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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Do You Know the Benefits of Eating Color?

Besides the fact that everyone likes to see a colorful dish, that dish may also be good for you. It is great, the food looks appealing, but even greater when that food is a healthy meal.

healthy snack ideas

An eating tip that I have observed is that several of the culinary dishes are quite colorful, healthy, and are quite pleasurable to your palate.

Diet Color

Have you given any thought to what colors your diet consist of? You might be surprised at the results.
I know personally that my diet does consist of red (strawberries, watermelon), green (greens, peas, green beans) and yellow (bananas). I love to make pineapple and banana smoothies. They are so delightful. According to nytimes, fruit and vegetables are the closes of foods that act like a fountain of youth. I believe that too. Fruits and vegetables are powerful protection against diseases.


I love to snack on raw carrots. Carrots are packed with vitamin A for the eyes. Also, this is a great way to eat fiber. In the article, I talk about the importance of variety in your children's diet.

Mini Meals

According to Rebecca Reeves, Dr.PH,RD at, people who eat 4-5 meals or snacks per day are able to control their appetite and weight better. That does make sense. I recall a friend of mine at one time was only eating 1 apple a day, because of her fear of getting fat. Little did she know that by eating only 1 apple she was causing her metabolism to slow down and possibly causing more harm than good. Although I know there are those that fast, but I could not imagine only eating an apple a day.


Best Diet Tips Ever—22 Ways to Stay on Track, Michael W. Smith, MD

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Sunday, August 23, 2015

5 Things Your Child's Teacher Should Know. . . A Few Parenting Tips

When you are entrusting your child to the teacher, it is important that the teacher and the school know and be aware of several things regarding your child.

positive student and teacher relationship

The parent teacher relationship is very important. The same way that you give the day care or caregiver information regarding your child's care should also be given to the school that your child is attending. Several things that come to my mind are as follows:

1. Allergies

Does your child have allergies? If so this needs to be conveyed to the teacher and the school. Your child's medicine such as an epipen or nasal inhaler should be at the school and made available should the student need it. Many schools are becoming more and more proactive with children's allergies by posting on the classroom door (Peanut allergies). Also some schools are suggesting not to bring snacks that contain peanuts to the classroom.

2. Asthma

Children that have been diagnosed with asthma should have their medications made known and available at the school. Since children do go outside for recess, there needs to be documentation in writing for the school and teacher that your child cannot go outside when the temperature drops below a certain temperature. Some schools may vary taking children outdoors in cooler and/or rainy weather and an asthmatic child may not be able to tolerate those types of temperatures.

3. Responsible Caregiver

The school and the teacher should be aware of the responsible care giver for your child. This is especially important if your child will be picked up from school by someone other than yourself. This protects your child in the event someone may want to kidnap or take your child against your will. Make it a point to become familiar with your child's teacher and the principle. They are there to help you and your child.

4. Emergency Number

Be sure to give your school and the teacher emergency numbers. They need a second number in the event that they are not able to reach you should your child become ill. There may come a time when your child does not feel well at school and may need to come home. I recall having to pick my grandson up from school when he was ill. I told him I was fishing when he called. His response was, “I am sorry I took you away from fishing.” My response was, “ You did not take me away, I was glad to come and spend time with one of my favorite grandchildren.” He smiled. We spent the rest of the day together which he seemed to thoroughly enjoy. My grandchild is very humble.

5. Family or Health Issues

There may be times that your family is struggling with health issues such as Cancer or possibly divorce or separation. Sometimes it may help to make the teacher aware of this. Cancer affects the entire family. If you are ill most of the time, let the teacher know the responsible person that may be helping temporarily. Sometimes that responsible person may be a cousin, nephew, grandparent, or even a close friend.

What other things can you think of that the teacher should know?

Photo Caption: commons,, U.S. Census Bureau, Public Domain

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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Can Your Child Receive Too Much Praise?

How much is too much? Because of the negativity that is in the world, it is very enlightening to give your child lots of praise. It is not enough to praise your children once a week, they need daily reminders.



Do you edity and build up your children or do you tear them down. I recall talking to a mother and praising her child. Her response to me was to bring up the negative things about her child, rather than saying, “Thank You.” She could have just agreed with me and possibly added a few more positive phrases.

Talk to Self

Many times children as well as adults may see and tell themselves negative things as oppose to the positive things. They need to be reminded of encouraging things about themselves. You want your children to repeat positive things to themselves.

What Praise Does

Did you know that praise will edifty (build up) your children and also help your children to feel good about themselves. According to Gwen Dewar,Ph.D. at it is important to be   sincere when praising kids, because they may feel that you are feeling sorry for them. Possibly you have not been praising your children, because you never received praise as a child. Well you know what? It is never too late to start doing so. Praise from a parent to a child is so important, because your child really wants your approval. That parent child bond can be so important.

Practice Makes Perfect

If you have not been dong so, you can start now my praising your child for the littlest thing such as possibly you could not find your keys and your child finds them for you. Your response might be, “ Thank you so much, that was an awesome job, you are so helpful, or you saved me so much time.”

Powerful Praise Phrases and words

Know that your words are powerful: Proverbs 18:21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.

1. Awesome
2. Very good
3. good catch
4. you are so helpful
5. I enjoy our time together
6. you are very good at that
7, keep up the good work
8. that is great
9. you are wonderful
10.way to go

Now these are just a few phrases that come to my mind. What others can you think of?

Photo Caption:, Public Domain, File:/ Us. Army 52300, by BotMultichillT


The effects of Praise, Gwen Dewar,Ph.D.

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Saturday, August 8, 2015

When Kids Fly Alone. . . . . A Few Tips

There may be instances when you are not able to fly with your children. In those cases you want to do the next best thing in securing their safety while flying. I have listed 5 tips that help to keep your kids safe.

Do your kids ever fly alone? When kids fly alone, you want to be sure that your kids are equipped emotionally for flying. They need to know every friendly person is not necessarily their friend.

kids flying alone


First and foremost before they travel you want to have family prayer. Sometimes there are those that do praying afterward and that is backwards. You want to pray before they set foot on the airplane. There may be situations that arise that are out of their control so that is the reason for praying.

Letter of consent

According to the state government, children under the age of 18 flying alone internationally or even within the states along with their passport. Especially if some is to meet them at that airport, their should be instructions in the letter as to whom is to accompany them. There are too many instances of child abduction and trafficking. It bothers me when I see parents just dropping their children at the airport gate and leaving before the plane arrives. Yes I have seen this done. There is too much that can happen.


I became more aware of the trafficking after watching the movie “Taken.” These teen-age girls traveling out of the country were so unaware of their surroundings and very unaware that they were being setup for trafficking. Beware of that person that may be just a little too helpful. Their concern was for the beautiful apartment and going to a party which they never even made it too. As soon as they reached their apartment they were taken immediately, then drugged, and auctioned for sale to the highest bidders like they were property.

Electronic Ticketing and Seating

When booking your children's flight, be sure to use electronic ticketing so no paper ticketing is needed and be sure to check in 45 minutes prior to departure of their airplane, according to  Some airlines suggest checking in one hour before departure.  You always want to get a gate pass to accompany your child to the gate and the same is true for the accompanying parent or guardian that will be picking your child up from the airport. They further add to give an itenerary of their flight schedule to the person that is picking your child up from the airport. Remember every airline has their own set of rules regarding children flying and you want to adhere to them. You can request that your child not be seated near someone consuming alcohol and let them know to alert the flight attendant if anyone shows inappropriate behavior towards them.

Gut Instincts

Talk to your children about not giving out personal information to strangers before, during, and after their flight. If they have a bad feeling about someone, trust their gut instincts and stay clear of that person.


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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Is Your Child Addicted to the Iphone/Ipod/Ipad?

You may have given your children a cellphone or other device in case of an emergency, but are your children using using the phone constantly when they are not in school? It is possible your children are addicted to their devices?

Should Kids Have Cellphones?

You may ask the question, “Should kids have cellphones?” You may also ask yourself what is age appropriateness for children to have cellphones? That may be a question that you as a parent will need to ask when determining the maturity of your child.

Teen Social Media Sites

Parents you may already know about a few of the social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, but do you know about Snapchat and Pheed. According to Snapchat is a media site where teens can send messages and text that is destroyed seconds after they are received. The danger is the risk of inappropriate pictures or messages. The Pheed sight allows digital content of 420 characters, audio tracks and live broadcasts. It was further added that according to a study by Pew Internet in 2013 that teens are sharing more information than ever. These are just a few of the media sites teens are using and I am sure there are newer ones that are still in the making.

As I watched the TV series “Halt and Catch Fire” I had no idea at first what this series was about. I discovered that this one group had formed a company from their house and was promoting games with interactions from the community. As the one member went to the houses of some of the gamers because of a networking issue he discovered the mother had canceled the subscription because her child had charged too much money to her credit card by playing the games. She suggested her child had no social life. Her child on the other hand felt differently. He suggested all of his friends played and they would chat to each other while playing. So some teens tend to view devices differently than their parents especially when they are not paying for it. Parents are you aware what pictures your children are taking and putting on social media? Are you aware of the game rooms that they are playing in? Are you aware of some of the people that they are talking too?

Cellphones and Radiation

According to Healthy, those that begin using cellphones as teenagers have 4 to 5 times more diseases in less than 10 years. They further add being exposed to the radiation from cellphones may play a major role in attention and hearing deficits, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer's and much more.

Parental Controls for Cell Phones

Did you know that all major United States cell phone carriers provide parental controls for cell phones. Although according to Parental control options may be activated through your carrier's web site. The major Cell Phone site Links are listed below:

AT&T Smart Controls:
T-Mobile Safety and Security:
Sprint Safety, Security, and Controls:
Verizon Safeguards:  For online tutorials for Verizon control options, see:

In the article,  I talk about additional safety precautions for keeping your kids safe while online.

There needs to be some type of balance in your children's lives. Teenagers sometimes go to extremes and may find it difficult to find a happy medium. Just as you may monitor yourself from time on the computer or Social Media, you may want to do the same with your children. Teenagers may feel that the cellphone is their major connection to their friends and without that may feel lost. Even so they still need to give friends a rest sometimes. Suggest healthy choices such as a board game, going for a walk, bicycle riding, going swimming or to the park. So take a look at how much your children are on their cellphones, ipods, or ipads and make an assessment. Could your children be addicted to their devices? You be the judge.

Photo Caption: wikimedia, by Picture Youth, Licensed by Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.


Moms, You ought Know: 11 social media apps teens are, Lela Davidson

Cell Phones, Radiation & YourChild's Health, guest blogger Devra Davis, PhD,

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Friday, July 24, 2015

Do You Know About “Redshirting?”. . . Used in Some Schools

Have you heard about Redshirting?  Exactly what is Redshirting? It is a practice that several schools have adopted. The thing to determine is whether it is right for your child.

What is Redshirting?

I first heard about this on 60 minutes:,    It is a practice of holding a kindergartener back because it supposedly gives them an edge on the other children. There was emphasis that holding a child back will help make that child a leader and that that child will have an advantage over other children. Also, there is an emphasis that bigger is better. I have even heard some teachers say, “Oh that student is struggling so.” My response to that is, “Life is a struggle.” I talked with another principal that did not encourage “Redshirting.” She stated, “A good teacher will find the problems that a student has and find a way to reach that student.”


I started school at age 4 and turned 5 that September. I could not imagine being held back because of my size or because the teachers felt that would make me a better leader. I recall loving school and looking forward to graduating to the next grade.


This is an individual decision that parents are choosing to do. There are parents that do not agree with it. I believe that bigger is not always better. Your size will not determine your outcome. Just look at the models that were told they were too short or too big. There are now models of all sizes. Just think of the basket ball players that were told they were too short. How many have stereotyped people that you need to be a certain height or size to succeed. That is definitely not true. This is a parent's personal decision. However, I disagree with “Redshirting.”


According to abcnews, Dina Abou Salem, Redshirting is still debatable. There are those parents that believe that holding their Kindergartener back will make their child bigger and better and possibly more emotionally able to handle school. One parent stated her reasoning was that holding her child back would ensure that her child did not attend college too early. I still say that older is not necessarily better nor a guarantee of maturity. What are Your thoughts about “Redshirting?”

Photo Caption: Commons,, Vector Image, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.


“Redshirting in Kindergarten StillSubject to Debate,” Dina Abou Salem via Good Morning America

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Monday, July 20, 2015

"But, I Don’t Really Like This Kind of Cereal”

Please Welcome and say hello to Guest Blogger Melanie Redd. I really appreciate Melanie as she was very gracious about accepting to Guest Blog. She is very encouraging, motivational, and has been a blessing to me.

Melanie Redd

We have always liked cold cereal in our home. 

When in high school, my daughter enjoyed a big bowl of cold cereal almost every morning.

However, there was one morning when she didn't like the choices of cereals that we had in our pantry.

They were too healthy, too boring, or just not her favorite type of cereal.

Each morning over the course of the week she got up, scanned the cereal boxes, and came to me letting me know she would say,
I Don’t Really Like This Kind of Cereal!”

It wasn't that I didn't care about her or hear her request, I was just saving money and making sure we finished off some of the food we already had in the pantry.

During the course of that week, she was at least willing to try a few of the unloved cereals in the pantry.

And, finally, on Saturday, I went to the grocery and made a special stop on the cereal aisle.

I picked up 2 very large boxes of her favorite cereals, and tossed them into the shopping cart. Then, I brought them home and put them in a very visible place so that she would see them when she first arrived home.

She was thrilled to see the new cereals... exceedingly pleased with her mom! I had no idea that 2 boxes of cereal could make a teenager so happy!!

Melanie's Daughter

That night, I thought about the crazy cereal week...

  • I wasn’t trying to ignore my daughter’s pleas for a different cereal.

  • I was just saving money and making sure we finished off some of the food we already had in the pantry.

  • I heard her every single time she came to me and complained.

  • However, I was waiting for the perfect time to grant her request.

My cereal incident reminded me of a verse in Isaiah 30:18:

"[God Is Gracious and Just] Therefore the LORD longs to be gracious to you, and therefore He waits on high to have compassion on you. For the LORD is a God of justice; How blessed are all those who long for Him." (NASB)

God knows exactly when you and I need that new box of "cereal"!

He can and will graciously give it to us in the exact moment and on the perfect day.

~ Maybe He's waiting, as I did with my daughter, for the precise moment to surprise us!

I know I certainly liked my daughter's excitement and gratitude. I'm sure God likes that from you and me as well.

This week, I'm praying that I'll eat whatever "cereal" He provides for me, even if I'd rather have another flavor, brand, or kind!

And, when He does send me the "cereal" that I love, may I let Him know how excited and grateful I am.

How about you?

How are you doing with the various “cereals” God has chosen for your life?

Blessings to you,


  • Married to Randy for 25 years.
  • Mom to 2 college students – Riley and Emily
  • My passion is to offer HOPE!
  • As a blogger, teacher, women's ministry coach, speaker and author, I love to encourage other people!