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Friday, March 27, 2015

Does Your Toddler Have A Learning Disability?

The reality is that children many times will hide or attempt to compensate where they are lacking. Even though a child may have a slow learning disorder, that child still can be successful and productive in society. 

1. Famous People With Learning Disabilities

According to Increase Brainpower.Com Albert Einstein, Sylvester Stallone, John F. Kennedy, and Whoppi Goldberg had learning disabilities. They all overcame the disabilities and became productive people in society. Yes, productive famous people. These are just a few that I have named.

learning disabilities
Learning Disability

2. Learning

Just because a child has some type of disability, does not mean that child cannot learn. It just means that that child may learn differently than others or possibly might be somewhat slower. But the reality is that they can and do learn.

Helping Children with Nonverbal Learning Disabilities to Flourish: A Guide for Parents and Professionals

3. Not Right

When a parent feels something is not quite right with their child, they are probably right. When a learning disorder is involved, the child could be quite bright and quite creative, but still they are not learning as is expected.

4. Observation

Sometimes parents are just busy with life and their day to day tasks. The child with the learning problem, may just go unnoticed. Usually that child may be quite creative and will excel in other things to compensate where they are lacking. So parents just need to be as observant as possible, when possible. Learning disabilities in children can range from dyslexia, to speech delay, speech problems, ADHD, and much more.

5. Seek Professional Help

When you are concerned it does not hurt to seek professional help early for your child. A professional can take a look at the situation possibly from an unbiased approach.

6.Speech Problems

Sometimes parents may get concerned when their babies are not talking as soon as they think they should. Sometimes babies do not care to talk early and can have speech delay. Speech is not that important to them, but that is just for that particular child.

With speech problems these sometimes can be caught early in school, but parents need to be watchful. As children are learning to talk, children may not be hearing and sounding out the correct phonics and ultimately saying words incorrectly. If not caught early, it becomes a habit. So parents need to work with their children as soon as they start talking. Be sure that your toddler is enunciating properly. There may just be certain words and/or certain letter combinations that are giving your child trouble. For example, instead of saying think your children may be saying “tink” because that is what they think they hear. So they need to hear and see how the mouth sounds the word out. That is just one example. I once heard a child trying to tell the dog to “sit.” But it was not coming out of her mouth like that. I thought she was cursing at first, but that is the way it was coming out of her mouth.

What type of disabilities have you encountered with your child? Would you be willing to share this article with someone else?

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Sunday, March 22, 2015

How Organized are You?

Does your home have a look of clutter? When you need something, do you have to go through piles of papers, clothes, or even trash to find it? Are your children in the midst of all this clutter? Possibly you can organize just a little better.

Organize Your Home

Maybe you need to learn how to organize your home. I have heard some exclaim that they are just messy or their husband is just messy. Well being messy is a choice. You can choose to be messy or you can choose to organize it.

Toilet Tissue Holder

Have you finished using the toilet only to discover the toilet tissue was used up? There is no need to have this problem again with a tissue holder. The tissue holder shown above holds extra rolls of toilet tissue so when one runs out, you only need to refill it right then. I purchased this at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $39.95 with my coupons. I am very happy with it and I have no complaints.

Organizer Board and Calender

you can hang a calendar and hook rack for kids to hang their coats and backpacks when they walk in the door from school. The board may contain a note area for your child to write notes or for you to write a note to your child. This is an awesome idea.

Messy vs Cleany

I recalled I read a book by Sandra Felton called “Messy No More.” It really changed my life. She compared a messy to a cleany and explained how each of those type of people thought. In fact, there are those that will tell you leave their mess alone, because they know where everything is.  Do they really?  Anyway, I discovered I was a messy. As I read her book, I was nearly underlining everything she said, because I discovered she describe me fully. The great thing about this book she gave great examples of how to change. I also saw one of my relatives in this book. This particular relative was a cleany. Her floor and house was immaculate. I recalled she would iron her sheets and her husband's underwear. If you smoked, as soon as you put one ash in the ash tray, she would empty it. Who does that? I highly recommend her book.

Cleaning House

One thing that I learned, and found it works very well for me is to clean one new thing in a different room each day. By doing this the house gets clean and can stay clean. Now if you have not cleaned for awhile, it may take some time, but eventually you will see the difference.  There will be no need to rush and try and clean and pick up things before friends come over. Now the bathroom and kitchen are cleaned daily no matter what. That is just my personal preference. At first it seemed like a chore, but eventually I could see the difference.


Have you considered the example you are setting for your children when your are messy? Do you want them to think that it is okay? Granted when you have small children the house may not always stay organized no matter how hard you try, but at some point you have to start trying as children get older.

Natural Cleaning

I have discovered the many uses of vinegar. Besides the fact that I use vinegar to tenderize my meats, I also use it to clean my shower and bathroom sink. I like the way that it makes the faucets shine. That shine and cleanliness is the greatest reward for me.


Personal Experience

Zoee Forder

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

What is the Flat Stanley Project?

This is a project for 3rd graders and it teaches them about other cultures, states, and countries. It does not happen right away, but rather is over the course of several weeks. 

Flat Stanley Project

Originally the Flat Stanley children's book was written in 1964 by Jeff Brown. I have read this book and it is very good reading for children. From there came the Flat Stanley Project that was started in 1995 by a third grade teacher, Dale Hubert of London, Ontario, Canada.

Flat Stanley Project, Dale Hubert

The students are given a paper doll of a man they call Stanley. Students can dress him up in the colors that they want for him. Then they go a step further and write a letter explaining who flat Stanley is. They mail it to a student, relative or friend anywhere in the world. If they have relatives in another country or state, they will mail it there. Then the relative or friend is to take flat Stanley to a famous landmark in their city and take a picture with flat Stanley and mail it back to the child's school. It is amazing and interesting for the students to see how flat Stanley travels around the world.

One student's flat Stanley came back with his picture taken at the beach. Also, a souvenir was sent back with flat Stanley, it was a small mini-shark in a bottle. This was really nice.

According to Meghan Everette Flat Stanley traveled in France. She further adds that parents of the class donated the postage which helped with the mailing. They received pictures as well as postcards back with the flat Stanley project they did. They also went a step further and created a scrapbook of the travels of flat Stanley.

Photo Caption:, Llamabr,Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.



Making Connections With Flat Stanley: Framed in France, Meghan Everette

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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Do You Know the Awesome Rewards of Hugging Your Children? (OMG)

Have you had your free hugs today? Are you a hugger? Some people will automatically hug those that they meet, while others may just shake hands or give a nod. Still there may be those that say it depends on the situation.

hug therapy

Did you know that there are free hugs? You can receive and give hugs freely. There are different types of hugs. Best of all hugs can make you feel really good.

How Many?

Dr. Mercola discusses hugging emphasizing we need 12 hugs a day for growth. He further adds that hugging makes you healthier by boosting your immune system and easing depression. I know after receiving a hug there is a great feeling that comes over me. Almost a type of calmness.

Feeling Good

Besides balancing our nervous system, hugs can increase oxytocin levels that heal feelings of isolation and anger according to I have observed that when someone is upset  a hug can just calm them right down. Someone once said that because hugs are free you do not even need a receipt. Hugging can be a win/win situation for parent and child.

Why Hug Your Baby?

There have been studies done that people who have trouble handling stress as adults may have not been hugged enough as babies according to Cnn.Health. They further add that babies development is controlled by nature and nurturing. I know personally that hugging your baby gives your baby a sense of comfort and reassurance. I also have observed that each child is unique and divine. Some children need more hugs than others. I have observed this with my grandchildren. I have one grandchild that may hug me several times a day and express so much gratitude, while my other grandchildren may hug me once that day. This also makes me aware that I need to give them and my daughter hugs as well. It does not mean that I love them or they love me any less, but shows their needs are different.

Good Behavior

Did you know that Hugging can reinforce good behavior while lowering blood pressure according to everydaylife It is never too late to hug your child. Have You hugged your child lately?

Do You Trust Me, Hug Me? Social Experiment- Free Hugs

Photo Caption:


Why Kids Need Hugs, by Christopher Michael,

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Monday, March 2, 2015

Have You Been to Sea Life?

Sea Life Aquarium in Auburn Hills is just awesome. There are various colorful fish that you will see. Sea Life just opened on January 29, 2015, 4316 Baldwin Road, Auburn Hill, Michigan 48326. 

Sea Life in Auburn Hills

The hours for Sea Life in Auburn Hills are Monday through Friday 10 am-9pm,
Saturday 10 am-9pm, and Sunday 10 am-6pm. Now because of the awesome response they are recommending to pre-book online. There is limited availability for walk-up tickets. Tickets are a little pricy with online tickets 13+ and over $21.15 per person, Ages 3-12 $16.65 per person. Group rates and annual passes are available.


You will see over 5,000 creatures and there are 32 locations all over the world. I saw beautiful Sting- Rays, Sharks, and much more. Children were amazed to see all these creatures. I found it to be fascinating.

Sting-Ray Coming Towards Us

The Shark at Sea life

Horseshoe Crabs at Sea Life

Hands On at Sea Life
The great thing about the hands on at Sea Life is that everything that you see in the video below could be touched. Children love putting their hands in the water and touching the creatures.

Sea Life in Auburn Hills

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Would You Allow Your Child to be Microchipped?

There Are Those that Already Have the Microchip Implants. Are you surprised the microchip implants are not only in dogs, but are in humans too? Humans are using microchips in a variety of ways.

rifd chip the size of a grain of rice

You may be surprised at the various ways that microchip implants are used. Some argue that the implants can invade a person's privacy. There are those that suggest that you may even see babies being microchipped for identity purposes when they are born instead of using the id tags that are presently used.  With the expansion of technology who is to say that this will not occur?

Texas Chipping Proposal
Now a San Antonio School District in Texas has proposed chipping students with the emphasis it will keep the children safer, because they will know where the children are according to Jonathan Ranker. He further states the cost is $525,065 to start and then $136,005 annually. Now does this cost outweigh the benefit? Is this really a safe option for children?

Rotterdam, Holland

Marcus Riley showed a video of a Baja Night Club in Rotterdam, Holland that accepts Vip customers who have microchip implants. Irvine, the young man in the video, explains that he has had the implant for 4 years. The implant needs to be surgically inserted under the skin and cut out if he wants
it removed. His implant is similar to a human ATM,whereas money comes off the account to pay for his drinks.

666 Club

According to Paul Bui, although Wisconsin passed a law making it a crime to require an individual to be implanted with a microchip, the Baha Beach Club in Barcelona does offer service to chipped members indicating that it gives quicker bar service. It is further argued that with the chip there is no need to carry ID documents or credit cards. When I think about this, the problem with this is that this  information could get into the wrong hands. Look at all the problems that are occurring with hacking of credit card information online that can be sold to the highest bidder.

RIFID Implants

RIFID Implants (Radio-Frequency Identification chips) is basically a small computer chip connected to an antennae according to Tom Burgdhardt. He further adds although it does not require a battery, the reading range is less than an inch to about twenty or thirty feet, but a self-powered implant has a much longer range going directly to a computer system involving inventory control or surveillance. Now I know that there are those who are arguing and asking when does it go past surveillance and possibly become a controlled situation?

There are dogs that currently have microchip implants that are useful for tracking dogs. My daughter found a stray dog that really needed medical attention. This was a very small dog. After taking her to the vet, they discovered she did have a chip in her and they were able to locate the owner. I would have never imagined that the dog had a chip. There are those that have talked about the possibility of tracking device usage in humans.

Memory Restoration

Were you aware that according to, there are reports that 80,000 people have chip implants in their brain to help with short-term memory lost? There are a variety of usages for microchips in humans. I do not know what the future will bring, however, I do know that time and technology waits for no one. What are your thoughts on this concept of micro-chipping in humans?

Photo Caption:, lightwarrior2, Public Domain


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Friday, February 13, 2015

Would You Have a Genetically Modified Baby?

If you have been having trouble having a baby, would you consider having a genetically modified baby? Do you even know what a genetically modified baby is? 

Genetically Modified Babies

First Genetically Modified

Now possibly you have heard of genetically modified foods. Did you know that the world's first genetically modified babies will graduate high school this year? Yes according to this is the results of 30 embryos being injected with a third person's genetic material. They further added that they do not know the children's identity, nor how they are doing health wise. Now I have watched movies about babies being cloned, but never really thought about the reality of it.

Genetically Modified Mosquitoes

According to foxnews, the possibilities of releasing genetically modified mosquitoes may cure the epidemic of mosquitoes in Florida. They further add that mosquitoes have become resistant to sprays and the genetically modified mosquitoes will not live long once they mate and subsequently future generations of mosquitoes will not care the deadly viral disease that infects those bitten.
In all honesty does modified mosquitoes compare to modified babies? Are they comparing apples to oranges?


According to ABCnews, the DNA contains about 0.03 percent of the total DNA which can make copies of themselves and divide. They further add that the other 99.97 percent of the cell's DNA comes from the nucleus and the 23 pairs of chromosomes.


There may be those that argue why not just adopt because there are so many children that need parents? Some may say this type of procedure is inhumane. Still others may ask, “Where does it end: will there eventually be designing babies to have the colored eyes or physical features that you want your child to have?" Will this go on to be like cosmetic surgery? Do you think you will be guaranteed a smart baby with the right genetic modifications? Some may argue that the equation of  God has been taken out of the picture. Others may argue scientists are going too far, but what lengths will parent's go to, to have a baby? If you felt you had not other alternatives, would this be the avenue that you choose to have a baby?What are your views on this subject?

Photo Caption:, Denelson 83,


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