She further suggests twisting as you twist.

Ballerina Treasure Box

Havanna Twists

Now Havanna Twists are the very large twists. I call them the jumbo twists. Nicole at emphasizes the importance of not putting too much pressure on the edges and not leaving the twists in too long.  Too much pressure can cause hair breakage.  She further adds that six weeks should be the maximum to leave them in.

Although I prefer straight hair to curly hair, I do like to see others that are able to wear the twists style. I have family members that wear the style quite well and they look very good in the style too.

Best Twist Out Ever

Proper Care

Do you wrap your children's hair with a satin bonnet or pillowcase? According to Kesha at, you should do so. Since a scarf will not stay on most kid's head while they are sleeping, you may prefer satin pillowcase. She further adds the reasoning is that cotton pillowcases absorb all of the good moisture from the hair.

Lovely Kitty Necklace

Just keep in mind twisties are really simple to do and children usually love them. Have fun while doing them and enjoy the new look.


Sengalese Twists: What Not To Do, by Latoya Watson

Ask the Experts: The D’s and Don’t s of Havana Twists by Nicole Marie Melton

The Right Way to Take Care of Your Child's Hair While It's in Braids or Twists: 4 tips, by Kesha

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