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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thank You

This is to let you know that I really do appreciate those of you that have supported me.  Without God and your support, I could not do this.  Be blessed going in and coming out.

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Are You a Pinterest Mom Blogger?

Everyone is getting into the act of Pinning at Pinterest, including mom's. I have discovered a few Mom's Pinterest Boards that I have found to be quite creative as well as interesting. If you are a new mom blogger, you may like this.

20 Must Follow Moms

When you visit this social media site you will see “Stamp and Match Upper Case,” I found this to be different. You take play dough and upper and lower case stamps and stamp the dough. It is great hand stimulation for your little one.

Tips 4 Mom Bloggers

Jenny Melrose and Kim Vij talks about Why You Need to Get on Google +. She discusses several points such as expanding your audience by entering a keyword to find like minded people as yourself. I also discovered Crystal Van Tassel discussing How to Grow Your Blog Traffic With Linky Parties. She suggests linking to atleast 4 circles within your nitch. Of course you could do more or less depending which are best for you. She explains how her pageviews has grown to over 100,000 presently. They talk about “evergreen content” ( content that is always relevant no matter what). She talked about coupon blogs that are urgent and that are live and now.

How to Grow Your Blog With Linky Parties#Learn to Blog

10 Blog Titles that drive Massive Traffic

This pin also was listed under Tips 4 Mom Bloggers. There is topics on important titles such as “How to,” “Numbered list,” Case Study,” Reasons Why,” “Lessons Learned,” and much more.

Your First Month on Google, another great pin on Tips 4 Mom Bloggers

At this site Mervik Haums talks about topics to help you once you join Google +.
He talks about the importance of your profile and linking with people that you relate to. I agree with that, because then your linking can be more meaningful. He suggests when you join circles others may join you back. He further adds about being social, joining communities, and using hangouts.

Pinterest: Hit or Miss? Orange Juluis Smoothie Protein

I found this site to be interesting in that each month this bloggers takes an idea from Pinterest, try's it out, and then lets you know the results. This particular time she tried the Orange Julius Smoothie Protein and reported that it tastes delicious.

So these are just a few ideas from moms blogging and pinning on Pinterest. If you have a niche or something that you are good at share it on Pinterest.

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

5 Online Safety Tips for Kids

Are you really aware who your child might be talking to online? Are your children aware of the hidden dangers that really do exist online? 

Computer Safety Rules

Do you know the rules for internet safety?  Because predators have more access to vulnerable children today on the internet, it is of utmost importance that you and your child are educated to some of the lures and tactics that a predator might use online.

1. Parent Permission

Children and teenagers might think they are not babies. Why should they get permission before posting a picture of themselves online? According to the National Children's Advocacy Center you should check with your parents. They further add not to post explicit pictures of yourself. Children need to understand that once the picture is on the internet, it is not as easy to get it taken off, and that same picture has the potential to be seen by thousand of others. When pictures are in the wrong hands, this can prove quite embarrassing and humiliating.

StarShine Workshops

2. 12 or 50 years-old

It is important that children understand the 12-year-old that they think they are talking to online may not be 12 but actually a much older man according to That is the strange thing about the internet, you cannot see the other person and even if the other person sent you a picture, you cannot know that that is a true picture of that person. Many predators hide and lurk online.

Safe Web Surfing:

3. Teaching

Did you know that your child can possibly teach you a few things on the computer? I am amazed at some of the things children already know. I am amazed how they can figure some things out on the computer. Have fun on the computer and allow your child to show you things they know, show you sites they want to visit, and even play a few online games with them. This can be a teachable moment for you.

Kid2Kid Keepin It Safe Online

4. Computer Locaion

Keeping the computer in a common area as oppose to the bedroom is suggested by Steven Dowshen, MD. This can be monitored in a common area. They further suggest sharing an email account so that messages can be monitored.

5. Internet Safety Workshops

Hanover County schools have started a seven-part workshop to help parents protect their children in the digital age. They emphasize about sub-tweeting, which is talking about another online without using that person's twitter handle or in other words talking behind their back online. When parents become knowledgeable about this they can better help their children with conflict. It is good to be digitally savvy. One parent said they joined Instagram in order to monitor one of their children. I am sure that there will be more workshops evolving in the schools. I believe this is a very good idea.


Internet Safety Tips for Kids and Teens

Internet Safety, by Steven Dowshen, MD

Hanover sets internet safetyworkshops

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Friday, November 7, 2014

How to Treat Your Child's Cold Sores

No parent likes to see their child suffer with cold sores or fever blisters? In fact, no parent like to see their child suffer. Learn how to treat cold sores. 

What Causes Cold Sores?

Cold sores are cause by certain strains of herpes simplex virus (HSV-1) is usually responsible for cold sores and HSV-2 is usually responsible for genital herpes. This virus can be transmitted to others. Note: Flowing fluid from it, can be contagious. It is important to know some of the triggers.

Cold Sore Triggers

Cold sore triggers may include fever, stress, fatigue, and exposure to the sun. Did you know that about 90% of adults test positive for evidence of the virus of the cold sore even though they never had symptoms of the infection? When your immune system is weakened or compromised, your body may be subject to infection. That is why sit is so important to help your child get their proper rest, even though they are full of this big burst of energy.

Cold Sore Symptoms

Your child may experience a sore mouth accompanied with uncomfortable eating and drinking, a fever, sore throat, or swollen lymph nodes.

Remedies for Cold Sores or Fever Blisters

First of all remind your child not to pick at the cold sore. Usually it will end between 7-10 days but the herpes virus will remain in your child’s body. Several drugstore remedies may include Blister, Carmex, and Campho-Phenique. Abreva is approved by the United States Food & Drug Administration and it helps the sores to heal.

Canker Sore

Do not confuse a canker sore with a cold sore. Canker sores only happen inside of the mouth. They may appear in small clusters under the tongue or inside of the cheek. It appears white or yellowish and your child may have a burning sensation. They are not contagious like cold sores are. That is good news. There may be a connection of canker sores with stress. Children may get canker sores between the ages of 10 and 20 years of age. A good pain reliever is Ibuprofen.

Home Remedies

1. Covering the cold sore with petroleum jelly can help speed the healing process.

2. Local anesthetic ointment containing Benzedrine will help with the pain

3. Change your child's toothbrush during the virus attack and after it is over with, because toothbrushes can carry the virus.

4. Did you know that Licorice stops the cold sore virus cells. Just make sure it is made form real licorice.

5. Visine helps take the red out of cold sores if you cannot make it to the pharmacy

6. Finally, applying a cold compress for 20 minutes at a time will help with the swelling and the redness.

Commons,, by Ben Tillman, 11.28.2008

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Cold Sores Symptoms
Children Germs

Remedies for Cold Sores and Fever blisters

What's a Canker Sore?

5 Cold Sore Treatments that will Help You Save Face

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Can You Dance for Better Health?

Are you a dance or a non dancer? I grew up in a family that danced and partied. I just assumed as I grew up that everyone knew how to dance, until I met a boy that told me he did not know how to dance.

music for kids

Not everyone knows how to dance. There may be those that dance hip hop or others that do the holy dance in church. There are many benefits to dancing. I can say that I like dancing and it really makes me feel good. I can recall as a small child the parties at our house included children and adults dancing freely on the floor. At a recent family reunion I recall 2 little ones that danced all night every dance on the dance floor. They never sat down nor did they seem to get tired. They were happy just dancing by themselves at times.

Fairies Fairy Rollercoaster

Ball Room Dancing

According to Ken Richards, spokesman for USA Dance ballroom dancing gives the thighs and buttock muscles a workout. He further adds that dancing can challenge your mind just as your muscles are challenged. I agree.

Let's Move

I am so glad that Michelle Obama started the Let's Move movement. I have observed many schools have dance in their school or Zumba before the start of classes. They get their students pumped up. I think this is a great idea. Kudos to Michelle Obama.

Michelle Obama Dancing at DC Schools

Get In Shape

One of the best ways to get in shape is dancing according to fitness expert Tracey Mallett. Huffington adds that dancing can target cardiovascular endurance and body composition. I know that I have watched dancing with the stars and they really do get a good workout. Although I know it is not that easy, they make it appear very easy.

Magic Fishbowl


Dancing is fun. Recently at my Pastor's Anniversary Banquet the members danced and I observed that there was a lot of laughter in the room. One little girl actually started dancing soon as she heard music playing. She had no problem getting on the dance floor by herself. This was a beautiful site to see. Young and old was up on the dance floor dancing. So besides the obvious health benefits, dancing is fun. Try it some time.

Photo Caption:  Google image


Dancing Your Way to Better Health by Miranda Hitti

Dancing With The Stars: 8 Great Health Benefits of Dancing, by Laura Schocker

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Does Your Child Have Anger Issues?

Children as well as adults will feel different emotions at one time or another. Anger is an emotion that children need to learn how to deal with. If it is not dealt with, it can carry over into their adult life. 

Ways to Cope With Anger

Can you envision what an angry child looks likes? Have you sometimes observed small children playing? Possibly when one gets mad, that child may decide to hit the other out of anger. Learning to deal with this anger is something that they need to be taught.

Mads Out

I happen to stumble across this site I really like the suggestions that Lynne Namka, Ed.D makes for children to get their mad out. Some of the things she suggested was to check your tummy, jaws, and your fists, see if the mads are coming, stop and think, make a good choice, remember to use your firm words not your fists, use a strong voice and say, “I feel mad when you ________.”and there were several more things she talked about. This is so good for children and even adults could learn from this as well.

The Mad Family Gets Their Mads out: Lynne Namka, Ed. D.

Okay to be Mad

Erin at talks about how it is okay to be angry and the importance of not hiding your emotion from your children. How many times have you been angry and when someone asked you if you were angry, you denied it and said, “Everything is okay.?” Erin further adds that she has an anger box in her classroom. When children are feeling angry and upset they can go to the box that is filled with various calming and coping items which will allow the child to identify the emotion, regain control, and develop healthy coping skills. I really like this concept. Some of the items she suggest to put in this box are foam ball, small pillow, bubble wrap, play-dough, or a small mirror. Possibly you can think of some things that you might want to add to your angry box. I really like having a mirror in the box, because then the child can view their facial expression. When we get angry, our expression usually shows it.

Bedtime Meditations for Kids (Calm for Kids)

Calming App

Did you know that there is an actual app for calming children when they are angry? This app is an audio and video tool developed for children with autism, but I can see how any child that has an anger problem could benefit from it. It has a social story with it and it only sells for $2.99. it is available in the store.

Rules for Getting Your Mads Out

It's OK to be Angry: Teaching Your Preschooler About Emotions

Photo Caption:  Google

Calm Counter

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Are Your Children Eating for their Blood Type?

Have you thought about the importance of how you and your children eat? Do you just eat certain foods because they taste good? Do you take into consideration that many of the foods you and your children eat are not good for you?

Eat Right for Your Blood

Leviticus 17:11 “For the life of the flesh is in the blood.” This is so true because DNA, paternity questions, and much more are found in the blood. Eating according to your blood type is so crucial to sustain your quality of life.

Determine your Children's Blood Type

If you do not know your children's blood type then you can determine that by requesting your doctor for a blood test.  Sometimes parents will make a note of this after giving birth and note it in their baby book. Your child will either be blood type A, B, AB, or O. The most common is B positive. Because we all are different, it makes sense that each person should eat according to their blood type. Have you noticed that possibly you are able to tolerate milk, but you may have some children that cannot tolerate it and others that can?

125 Cool Inventions

Below is the site for a blood type food chart, once you determine your blood type:

Type B Diet

If your child's blood type is B, according to Dr. Dadamo you want to be aware that eating corn, wheat, buckwheat, lentils, tomatoes, peanuts, and sesame seeds can result in fatigue, fluid retention, and hypoglycemia. He further adds that when you eat for your blood type your blood sugar levels should remain normal after meals.


According to Dr. Dina Khader at each blood type has their own genetic blueprint. He further adds that “B” is for balance and type B's do well with a little bit of yoga and stress reduction and deep-breathing exercises. So not only is eating for your blood type important, but exercising for your blood type is equally important.

Seven Steps to Separating Difference From Disability

According to, if your child is type B blood then those type of children are natural organizers and their minds are orderly and cannot stand clutter. They further ad that type B would benefit from stretching exercises before the start of the school day.  Once you and your children start eating for your blood type, you will discover what foods benefit you and other foods that don't

Photo Caption:  Google


Eat right for Your Type

Why you should eat and exercise based on your blood type

Your Child's Blood Type: A Guide to Their Health

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