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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Chemo Brain in Childhood

When children go through chemotherapy for Cancer, besides the numerous side effects that they may experience, their brain may experience changes as well.

Brain after Chemo

Chemotherapy Effects

Chemotherapy not only affects the body, but affects the entire brain. Sometimes children may experience “Chemo Brain” after Chemotherapy. It has been sometimes called chemo fog. According to chemo fog affects children more so than adults. Children's cancer is treated more aggressively with higher dosages of chemo and radiation, because of higher incidents of brain tumors. They further add they may develop problems with memory, verbal attention, and confused thinking for weeks or months. After talking with several adult cancer patients, I know that this is true.

According to chemotherapy can cause chemo fog in children and cause a rippling effect throughout their adult life.

Signs of Chemo Brain

Mayo suggests some of the signs of chemo brain are being unusually disorganized, confusion, difficulty concentrating, short-term memory problems, feeling of mental sluggishness and more.

How blueberries reverse chemo brain

Coping With Chemo Brain also known as (Brain Fog or Chemo Fog)

Several ways to cope with chemo brain may include making lists, keeping a calendar, leaving reminder messages, and doing one thing at a time according to These are just a few of the things that they suggest. Might I add there has been so much emphasis in previous years on multi-tasking that doing one thing at a time is a total turn around. In talking with other cancer patients, they have emphasized that the chemo fog may come and go at various times.

More Help With Chemo Brain suggests several more things you can do to help fight Chemo Brain. They are as follows:

a. Try brain exercises such as puzzles or word games.

b. Do physical exercise, but not to the point of fatigue

c. Ask for help, everyone needs help at some point in time

d. Work on your strengths.


Strategies for Cognitive Problems suggests keeping a pad and pencil with you to jot down notes and eliminate clutter. They further add that some children may need to learn new ways of learning in school and utilize special in school reading or math classes that may be available. Yes there is help for Chemo Brain.

Photo Caption:  Morguefile, by Greyerbaby


Neurological Effects of Chemotherapy on Young Children by Kat McCallum

After Chemo

Chemo Brain

12 Ways to Cope With
Chemo Brain”

Coping with 'chemo brain'

Attention, Thinking, or Memory Problems

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Childhood Cancer Awareness Ideas

Cancer affects children as well as adults. Possibly you think that only women get breast cancer. Unfortunately men get breast cancer also. Cancer affects everyone.

chemotherapy care packages

Photo Credit:  Morguefile by VIRGINIAMOL

Did you know that childhood cancer statistics show there are 380,000 survivors of childhood and adolescent cancer alive in the United States? Those figures are according to the National Cancer Institute. They further add that survival rates overall are improving. There are a numerous things that you can do to support children during their cancer treatments.

God's Word

What does God say about it? Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” This makes me mindful of a comment a young boy made in the TV Series “Red Bond Society.” This young boy stated,” Some people think life ends in the hospital, but no it is just beginning.” He also added sometimes you are not able to “walk in someone elses shoes, but just sit beside them and listen.” Several of the children in this movie are battling some form of cancer or other illness, but they bond together and affect many lives in a good way. 

I am also reminded of the scripture Proverbs 18:21, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat it's fruit.” So this lets me know people will have their opinions about your children including doctor's diagnosis and more, but through it all always speak God's word about your children, because Hebrew 4:12 states, “For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.” I agree. God's word is “alive.”


I recall writing and article and mentioning how music is good for children in the hospital. Music  is great for children with cancer. Possibly the cancer patient has a favorite song that he or she loves to listen too.  The video below shows how children, family and the staff at this hospital used music to help the children who have cancer.

Stronger/Seattle Children's Hospital


It is important to educate yourself about cancer in order to help the child with cancer. This is a win/win situation, because the education will help you as well. You may learn of new technology or just new ways to help.

Sports Wristbands

Chemo-Caps and quilts

Although the Cancer Institute gives away free caps for chemo patients and has several quilts available for patients during chemo treatment, I recall seeing a meeting at the library on certain days of the week for a group to get together and put their knitting and crocheting skills to work by making chemo caps. That is a very worthy cause.

Busy Bag

Let's not forget the parent's and siblings of the children with cancer. Parent's will be spending a lot of time in the hospital with their children. According to Clare at, such things as pretzels, crackers, book of word games, Chap Stick, coloring books, crayons, or lotion in a care package would be quite helpful to the family.

According to Dana-Faberge, until you or someone you know is battling the illness, you have no idea about the magnitude of the illness. They further add that even though cancer may deplete the human spirit, music can uplift and transform to bring the mind, soul, and body into harmony.

Remember there are numerous ways that you can help with cancer awareness throughout the year.

Jeremiah 29:11 NKJV

Proverbs 18:21 NKJV

Hebrews 4:12

Cancer in Children and Adolescents

Hospital Busy Bags

Music Therapy Helps My son Through Cancer Treatment

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Saturday, October 4, 2014

3 Healthy Habits for Your Children

Did you know that just as adults are developing healthy habits, you can help your children develop healthy habits? Both of you can have fun doing this too.

There are bad habits and there are habits that are good for you. Although healthy eating habits are quite important for children, there are a variety of other good habits that will help your children have a balanced life. They are listed below.
A list of Good habits for kids


Laughing is free and it does not cost any money. Proverbs 17:22 “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.” Besides the fact that this is mentioned in the Bible, when you laugh, it just gives you a good feeling. Have you ever observed how carefree children are
about laughing and playing? They will laugh at almost anything. Children are bombarded in our society by so many negatives, they need to be able to laugh about some things. I have observed how some children are able to make others laugh. Some like telling jokes and some just are naturally funny.  According to WebMd, studies have shown that humor may raise the level of infection-fighting antibodies in the body and boost the levels of the immune cells. Sometimes just laughing with your children about something you all find amusing. Possibly a funny commercial, picture, or even a joke, may be something you and your children find to laugh about throughout your day.


There are various ways that children can be involved in healthy activities. Besides the 20 minutes recess that they may receive at school, after school or on weekends you may go to the park for about 15 to 20 minutes. It does not have to be for a long length of time. Children love to play on the slides and swings at the park. When the weather does not permit, I have found that Haloburger and McDonald's Restaurants have play areas for the children and they just love this. Riding bikes is a great activity for both you and your children. Dancing is an excellent activity. You can do that easily in your home. I attended our family reunion recently. There were 2 little ones between the ages 3 and 5 years old. They started dancing and never stopped the entire evening. They were having so much fun.

Positive Attitude

Everyone may not have a positive attitude. Some children or even adults may expect more of themselves and feel crushed when that does not happen. It may be easy to find fault with others or ourselves, but what about a positive attitude? This is something some children may have to work at. Possibly ask your children to think and say something positive about a family member. Possibly you might ask your children what do they have to say that is positive about a teacher. I recall having to go to the high school for a conference with one of my children's teacher. I took her with me. Before going up there she had nothing positive to say about the teacher, only that she hated him. It did not occur to me to take that moment to see if she could think of something positive to say about him. I did let her know that she is entitled to her feelings, but needed to give him respect in the classroom. Think about the teachable moments during you and your child's day that your child can have a positive attitude.  Did you know that positive thinking can help with stress management according to Mayo Clinic Staff at Mayo They further add that positive talk can help with better coping skills during hardships and times of stress. Positiveness is contagious. Why not encourage your children today to be positive?
Photo Captions:  Morguefile, by happy-flowers

Proverbs 17:22

Give Your Body a Boost -- With Laughter

Positive thinking: Stop negative self-talk to reduce stress

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The Best Brain Food for Kids

Not only do you want your kids to eat healthy, you want them to eat the best food that will nourish their brain for better thinking and sustaining power.

brain foods

Whole Grains

Do you like oatmeal? Did you know that oatmeal and brown rice reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. I remember feeding my children oatmeal before bedtime and they would sleep very well. According to WebMd. Oatmeal keeps the heart and brain arteries clear. They further added the one study showed kids who ate sweetened oatmeal did better on memory-related academic tasks than those who ate a sugary cereal. You can add cinnamon to it too and compounds in the spice protect brain cells according to preliminary research. I recall as a teenager, my aunt would always make oatmeal for breakfast. As a teenager, I did not realize the importance of breakfast and I would just skip breakfast. I did not realize at the time, but I would physically not feel as well as I could, until I started eating breakfast. It was then that I noticed how much better I felt physically and emotionally.

Dark Green Leafy Vegetables

Do your kids like greens or salads? According to kale, collard greens, spinach, and broccoli are great sources of vitamin e.  I personally like mustard and turnip greens with spinach. That is an awesome combination. My children were raised on greens and cornbread. I just love it. also, mentioned that berries such as strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries help the brain's mechanism related to memory which declines with age.

Power Pack Lunches

I am so glad that Michelle Obama started the “Let's Move” Movement, getting the children to dance and exercise in school. More importantly making it mandatory that they have fresh fruit for the lunch meal programs. I have seen some of the kids plates in school with the fresh fruit and vegetables and they look very tasty and appealing. According to kid's lunches should provide one third of your child's calories, vitamins, and minerals. This can be provided when children bring their lunches to school also. According to ABC news the new USDA rules would phase out advertising sugary drinks and junk foods around campuses during school days. I also personally know of an elementary school principal that has taken the vendor machines out of her school.


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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Cool Gadgets for your Children

Baby Monitor for IPhone camera

There are many cool gadgets for your children. Children seemingly adapt and learn how to use gadgets very quickly. I have found a few gadgets that you and your children will like.

Baby Monitor

This baby monitor is different from a regular baby monitor. This awesome gadget will allow you to not only hear your baby, but to see your baby on your iPhone. This free app is for iPhones or for iPads. With the device you can monitor and even talk to your baby from anywhere. I like this. Yes it shows your baby in real time. This app is at

Cute Fun Solar Salt Water Hybrid Power Toy Car Gadget Toy for Kids Child

Your children will love this solar powered toy car. You will love that it takes no batteries. No more days of buying a toy and having to buy batteries to accommodate it. All you need is direct sunlight and it only sells for $7.22. This item is at

Compose Music

Do you have children that are forever composing music? Possibly they are always creating new lyrics? They would just love this. They just sing into the pen which serves as a mic, when finished insert it into the music score which converts it into music notes that will appear on the board.

LED Fluorescent Message Board Digital Alarm Clock with 4 Port USB Hub Calendar

World of Building Set Bugs

Although this set costs $59.95, this set helps Kindergarteners creative thinking. It has colorful LED lights. They are actual laser pegs that children can put together similar to Lego blocks, except these are quite colorful with the bright lights.

NorPro Ice Cream Sandwich Maker


What about a turbospoke for your childrens bike riding? It sounds like a hot rod. You know those sounds your children make with their mouth as if they are riding a hot rod, well no need for that with turbospoke. It sells for $23.00 at

Hi-Tech Furniture with Built-In TV and Computer

Both you and your children can watch TV,read,or even use the computer at the same time. How neat is this? A Brazilian Designer has designed this for the Tech-Savvy teenager.

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Be The Gift for Your Kid

When you are considering a gift for your kid, have you considered that although material gifts are good, your emotional, physical presence, and involvement is even better.

best kid gifts

Probably the best gift for children is your involvement with them. I recall hearing someone say recently, “Children know when you love them.” Loving your children can be one of the greatest gifts that you give them.

Material Things

Material things are great. I believe adults like material things just as much as children do. I recall several adults saying that they wanted to give their children all of the things that they never had. Well that is great, but sometimes can be dangerous, because when children get everything they may not appreciate it. I was watching the Dr. Phil Show today and I observed a little boy that had been neglected. This little boy made the statement more than once, “I wish someone would take me to the park.” He even went as far as to ask the producer would he take him to the park. Now the park may sound like a simple request, but his parent seemingly did not consider it important enough to do it.

I can remember when I was a child going to the carnival, amusement park, and walking a lot.  We did not have a car. When I was age 4, I remember going to the theater to a live showing of “Sindbad,” the actor. I will never forget that day. I did not know how famous Sinbad was, but I did know he was really funny and he made me laugh. For me these were some of the best things I could do as a child. I counted it a thrill when I was able to ride the bus. My father was a Porter, so I at an early age would ride on the train with him. That was thrilling for me. Unfortunately there are those parents that parent with their wallet according to empowering They further add when a child feels entitled, the child may feel there is a reward for manipulating the parents. Are you a parent that get's in debt to give your kid what he or she wants?


Cooking with your children is a great way to share yourself. I recall living with my aunt for awhile. I observed that she made nearly everything homemade including cinnamon rolls, biscuits, etc. I wanted to surprise her and make pancakes for breakfast. Also, keep in mind that I was quite young. I could not remember how to make it like she did. So I needed to look at the recipe. Unfortunately the recipe called for ¼ of sugar. I thought it meant 4 cups of sugar. The pancakes were a flop. I was so sad and disappointed. I did not want her to see the mess I made. I attempted to try and serve it to our dog. Our dog looked at me and turned her nose up, then went up under the table as if to hide. So there were no pancakes that morning.

Say “No” Sometimes

Are you the parent that is asking your children age 3 and 4 what it is that they want to do? Are you giving your child choices for everything?  It makes someone wonder who is really the parent. According to you want to be careful to balance the no's with the yes. I agree because if you are telling your children no all the time, that is what they will learn. Give them several yes's to balance out the no's.

Although young children love to have control over what they eat, there are some things you do not ask such as, “Are you ready to go to bed?” What 3 or 4-year-old will tell you that they are ready? Instead of asking politely let your child know it is bed time and you are going. Yes you may want to read a book first and give your child a glass of milk, but stand firm on what you have said. Now if you have been allowing your kids to go to sleep when they decide, it may take some practice on your part to let your children know that you are serious. Children need their sleep and allowing them to go to bed when they want just enables them rather than helping them. 

Your interaction with your children especially before they are of school age will be most important for them. When they start school they will need to realize everything does not evolve around them. Their teacher may or may not allow some things to occur.

I remember telling my daughter who was 9-years-old at the time, “No.” I even explained to her the reasoning for my decision. She packed her clothes and told me she was leaving. We laugh about this now since she is older. She confided that she had no place to go, so she packed her suitcase and went to the backyard and just stood there. We still do not remember what led me to say "No."

You are the greatest gift for your children, because they will learn from you not so much what you say, but what you do. 

Photo Caption: Morguefile, by Pippalou


18 Ways to Say No Positively

Do You Parent with Your Wallet? (Or Know Someone Who Does?)

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Kids Should Not Keep Secrets

Have you talked to your kids about keeping secrets? That is a conversation that you might want to have with them in order to protect them from predators. 

keeping secrets from parents

Good Secrets

A child needs to know the difference between a good secret and a bad secret. According to kidsafefoundation a good secret has a time limit on it. They further discuss an example of a good secret such as a surprise birthday party. At some point this is no longer a secret. The example of a bad secret could be a friend telling you that her brother hits her and making you promise not to tell your parents.

Kids Rights

When some children are asked to keep a secret they feel guilty if they tell the secret.  Having a discussion before this happens can put kids somewhat at ease. According to the National Crime Prevention Council no one has the right to ask a child to keep a secret from the parent, no one including a relative has the right to touch a child inappropriately, or if a secret can hurt someone the parent needs to be told. They further add to let your kids know that they can tell you anything and you will not blame them and you will be supportive of them.

More Bad Secrets

Games that break the parents safety issues, anything that bothers kids by keeping it a secret, presents or favors such as money given, but asked to keep it a secret is not good according to Children do not understand the importance and that they could be opening themselves up to a predator that feels if the child will keep one secret then the child can be targeted for the sick agenda of the predator.


When you have this conversation with your children, give them the words to say.  If they are asked to keep a secret, your child might respond by saying, "I don't keep secrets from mommy and daddy." This is suggested by dailystrength. Org. I like that. Although that had been a discussion that my parent had with me early in life. I recall when I was 11-years-old, I was offered money and told I needed to keep it a secret. Even though I really wanted the money, I politely responded,  “If I cannot tell my parent, then I do not want it.” I was never approached by that individual again, and I did tell my parent. So this is definitely a conversation you want to have with your children when they are at least at the age of 4 years depending on your child’s development. Children are very perceptive now at early ages. Let's keep them safe.

Photo Caption:  Morguefile, by clarita


A Child who Keeps Secrets... an easy target for a predator!


What Kinds of Secrets are Okay to Keep

One thing you should NEVER to say to a child

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