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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Stranger Danger

Are you teaching your children how to beware of strangers? Are your children aware of some of the deceitful behaviors and techniques that strangers use to lure them?

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Secret Password

Parents besides making sure that your children know their full name, address, telephone number, your full name, how to dial 911,where you work, and work number, your child should know a secret password known only by you and your child. Emphasize they should never go with anyone who does not give your secret password. Also, if they do not have your consent, they still should not go with someone that they know, because abduction can occur with someone that knows your child well.


Let your children know that this is the time to get loud and scream “HELP” OR “FIRE,” if they are in trouble.

I recall the picture “Silence of the Lamb.” The man asked the lady to help him fit a couch into the van and she ended up being kidnapped by him. Children need to know if they are asked to help find a lost dog, that this could be a technique being used to kidnapped them. I also, remember watching a program where the woman said her child was outside playing and she briefly went into the house to get something she forgot. When she came back out, her child was gone, because she had been kidnapped just within a matter of seconds.


Emphasize to your children to be aware of their surrounding. Sometimes when they are playing, they are so absorbed in their play that they are not aware that someone might be nearby watching their every move.

Role Play

According to NBC Dateline, they suggest role playing with your children “what if” scenarios to help them be aware of stranger dangers. In fact, your children may have a few “what if” questions of their own. They further add, even though they know their name, address, and phone, that is for their own personal use and not to be given out to strangers. Also, emphasize to never let a stranger take a picture of them. That is definitely, not acceptable, because the stranger may use the picture for future reference when kidnapping. I definitely like the “what if” scenarios, because there may be so many different variables that they could encounter.

NBC Dateline “My Kid Would Never Do That: Stranger Danger'


According to news, talks about the claims of closing Lake Spa,1490 Torrey Road, Fenton, Michigan, because of claims of possible prostitution and being part of a human trafficking operation of young girls for the purpose of prostition. Now if this is possible in Fenton, Michigan, then Flint, Grand Blanc, and other neighboring cities could also be at risk.

As I watched the movie “Taken,” I thought about how carefree and happy these 2 teen-age girls were in the beginning as they visited another country. I observed many of the mistakes they made by being to trusting of strangers when they arrived in the country. Just remember it is up to parents to teach children about the dangers that could be lurking nearby.


Mott Children's Health Center Information Station- Flyer

NBC Dateline “My Kid Would Never Do That: Stranger Danger'

Non-family Abducted Children: National Estimates and Characteristics

Human trafficking a “real problem” that” s happening in our community says panel in Fenton

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Monday, April 21, 2014

4 Natural Hair Tips for Kids

When your mother would comb your natural hair, was it a horrible experience for you? Do you find yourself having that same problem when combing your child's hair. Is she flinching and crying because it just hurts to get the hair detangled? There are solutions for those type of problems.

1.  Hair Regimen

Do you have a regular hair regimen for your daughter's hair? According to a hair regimen should include cleansing, conditioning, and caring. Niki Scott further adds that although she currently cleanses her children's hair every 4-6 weeks, when they were younger she did it every week, followed by a leave-in conditioner. I really like the idea about a leave-in conditioner. In fact, I currently use the leave-in conditioners, it is just so much nicer than having to rinse it back out.

Detangling Natural Hair (Children's Hair Care)

2.  Hair Growth

Francesca Warren at talks about using Aloe Vera Juice in your hair routing for your child by mixing a cap full in your daily conditioning spray. She further adds that it is a natural hair detangler and conditioner. I am not surprised, because Aloe Vera has a lot of properties and can be used for a variety of things, so why not on the hair?

3. Moisturizing

Adding a bit of extra virgin olive oil or jojoba oil to shampoos and conditioners is good for dry hair. There is further suggestion of coconut oil, argon oil, and Shea butter to help lubricate children's hair before styling. I also, really like the smell that the coconut and argon oil leaves on the hair. It is very pleasant.

4. Detangling

Detangling is so important with kids natural hair. I remember when my mother and grandmother would comb my hair. My hair was so kinky. I would cry during the combing because it hurt so bad. I dreaded having my hair combed. Children do not have to worry about that now, because there are many detangling methods available.  Nicole at, suggests using hair conditioner on the hair allowing it to soak and soften up the hair. In addition, she suggests creating small sections and working at them with a comb to loosen up the matted hair and tangles.

I hope some of these tips help with your kids hair problems.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Best Brain Food for Kids

Not only do you want your kids to eat healthy, you want them to eat the best food that will nourish their brain for better thinking and sustaining power.

Whole Grains

Do you like oatmeal? Did you know that oatmeal and brown rice reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. I remember feeding my children oatmeal before bedtime and they would sleep very well. According to WebMd. Oatmeal keeps the heart and brain arteries clear. They further added the one study showed kids who ate sweetened oatmeal did better on memory-related academic tasks than those who ate a sugary cereal. You can add cinnamon to it too and compounds in the spice protect brain cells according to preliminary research. I recall as a teenager, my aunt would always make oatmeal for breakfast. As a teenager, I did not realize the importance of breakfast and I would just skip breakfast. I did not realize at the time, but I would physically not feel as well as I could, until I started eating breakfast. It was then that I noticed how much better I felt physically and emotionally.

Dark Green Leafy Vegetables

Do your kids like greens or salads? According to kale, collard greens, spinach, and broccoli are great sources of vitamin e.  I personally like mustard and turnip greens with spinach. That is an awesome combination. My children were raised on greens and cornbread. I just love it. also, mentioned that berries such as strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries help the brain's mechanism related to memory which declines with age.

Power Pack Lunches

I am so glad that Michelle Obama started the “Let's Move” Movement, getting the children to dance and exercise in school. More importantly making it mandatory that they have fresh fruit for the lunch meal programs. I have seen some of the kids plates in school with the fresh fruit and vegetables and they look very tasty and appealing. According to kid's lunches should provide one third of your child's calories, vitamins, and minerals. This can be provided when children bring their lunches to school also. According to ABC news the new USDA rules would phase out advertising sugary drinks and junk foods around campuses during school days. I also personally know of an elementary school principal that has taken the vendor machines out of her school.


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Monday, April 7, 2014

Why Breastfeed?

So you are having a baby. Possibly the question has came up as to whether to breastfeed or not? Are there advantages to breastfeeding? There are several benefits to breastfeeding.

I want to share with you some of my breastfeeding tips. I thoroughly enjoyed that journey. It is a journey like no other. The benefits for my children and myself are wonderful and quite memorable.


My first day in the hospital after my delivery, it felt as though my milk came in with a vengeance. I could not sleep through the night I was so full. When they brought my baby to me, I explained how uncomfortable that I was. The nurse then tells me, “Oh you could have let us know, we would have brought your baby to you through the night to nurse her.” I thought now she tells me. She then informed me that I could keep the baby right in the room with me. That was a relief, because I was not aware of that at the time. That just makes it so much more convenient when time to breastfeed my baby. That was a learning process.


There is such joy and relief each time that I breast fed. The feeling of the milk coming in is indescribable. Each time after breastfeeding, it feels like a relief and a release. There is even greater joy when I observed by baby acting as though she was just given a “knock out substance,” because she was now sleeping and looking so relaxed.


Besides the fact that I did take La Leche breastfeeding classes, I had previously discussed it with my family. Sadly enough most of the women were against breastfeeding adding that it was old fashion. So my basic support for breastfeeding was my husband and my father. They were both very supportive. So that helped with my decision to breastfeed. Also, I had already learned from the classes the important antibodies are passed on to the baby for immediate protection. I thought that was just awesome, since it is usually several weeks before my baby would get her shots. I had also learned that the baby gets the food that you eat in that direct order that you eat. That was so fascinating, because I used to eat all of my food in no particular order. I had never considered eating for example, all my potatoes, then all my green beans, then all my meat, in separate orders.


I liked the fact that breastfeeding really eliminated a lot of bottles. I did learn form La Leche that it was suggested to give your baby at least one bottle a day, so that if I was away, my baby would be used to it. We did do that, however, one day when my baby was 5 months ago, we were presented with a problem. I was grocery shopping. When I got home my husband explained the baby is refusing the bottle. I told him,  “Oh she is just being fussy, she will take it for me.” So I attempted to give her the bottle, she actually sealed her lips and turned her head away. So I then breastfed her and no problems. So then the bottle once a day was becoming a battle. My husband stated, “She knows the difference, she knows what she wants. I knew of the breast pumps, but did not consider it at the time, even though we tried different nipples on bottles. One day it was about 9 hours and she still would not take the bottle. So we decided the battle was not worth it, I stopped the breastfeeding and she eventually took the bottle, but also by 6 months, she was becoming familiar with the sippy cup, which worked out well.


One of the downfalls I experienced was when I heard another baby crying, my milk would automatically come in. I then learned I needed to wear breast pads to absorb any leaks and prevent my clothing from getting spotting. I also tried to avoid being around other crying babies, but sometimes it was inevitable.


Although I experienced soreness of the nipples in the beginning and thought to myself what have I gotten myself into, that soon disappeared, it was only temporarily. I almost compare it to the pain that may be felt during delivery, but after the baby comes, you forget about the pain, because of the joy of your baby.


Although I was comfortable in my home breastfeeding, I was somewhat uncomfortable during it in public. I had been taught in La Leche how it can be done indiscreetly in public. I recall being in the doctor's office waiting to get my baby's first shots. The office was full. There was quite a wait. I discretely went to the bathroom and put a cloth over my baby's head and my breast so as not to be exposed and came back out to sit and nurse my baby.


Although my husband and I disagreed about this, our children's teeth came out beautifully straight. He was worried the pacifier would cause “buck teeth.” I assured him, they would be fine, because the baby needed something to suck on other than my breast.


Although I experienced sore nipples, talks about breast challenges such as low supply of milk, fungal infections, inverted nipples, flat nipples, breastfeeding a baby with health problems, and much more, I was blessed to not experience any of these problems.


Personal Experience

Common Breastfeeding challenges

Credit: Canva

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Parent Child Dates

Play dating can be effective and a good thing whether you have one child or if you have several children.

One benefit is that it gives you individual time with your child one on one. Let us face it, many parents are working daily, attempting to run a household, may be a mother and a wife, or possibly a single mom, and or dealing with extra-curricular activities for their children. More and more parents are opting to make play dates with their children and spend that one on one individual time. The little ones love it too.

The play dates may depend on what you and your little one likes to do. Below are a few suggestions for play dates:

Mother and daughter spa day

Little girls love to get their nails done just like mommy. Possibly get their nails manicured and do a cute French tip. You both get your nails done at the same time.



Both girls and boys may love the arcades. Suppose you do not care for the arcades. You can still go for the sake of your child. There are various games in the arcards that they can play, such as the ones where they make a basket with the basketball, drive a car, play shuttle board, and much more.
Horse riding

Possibly, you can check into Horse stables that accommodate small children riding on a horse with proper supervision. Most children love animals. That can be a memorable experience for that child.


Go to the movie with your child. Your child will surely love this, because they are with you one on one. Possibly see a 3D movie, which will be even more fun. The 3 D movies just seem to jump out at you. I really do like them. They cost a little more, but they are worth it.

Your child will look forward to the play dates and will definitely come up with suggestions of places that they would like to go see.


I remember when I first started skating in the third grade after school. After I went the first time, I continued skating every week. I just love skating. Take your child skating. Whether it is, ice-skating or rollerblade skating. Therefore, if you do not skate, some days and hours will allow parents to come on the skating floor to help their child skating. Best of all your child will enjoy being with you.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Is Your Child Disrespectful?

Is your child or teen disrespectful to you or others? Possibly you have observed other children being disrespectful? What do you do about your disrespectful child? 

No one wants a disrespectful child. When you became a parent there was no manual for you to tell you what to do. Many of the problems that you encounter will be solved by trial and error. You want to be educated to have the tools that will work for you and your family. When disrespect has started at an early age such as 3 or 4, it is important to start correcting then, because it may become much harder to correct later. It is important that your child know that if they are not respectful to you and just happen to end up in juvenile detention, they will show respect there or suffer the dire consequences.

Nautica Boys Tri-Blend Vest


According to you should give a warning about the consequences of what will happen if the disrespectful behavior doesn't change. They give an example of children interrupting you while you are on the telephone. They further suggest letting children know they will be sent to their room if they persist. You may want to give a different consequence, because now some children's rooms are so nicely equipped with television and the internet, they really do not mind. When I recall an incident at a Pizza Restaurant, there clearly were no consequences for this particular child. As my 4 children and I sat down waiting for our pizza another couple came in with their son of about 4 or 5-years-old. They sat down and ordered. The next thing I knew the young boy jumped up on the table. I could not hear what he was saying but he was shaking his finger at his mother and father. I could tell the parents were embarrassed. They eventually got up and ordered the pizza to take out. My children looked at me and said, “Mom aren't you glad we do not act like that?” I responded, “You will not act like that.” This was so sad to see that child acting so disrespectful.

Right Consequences

Right consequences are important because when your child is disrespectful and you follow through on the consequences, it is of no avail if their consequence is no television that day, because your child may not even care to watch television. Although, I do not know what child does not want to watch television. But the point is that it needs to be a consequence of something that is meaningful to your child.

Pink Platinum Girls Outer Wear Jacket


Children need to be held accountable for their actions which include no name calling, cursing, or blaming others. Everyone gets frustrated so they need to learn how to handle those frustrations. They need to know that if they are going to try you, then you are going to follow through on the consequences. They need to be told when their behavior is not acceptable. Now I know that old saying is true when a parent might say, “It hurts me more than it hurts you.” Because as parents you want the best for your children and hate to chastise them, but sometimes it is just necessary. It is important to deal with this when they are children, because when they become adults it gets worse.

Disrespectful Adults

I have seen other adults disrespectful to their parents. I have seen adults that expect their parents to babysit because they live together. That is a no-no and parents should not tolerate it. I have seen adult children that go into their parents rooms without asking. I have even seen adults that were belligerent to their parents in public by cursing them or talking down to them. Again, parents this should not be tolerated. Parents should remove themselves form these types of situations as soon as possible or either have the adult move. These are unacceptable behaviors and need to me made known to that adult child. Parents you would not tolerate this from another adult then by all means do not tolerate it from your adult child.

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Personal Experience

5 Ways to Handle Disrespectful Behavior from Children or Teens

Frowning Face
Credit: Commons,, Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication, by Granny Enchanted, 6.10.2013
Copyright: Commons,, Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication, by Granny Enchanted, 6.10.2013

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Friday, March 28, 2014

Thank You

This is to let you know that I really do appreciate those of you that have supported me.  Without God and your support, I could not do this.  Be blessed going in and coming out.

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