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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Be The Gift for Your Kid

When you are considering a gift for your kid, have you considered that although material gifts are good, your emotional, physical presence, and involvement is even better.

best kid gifts

Probably the best gift for children is your involvement with them. I recall hearing someone say recently, “Children know when you love them.” Loving your children can be one of the greatest gifts that you give them.

Material Things

Material things are great. I believe adults like material things just as much as children do. I recall several adults saying that they wanted to give their children all of the things that they never had. Well that is great, but sometimes can be dangerous, because when children get everything they may not appreciate it. I was watching the Dr. Phil Show today and I observed a little boy that had been neglected. This little boy made the statement more than once, “I wish someone would take me to the park.” He even went as far as to ask the producer would he take him to the park. Now the park may sound like a simple request, but his parent seemingly did not consider it important enough to do it.

I can remember when I was a child going to the carnival, amusement park, and walking a lot.  We did not have a car. When I was age 4, I remember going to the theater to a live showing of “Sindbad,” the actor. I will never forget that day. I did not know how famous Sinbad was, but I did know he was really funny and he made me laugh. For me these were some of the best things I could do as a child. I counted it a thrill when I was able to ride the bus. My father was a Porter, so I at an early age would ride on the train with him. That was thrilling for me. Unfortunately there are those parents that parent with their wallet according to empowering They further add when a child feels entitled, the child may feel there is a reward for manipulating the parents. Are you a parent that get's in debt to give your kid what he or she wants?


Cooking with your children is a great way to share yourself. I recall living with my aunt for awhile. I observed that she made nearly everything homemade including cinnamon rolls, biscuits, etc. I wanted to surprise her and make pancakes for breakfast. Also, keep in mind that I was quite young. I could not remember how to make it like she did. So I needed to look at the recipe. Unfortunately the recipe called for ¼ of sugar. I thought it meant 4 cups of sugar. The pancakes were a flop. I was so sad and disappointed. I did not want her to see the mess I made. I attempted to try and serve it to our dog. Our dog looked at me and turned her nose up, then went up under the table as if to hide. So there were no pancakes that morning.

Say “No” Sometimes

Are you the parent that is asking your children age 3 and 4 what it is that they want to do? Are you giving your child choices for everything?  It makes someone wonder who is really the parent. According to you want to be careful to balance the no's with the yes. I agree because if you are telling your children no all the time, that is what they will learn. Give them several yes's to balance out the no's.

Although young children love to have control over what they eat, there are some things you do not ask such as, “Are you ready to go to bed?” What 3 or 4-year-old will tell you that they are ready? Instead of asking politely let your child know it is bed time and you are going. Yes you may want to read a book first and give your child a glass of milk, but stand firm on what you have said. Now if you have been allowing your kids to go to sleep when they decide, it may take some practice on your part to let your children know that you are serious. Children need their sleep and allowing them to go to bed when they want just enables them rather than helping them. 

Your interaction with your children especially before they are of school age will be most important for them. When they start school they will need to realize everything does not evolve around them. Their teacher may or may not allow some things to occur.

I remember telling my daughter who was 9-years-old at the time, “No.” I even explained to her the reasoning for my decision. She packed her clothes and told me she was leaving. We laugh about this now since she is older. She confided that she had no place to go, so she packed her suitcase and went to the backyard and just stood there. We still do not remember what led me to say "No."

You are the greatest gift for your children, because they will learn from you not so much what you say, but what you do. 

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Kids Should Not Keep Secrets

Have you talked to your kids about keeping secrets? That is a conversation that you might want to have with them in order to protect them from predators. 

keeping secrets from parents

Good Secrets

A child needs to know the difference between a good secret and a bad secret. According to kidsafefoundation a good secret has a time limit on it. They further discuss an example of a good secret such as a surprise birthday party. At some point this is no longer a secret. The example of a bad secret could be a friend telling you that her brother hits her and making you promise not to tell your parents.

Kids Rights

When some children are asked to keep a secret they feel guilty if they tell the secret.  Having a discussion before this happens can put kids somewhat at ease. According to the National Crime Prevention Council no one has the right to ask a child to keep a secret from the parent, no one including a relative has the right to touch a child inappropriately, or if a secret can hurt someone the parent needs to be told. They further add to let your kids know that they can tell you anything and you will not blame them and you will be supportive of them.

More Bad Secrets

Games that break the parents safety issues, anything that bothers kids by keeping it a secret, presents or favors such as money given, but asked to keep it a secret is not good according to Children do not understand the importance and that they could be opening themselves up to a predator that feels if the child will keep one secret then the child can be targeted for the sick agenda of the predator.


When you have this conversation with your children, give them the words to say.  If they are asked to keep a secret, your child might respond by saying, "I don't keep secrets from mommy and daddy." This is suggested by dailystrength. Org. I like that. Although that had been a discussion that my parent had with me early in life. I recall when I was 11-years-old, I was offered money and told I needed to keep it a secret. Even though I really wanted the money, I politely responded,  “If I cannot tell my parent, then I do not want it.” I was never approached by that individual again, and I did tell my parent. So this is definitely a conversation you want to have with your children when they are at least at the age of 4 years depending on your child’s development. Children are very perceptive now at early ages. Let's keep them safe.

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

How Many Roles Do You Have as a Mother?

Have you ever considered the many roles that you have as a mother? Those roles can be endless when you have children. That is why it is understandable that a mother's role at home with her children is just as important as going to a 9-5 job in the corporate world.

balance work and family

According to a few of the job titles a mother holds includes CEO of the Household, Taxidriver, teacher, and playdate coordinator.

CEO of the household

I am sure that the single mother's can definitely relate to this. Many have had to be the head of their household for various reasons. When this occurs mother's learn very quickly the importance of managing the finances, making important decisions regarding the welfare of the family, and being responsible for the safety of her children. Some single mothers do not have the luxury to stay at home with their children, because they have to work to pay the bills. Still they are responsible parent's for their children and are responsible for daycare and getting their children to school on a daily basis. I am only discussing a few of those roles, but I am sure there are a 100 or more roles that other mothers can think of immediately.


Do you find yourself driving your children to and from school or to the bus stop? Do you spend a great deal of time taking your children to soccer, dance, gymnastics, or baseball practice? The more extra-curricular activities your children are in the more driving you are possibly doing.

Playdate Coordinator

Yes play dates are nice, but someone needs to coordinate a time and place that is convenient for both families. Sometimes there may be a lot of juggling involved to find a happy medium.

Doctor/Dentist Appointments

Someone has to schedule these. The more children that you have the more scheduling that may be involved. Most parents may try and schedule them in the early morning or later in the day.

I recall someone asking a group of children why they did not want to come to church. One of their major complaints was that they had so many activities throughout the week after school, that they just wanted to relax on the weekends and do nothing. Sometimes a mother's role may be to assess if she has her children in too many activities, possibly activities that the children could care less about.

I have observed in some household parents are working 2 jobs just to survive. Although this is something they feel they need to do, when they are not working that leaves very little time to sleep or even get any rest.

I recall there was a period when I was a single parent, I was once working 3 jobs. When I look back, I do not know how I did it, but there was this driving force that I did what I had to do for my children.

Now I have just touched on the tip of the many roles that a mother has. How many can you think of?

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Does Your Toddler Have A Learning Disability?

The reality is that children many times will hide or attempt to compensate where they are lacking. Even though a child may have a slow learning disorder, that child still can be successful and productive in society. 

1. Famous People With Learning Disabilities

According to Increase Brainpower.Com Albert Einstein, Sylvester Stallone, John F. Kennedy, and Whoppi Goldberg had learning disabilities. They all overcame the disabilities and became productive people in society. Yes, productive famous people. These are just a few that I have named.

learning disabilities 

Four Lobes of the Cerebral Cortex

2. Learning

Just because a child has some type of disability, does not mean that child cannot learn. It just means that that child may learn differently than others or possibly might be somewhat slower. But the reality is that they can and do learn.

Helping Children with Nonverbal Learning Disabilities to Flourish: A Guide for Parents and Professionals

3. Not Right

When a parent feels something is not quite right with their child, they are probably right. When a learning disorder is involved, the child could be quite bright and quite creative, but still they are not learning as is expected.

4. Observation

Sometimes parents are just busy with life and their day to day tasks. The child with the learning problem, may just go unnoticed. Usually that child may be quite creative and will excel in other things to compensate where they are lacking. So parents just need to be as observant as possible, when possible. Learning disabilities in children can range from dyslexia, to speech delay, speech problems, ADHD, and much more.

5. Seek Professional Help

When you are concerned it does not hurt to seek professional help early for your child. A professional can take a look at the situation possibly from an unbiased approach.

6.Speech Problems

Sometimes parents may get concerned when their babies are not talking as soon as they think they should. Sometimes babies do not care to talk early and can have speech delay. Speech is not that important to them, but that is just for that particular child.

With speech problems these sometimes can be caught early in school, but parents need to be watchful. As children are learning to talk, children may not be hearing and sounding out the correct phonics and ultimately saying words incorrectly. If not caught early, it becomes a habit. So parents need to work with their children as soon as they start talking. Be sure that your toddler is enunciating properly. There may just be certain words and/or certain letter combinations that are giving your child trouble. For example, instead of saying think your children may be saying “tink” because that is what they think they hear. So they need to hear and see how the mouth sounds the word out. That is just one example. I once heard a child trying to tell the dog to “sit.” But it was not coming out of her mouth like that. I thought she was cursing at first, but that is the way it was coming out of her mouth.

What type of disabilities have you encountered with your child? Would you be willing to share this article with someone else?

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Pinterest for Kids

Are you aware that there are so many Pinterest ideas? I get a lot of my inspiration from Pinterest? A few of my Pinterest boards I have discovered are my favorites.

I want to share with you 2 of my favorite Pinterests boards that include tips for organizing your kids and fun toys.

pinterest ideas
Pinterest Kids

I just love this Pinterest board. Here you will find information about how to talk to your family about cleaning. Becky from your Modern family talks about “How to Have the Cleaning Talk with Your Family.” When you include the entire family, there can be simple things that even the little ones can do. She gives great insight about talking and including your family with the cleaning. I like that she shares how after dinner everyone pitches in to clean house. She tells them 7:30 is bedtime and if they finish cleaning before then they have time to watch TV. That does seem like a motivational push to get the job done. Possibly you might tell your kids if they finish before bedtime they can do something else that they like to do such as play on their tablet or iPad.

Sock Tips

Also on this board I like the tip by Stacy at Have you come up with missing mismatched socks? I know that I have. That can be frustrating too. Stacy's tip is to buy everyone in the family a lingerie mesh wash bag. She bought a drip dry hook and labeled each kid's initial on it and hung it on their door. Each kid can put their dirty socks in them at the end of the day. When she washes them in the zip mesh bags, there is not need to worry about losing one. Once they are washed and dryed, she just gives each kid their bag back with their clean socks to put away in their drawers. This is a great idea.

Repurposing has a pin on my "let's get organized" board that is quite creative. She talks about using a dish strainer for a coloring book organizer. See it below.  This is an awesome idea.

Air Hog Atmosphere is a toy that my grandson received for his birthday. This is nice for 8-year-olds and older, but should be used with supervision. It really does hoover over objects and can be controlled with the palm of your hands. He had endless hours of play with this toy. It presently is selling at ranging from $7.25 to $19.99. 

Spark Reader- This spark reader reads to your child in your own voice. I like that. There may be times that you are not able to read to your child, in that case your child can use this spark reader. It s selling at for $59.99 and also at for the same price. 

Now if you are not on Pinterest, you might want to check it out. You can just browse for ideas whether it be for a birthday party or looking for a birthday gift to get your child.

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Prevent Staining in Your Children’s Teeth

teeth stains
Teeth Staining

Boy Face by Xenia, Morguefile

Adults are not the only ones that get stained teeth; some children’s teeth tend to stain. There are alternatives to this staining. I noticed a lady’s child that had teeth stains. I wondered does she make sure her child brushes her teeth. Then one day as we sat and casually talked, she shared with me that the dentist discovered her child was not brushing properly or long enough. In addition, she further stated that changing the brushing technique to more of a circular movement and changing the length of time, made all the difference.

Did you know that tomato sauce, cranberry juice, or beets can cause teeth stains? These are foods that are good for us, yet the negative side is the staining on some children’s teeth. Even with that said there are foods such as apples, carrots, celery, and cauliflower that can prevent teeth staining.

Broccoli can afford you teeth staining protection because of the minerals in it that form a film on the teeth to protect it. In addition, brushing your teeth once a day may not be enough. You may want to brush your teeth twice a day. Above all change your children’s toothbrush every 3 to 4 months or earlier if there is evidence that the bristles are fraying.

I like popsicles and slushes. I am sure that most children like them too. Have you ever noticed how your tongue turns the color of the Popsicle or slush that you are drinking? Well it will also stain your children’s teeth as well. You may want to rinse with water afterwards or try eating one of the foods mentioned above in this article such as an apple to prevent teeth staining.

Too much of anything is bad for you. Did you know that an abundant consumption of fluoride in tap water causes brown spots or white streaking in children’s teeth? So just beware if your child is experiencing staining of the teeth, alternatives are available.


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Thursday, August 7, 2014

3 Signs You or Your Children May be Addicted to Food

Do you enjoy food? Possibly you or your children use food to help you feel good. Is there that possibility that you may be addicted to food?

healthy eating tips
Photo credit: mensatic from

Of course we need food and water for survival, but have you taken it a step further than that? I am the first to admit there are numerous food advertisements and many posts about favorite foods. Sometimes you are bombarded with talk or pictures about food. Do you know some of the signs of food addiction? Have you asked yourself, “Am I addicted to food?” A few of them are listed below:

1. Food Tolerance

According to WebMD. Those that have a food addiction may develop food tolerance, thus eating more and more, but getting satisfied less and less. They further add, that some may eat even when they are not hungry or to the point that they become ill. I can personally say that I have observed that. I recall when I was pregnant I ate often and a lot. I observed that my sister-in-law who was living with us was eating every time I ate. We joked about it, because she admitted she did not really need it or want it, but ate anyway. When you think about it food can be just as addictive as a drug. I have heard the expression “What is your choice of drugs?” I cannot imagine someone asking, “What is your choice of additions?”

Crayola First and Second Grade Supply Pack

2.  Social Symptoms

Do you know what social symptoms are? Social symptoms of food addition may include eating behind closed doors to hide how much you are eating, stealing food from others, or possibly even obsessing over food, according to

Mead Spiral 4Pack Notebook

3. Symptoms of Food Addictions

Other symptoms of food addiction may include constant obsession with what to eat, binging and then purging, or associating food with rewards. These are mentioned at They further add that just like other addictions food addictions are treated the same by managing behavior and the physical cravings of the brain with possibly psychotherapy and nutritional therapy,

Possible Solutions suggest using the “3 M's” which are “Mind, Mouth, and Muscle.” I like this. They entail strengthening the mind to reduce urges, tricking the mouth by replacing unhealthy foods with healthy ones, and moving your muscles by working out to stave off cravings.


Food Addiction


Food Addiction

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