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Friday, July 24, 2015

Do You Know About “Redshirting?”. . . Used in Some Schools

Have you heard about Redshirting?  Exactly what is Redshirting? It is a practice that several schools have adopted. The thing to determine is whether it is right for your child.

What is Redshirting?

I first heard about this on 60 minutes:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtEsw49o4RY,    It is a practice of holding a kindergartener back because it supposedly gives them an edge on the other children. There was emphasis that holding a child back will help make that child a leader and that that child will have an advantage over other children. Also, there is an emphasis that bigger is better. I have even heard some teachers say, “Oh that student is struggling so.” My response to that is, “Life is a struggle.” I talked with another principal that did not encourage “Redshirting.” She stated, “A good teacher will find the problems that a student has and find a way to reach that student.”


I started school at age 4 and turned 5 that September. I could not imagine being held back because of my size or because the teachers felt that would make me a better leader. I recall loving school and looking forward to graduating to the next grade.


This is an individual decision that parents are choosing to do. There are parents that do not agree with it. I believe that bigger is not always better. Your size will not determine your outcome. Just look at the models that were told they were too short or too big. There are now models of all sizes. Just think of the basket ball players that were told they were too short. How many have stereotyped people that you need to be a certain height or size to succeed. That is definitely not true. This is a parent's personal decision. However, I disagree with “Redshirting.”


According to abcnews, Dina Abou Salem, Redshirting is still debatable. There are those parents that believe that holding their Kindergartener back will make their child bigger and better and possibly more emotionally able to handle school. One parent stated her reasoning was that holding her child back would ensure that her child did not attend college too early. I still say that older is not necessarily better nor a guarantee of maturity. What are Your thoughts about “Redshirting?”

Photo Caption: Commons, Wikimedia.org, Vector Image, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.


“Redshirting in Kindergarten StillSubject to Debate,” Dina Abou Salem via Good Morning America

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Monday, July 20, 2015

"But, I Don’t Really Like This Kind of Cereal”

Please Welcome and say hello to Guest Blogger Melanie Redd. I really appreciate Melanie as she was very gracious about accepting to Guest Blog. She is very encouraging, motivational, and has been a blessing to me.

Melanie Redd

We have always liked cold cereal in our home. 

When in high school, my daughter enjoyed a big bowl of cold cereal almost every morning.

However, there was one morning when she didn't like the choices of cereals that we had in our pantry.

They were too healthy, too boring, or just not her favorite type of cereal.

Each morning over the course of the week she got up, scanned the cereal boxes, and came to me letting me know she would say,
I Don’t Really Like This Kind of Cereal!”

It wasn't that I didn't care about her or hear her request, I was just saving money and making sure we finished off some of the food we already had in the pantry.

During the course of that week, she was at least willing to try a few of the unloved cereals in the pantry.

And, finally, on Saturday, I went to the grocery and made a special stop on the cereal aisle.

I picked up 2 very large boxes of her favorite cereals, and tossed them into the shopping cart. Then, I brought them home and put them in a very visible place so that she would see them when she first arrived home.

She was thrilled to see the new cereals... exceedingly pleased with her mom! I had no idea that 2 boxes of cereal could make a teenager so happy!!

Melanie's Daughter

That night, I thought about the crazy cereal week...

  • I wasn’t trying to ignore my daughter’s pleas for a different cereal.

  • I was just saving money and making sure we finished off some of the food we already had in the pantry.

  • I heard her every single time she came to me and complained.

  • However, I was waiting for the perfect time to grant her request.

My cereal incident reminded me of a verse in Isaiah 30:18:

"[God Is Gracious and Just] Therefore the LORD longs to be gracious to you, and therefore He waits on high to have compassion on you. For the LORD is a God of justice; How blessed are all those who long for Him." (NASB)

God knows exactly when you and I need that new box of "cereal"!

He can and will graciously give it to us in the exact moment and on the perfect day.

~ Maybe He's waiting, as I did with my daughter, for the precise moment to surprise us!

I know I certainly liked my daughter's excitement and gratitude. I'm sure God likes that from you and me as well.

This week, I'm praying that I'll eat whatever "cereal" He provides for me, even if I'd rather have another flavor, brand, or kind!

And, when He does send me the "cereal" that I love, may I let Him know how excited and grateful I am.

How about you?

How are you doing with the various “cereals” God has chosen for your life?

Blessings to you,


  • Married to Randy for 25 years.
  • Mom to 2 college students – Riley and Emily
  • My passion is to offer HOPE!
  • As a blogger, teacher, women's ministry coach, speaker and author, I love to encourage other people!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Summer Fun Activities for Kids

Now that summer is here there are many activities available for your children. They can enjoy fun activities.

fun activity

Splash Pad- 360 Grand Blanc Rd#1, Grand Blanc, Mi 48439, Creasey Bicentennial Park, hours 11 am-6pm (weather permitting)

fun activities

This Splash Pad is great for children, even for the toddlers. It is even inexpensive. $2.00 for residents and $3.00 for non-residents. The children can control the units as to when they want the water to splash on them and there are chairs along the sides for parents to watch. I like it because unlike a swimming pool, they are not immersed in the water.

Sea Life-Great Lakes Crossing Outlets, 4316 Baldwin Road, Auburn Hills, Mi 48326

Ticket prices are Adults 13+ and older $23.50, online price $21.15, children 3-12 $18.50, online $16.65, under 3 0-2 years FREE, online FREE. Thank goodness for free. They strongly advise to book online because of the high volume of visitors that attend, they cannot guarantee walk-in availability. Here you will see a huge selection of sea life. There is one particular area that I like and that is where there is hands-on for the children. They can actually touch the sea life and this is good for those children that need that sensory perception.


Kids love to blow bubbles. It is a fun activity. Now bubble blowing has become more sophisticated in that they have Bubble guns and different size units to blow the bubbles with. I believe kids think of it as something mystical.


Skating- Roll Haven Skating Rink-5315 S. Saginaw Rd., Flint, Mi 48507

Kids will have endless fun skating here. They even have certain times for the toddlers to skate and parents that do not skate can walk on the floor with them to help them. They also have laser tag which is a popular game for children and adults can play as well.

Kokomo Amusement Center-5200 Kokomo Dr. Saginaw, Mi 48604

I like this amusement center. It is packed full of fun. $26.95 per person for 5 attractions. There are special offers for groups of 25 or more. You can ride the roller coaster, play lazer tag, miniature golf, go-carts, and bumper boats as many times as you like from 9:30-1 pm. I personally like the go-carts and the lazer tag.

YMCA Copeneconic- 10407 North Fenton, Road, Fenton, Mi 48430

Rates may vary. Here they have various activities ranging from Canoeing, zip lining, “rods n reel's for those that want to fish. Tour guides usually will accompany you.
Photo Caption: Insplash by Will Langenbery

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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Should You Join a Pinterest Group Board?

So you have finally joined Pinterest. Now you are finding your way on Pinterest. You are pinning and have “x” number of followers. That is great. But have you considered joining a group board?


I have several group boards that I have started. One that I am passionate about is https://www.pinterest.com/anointedtoday/new-technology-news-2015/. Besides the fact that I like new articles and pictures regarding new technology, I like meeting others that share their new technology information. Another board of mine that I love is https://www.pinterest.com/anointedtoday/lets-get-organized/. I like to be organized and I am always finding new ways and new shortcuts for doing things. I have just recently discovered that vinegar will keep your bathroom faucets nice and shiny. I discovered that on Pinterest. Just think of how much more that you can discover too.

Now before I started my own group boards, I joined several other group boards which I still participate in on Pinterest. One that I really like is https://www.pinterest.com/practicingnorma/practicingnormal-parentingmom-group-board/. I have found so many informative pins on this group board. I also have pinned on there as well.

Why should you join a group board? I will give you a few reasons.


When joining a group board, you are able to reach a larger audience and also a different audience other than your present one. Remember there is power in numbers. You are able to display your blog or website to a larger group. Remember people from all over the country are pinning on Pinterest. Your product can be seen by more people than just yourself.

Increased Pins

I have observed more pin increases and more followers after joining group boards. The number is still growing. I recently had 420 new pins from other pinners which included likes and new followers as well.   It is definitely great for marketing your products. You are able to pin to that board and your pin is viewed by a larger audience.

How to Join a Group Board

If you will observe at the top of my New Technology board I have the following, “If you would like to pin on this board, Click ADD ME in the comment area. (maximum pins per day is 5) No porn or bad language. Excessive pinners will be removed and/or blocked. You must follow this board also. Happy Pinning." Now once someone requests to be on my board and start following me, I will send them an invite. Once that is done I can add them to my board and they can start pinning immediately.  There is no long wait.

Pinterest Group Board Directory

Did you know that there is a directory that lists other boards that you can join? That directory is

Photo Caption: Wikimedia commons, Public Domain,Pinterest

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Friday, July 3, 2015

4 Signs You Are Encouraging Your Kids

 Are you encouraging your kids? When you give words of encouragement, you should see some evidence of that. Have you seen the signs?

healthy relationships
When you have encouraged your children, you may see your children encouraging others as well. This shows you that they really have listened to you. You are encouraging your kids when you do a few of the following:

1. Words

I have mentioned this several times before that words are very important to encouraging others. Just one word at the right time may do wonders for children. Problems have always existed in the world. Some of the types of problems such as online bullying, online predators, and trafficking are increasing problems children are dealing with today.

In the article " 5 Phrases That Will Uplift Your Child," I talk about 5 phrases that uplift your child. Some of my favorite words and phrases to encourage kids are awesome, great job, good catch, thank you, you are so good at that, and I am so proud of you.

In the article "Blue Eyed-Brown-Eyed Review,"l I talk about an experiment that was done showing how people show prejudice against others. Well your kids are faced with prejudices and negativity in school. Words of encouragement and your home should be a safe haven for your children. They should know that you will lift them up and they need to believe it. They should not only receive your words of encouragement, but they should believe it. I recall telling my child she was beautiful and her reply to me was, “You have to say that because you are my mother.” I needed to reaffirm to her that I did not have to say that and that there were so many good qualities in her that she needed to know about. There are many good qualities in all of our children. We just need to see them.

2. Listening

The reason that listening is so important, is because your kids may have some great ideas. It is important to encourage them with their ideas even though you may not see it or even if their idea does not come to fruition as everyone planned. They should be encouraged for trying. They should be encouraged for their creativity.

3. Talent
Whatever your kids natural abilities are, you definitely should encourage them in that area. I encourage my grandsons for their ability to solve problems on the computer. God gives that to them and because their father is awesome with computers I see that inclination in them. Your kids may be good with computers, writing, giving instructions, and or teaching. Find out what they are good at and encourage them.

4. Problem-Solving

Are you always rushing to solve your children's problems? Why not encourage them to think about possible solutions? Both you and your child may want to discuss them. When they discover a good solution, let them know how proud you are of them. I recall a Principal addressing elementary students. Something she said stayed in mind. She told the students, “Employers are looking for problem-solvers.” I thought about it. That is so true. They want someone to solve their problems. Are you children good at problem-solving? Even if they are not good at it encourage them for attempting to find a solution. Encouragement is so vital.
Photo Caption: WikiMedia Comons.org.,  encyclopedia, Bill Bransom photographer, Public Domain


Personal Experience

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Do You Know what Laughter Can Do?

Have you had a good laugh today? The power of laughter can be healing and soothing to you. If you have not been laughing, you have no idea what you have been missing. 

Proverbs 17:22 A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones. If you have ever observed how you feel after having a hearty laugh, you will notice that there is a very good feeling inside. Have you ever been feeling bad, then after a good laugh, you actually forgot about how bad that you were feeling? That is the power of laughter; it helps you to feel good.


I really like when Steve Harvey reiterated that one of his teachers told him he would never get paid for making people laugh. Now that is a negative comment, but look at him now. Steve Harvey get's paid and has a beautiful family as well. You never know the potential in your children, that is why it is so important to encourage them especially in the things they are so naturally talented with.

In the article http://anointedtoday.blogspot.com/2015/01/has-circus-changed.html, there is mention of the Universal Soul Circus that comes to Atlanta. This circus is so special, because the comedy that you see in it, will just keep you laughing.

I have observed that some actors are just naturally funny. Also, I have observed in some action pictures, some of the scenes even though serious may be funny, thus causing you to laugh. For example the movie “Daddy Day Care,” there are many instances that cause you to laugh. While Arnold Schwarzenegger usually appears serious there are many instances and remarks that he makes that cause you to laugh. I recall reading about Robin Williams. It was stated that he was naturally funny and many times he would ad lib many of the lines. I remember how I loved watching movies with him in it because he was extremely funny and always made me laugh. In the movie “Patch Adam,” you can see how much laughter that this doctor would bring to children that were patient's by just putting on a red nose and acting funny. The children just loved this. You could see the joy on their faces.


Not only have actors in the movie industry made me laugh, I have discovered that many speakers will make a joke at the beginning of their talk to put the audience at ease. Joel Osteen mentioned this before one of his sermon and I observed he does have a joke at the beginning of his sermon that will make you laugh. I like that about him.


I have observed sometimes that children are so innocent they will sometimes laugh about anything. They can find humor in so many things. According to Seattle times.com, The Lutheran General Hospital uses a humor cart including bottles of bubbles and jokey doodads to light the spirts of young patients. It is further added by Melodie Merrick, clinical manager of Lutheran Hospital, that “Laughter releases endorphins, and that helps us feel better and heal.” I know that is right.


Never underestimate the power of family. Although my older sister is the First Lady of her church, she knows when to be serious and when to encourage laughter.   Although she has her serious moments, when we are together she just keeps me laughing. She is just hilarious.  Do you have a family member like that? Some people just have that knack to make people laugh. Laughter is good for you. Do You Agree?

Photo Caption: en.wikipedia.org, Maurajbo, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License.


Personal Experience

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Why Kids Sleep With Their Eyes Open. . .

Have you wondered why your children sleep with their eyes open? Have you ever watched and observed children that sleep with their eyes open? What is the reasoning behind this?

Did you know that sleeping with your eyes open is called Nocturnal Lagophthalmos. It may be temporary or permanent and involves the eyelid muscle. It can be caused by Bell’s palsy, infection, stroke, surgery, and trauma. Therefore, there are a variety of possible causes.

sleep with eyes open


Sleeping with the eyes open can also be hereditary. This is quite common in babies and usually stops between ages 12-15 months. When babies sleep with their eyes open some Pediatricians believe it may be that baby is spending more time in REM sleep.

Although sleeping with open eyes can cause dry eyes, surgery will correct the malfunction of the eyelids not closing. Then again, if the eyes not closing have not caused any problems, there may be no need for concern. Sometimes it bothers the parents more than the child, because when you see your child sleeping with the eyes open, it is just something you are not used to seeing. You always hear, “Close your eyes and go to sleep. In addition, the sleeping with the eyes open may not occur all of the time or during the nighttime.

Do not confuse your child sleeping with their eyes open and children that sit up in the bed that may open their eyes while sleeping, but are unseeing. This can be a restlessness in and bed and range to even walking in their sleep. This condition which is different from a children sleeping with their eyes open and is called Somnambulism and Somniloquy a sleep disorder.  Does your child sleep with his or her eyes open?

PhotoCaption:  Morguefile, octaviolope


Sleeping With Your Eyes Open

Older Baby Care: Sleeping With Eyes Open

Sleeping with the eyes open

Sleep Disorders and Sleep Problems in Childhood

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